Kindsight Share Terminal Daze

Our friends over in Rama Lama Records are reaching beyond the confines of Sweden to work with Danish outfit Kindsight. Today they’re releasing another bobbing pop number, so if you’re not tapping your toes while you press play then you need to speak with your doctor immediately. The vocals are about as sparkling as you can get for the indiepop genre, so be sure you’re saving up for this sugary musical treat. I really love the range though, as the vocals can raise up high and crash down to soften as they open up to cascading guitar chords that ring through your headphones. Really stoked on this band, and you should be too!

The Bats Share Gone to Ground Video

You can’t really start a Friday of new music off if you don’t cover that new Bats tune can you? No. You just can’t. So here we are, enjoying the promise of a 10th LP on the horizon, and a wonderfully solemn pop tune from Robert Scott and company. While its easy to revel in the dark simplicity of this tune, I was really connected when the light vocal accompaniment comes in during the chorus; it gives you that melodic nod while also bringing in a sense of longing. For me, that’s where that joy is…that sense of seeking something out, knowing it exists and feeling like it holds the rewards of the world…and such is the promise of Bats tune. Foothills will be out via Flying Nun on November 13th.

Love Sport Share Wrong Kind of Evil Video

Not too far in the past, Finnish outfit Love Sport dropped their most recent LP, And Justice For All; today we share the band’s video for “Wrong Kind of Evil,” opening with one of my favorite guitar lines from the record. Immediately building tension, the song expands into more traditional rock territory with Teemu Tanner bringing his distinctive howl into the picture. But, its the chorus here that really sells this tune, bringing in this balance between heavy rock and melody; I can always hear the band having fun as their rocking through it…great to hear the joy in recording shine through. If you dig this tune, grab And Justice For All from Soliti!

Eggy Release Absentia Single off Bravo

A few weeks ago I encouraged you to dip your toes in the waters of Eggy with their single “Johnny Whoop,” but now they’re here with a more skittish little jingle that should be right up your alley, particularly if you’re a fan of all things Melbourne. It’s got that sort of swaggering gallop that you’d expect as background music to some sort of satanic dance (I was thinking Midsommar here); it sort of leaps and lands, spastically throws this way and that with angular guitar notes cutting in and out of your speakers. It’s that brand of post-punk that begs you to balance the see-saw between exuberance and anxiety…and I mean that as a compliment! And then it stops. Look for Bravo! on Spoilsport Records on November 13th.

The Color Waves Drop Self-Titled LP

It’s possible that you might have missed the new Color Waves LP over the weekend, but my goal this week has been to bounce back on some great releases I’ve been in love with on my end. It’s actually been 5 years since I’ve heard anything from this outfit…that was their lone 7″ on Cloudberry Records in 2015. I’d love to cram this down your throat as an indiepop staple for 2020, but to be fair, it feels like so much more, like a pop tree branching out to tickle the various sub-genres. For a great deal, they remind me an awful lot of the Lucksmiths, using these jangling guitar notes in a more slower fashion, dragging every last drop of melody from each note, letting harmonics float into the ether. It feels like a fireside record where you can curl up with someone you love and share in the simple joys of a truly great LP. The Color Waves is available now in all the usual spots! It should also say something that Jeremy Jensen of The Very Most (who I covered yesterday) bought this album! You know what to do!

Mamalarky Share You Make Me Smile Video

Avid Mamalarky fan here, and ready for you to really sit back and enjoy this new track from the group. If you’d caught the earlier singles this year, you might find this one as more of a contemplative approach, but its equally as rewarding, if not more so in my opinion. It opens creeping along with Livvy’s vocals wrapping around the tight little guitar notes; a careful ear will hear slight little electronic bubbles and tiny drops of feedback fuzz. It all sets up the listener for the perfect chorus drop at the 1:20 mark…you build the tension, release the emotion, and we’re all hooked. Okay, so I’m at least speaking for myself, but I imagine you can’t turn away from those sweet playful notes either. Still, the group retreat into the comfort of their quiet shell, spending a little time with the ornate approach from earlier in the tune, only to kick back in with that huge hook. They drop their self titled album on November 20th via Fire Talk.

Stream The Very Most’s New LP, Needs Help

There’s a big bunch of indiepop fans that have been clamoring for the Very Most‘s new LP, and now that it has finally come to fruition, I’d like to highlight the occasion by streaming the album for you! Needs Help works on so many levels; you can relate it to the fact that Jeremy Jensen felt his songs need the help of other vocalists, or maybe you relate to the various reflections on the difficulties we all face when we try “to change our life for the better.” Musically, it hits a lot of the sweet pop notes I adore. “Her Three Year Old Laugh…” offers some great Belle and Sebastian nods, while “To Just Be Good” reminds me of The Popguns with dense arrangements and twinkling melodic vocals. Personally, the song I’ve listened to the most the last couple of days is “Mirasticles,” and I think that’s one of the great things about this LP as it seems to cover so many bases for huge pop nerds like myself. It’s available to you via Lost Sound Tapes!

Henrik Appel Announces New Album, Humanity

I wrote about Henrik Appel‘s Burning Bodies LP quite a bit back in 2018; I just loved the classic songwriting sound the Swede created on his debut solo LP. He’s back again with a new record slated for next year, and he’s pulling the same tricks; he kind of feels like he’s updating Johnny Thunders solo work, like a roots rock feel the ebbs and flows. Of course, there’s some slight arrangement work going on behind Appel’s voice here, building in the texture with horns and a rolling drum beat. There’s something really special about the simplicity of what Henrik is doing out there; I look forward to picking up Humanity when its released by PNKSLM in January of next year!

Loaver Share Apart Single

Fronting Kluster B clearly isn’t enough for Linnea Hall; she needed an outlet to explore other inspirations and ideas, outside of the realm of indie rock…thus we have her project Loaver. With this song as an indicator, we find Hall flirting with this sort of isolationist pop, at least at first; the tune is filled with empty space, letting Hall and creep through the tune with her vocals, in addition to a male vocal accompaniment. But, the song erupts, bursts into spasming atmospherics, shattering the sonic landscape before settling back to have Linnea’s voice beautifully inch towards the song’s close. Fern will be out worldwide courtesy of Rama Lama Records on October 30th.

Chris Smith Shares Second Hand Smoke Video

Chris Smith just released his brand new album Second Hand Smoke, and since records never die, we’re encouraging your attention by sharing this video that accompanies the album’s title track. In the video, you’ve got this colorful stop-motion footage, seemingly matching every stretch and stomp of the guitar. The song reeks of a swampy blues, raw and barbaric, with guitar lines snaking around your speakers as sounds of the lonely desert echo through your brain. As for the rest of the record, its as if Smith has just split his chest open with a knife and let his guts spill out before you; you’ll be greeted by an emotional album that will haunt the rest of your day. I’ve been really enjoying “Sunny” and “Animal;” you can find it now via It Records.

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