Another Banger From Jaws The Shark

London based artist Olly Bailey has really been delivering some solid, rocking jams recently under his recording moniker Jaws the Shark. Today his new single called “Reno” is yet another real example of a true knack for crafting some catchy, raucous, and energy packed rock tunes. Take some time to give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Jaws the Shark will be releasing this track as part of a self-titled EP due out on November 25th via So Recordings.


Catchy Rocker From Dazy

Sometimes when we music snobs tend to overcomplicate things, it’s refreshing to find a dude like Richmond, VA based James Goodson who can keep things simple and deliver short, catchy, rock tunes. Goodson records under the moniker Dazy and delivers garage rock tunes with direct focus and energy while packing a hell of a lot into his 2 minutes or less tunes. His new song, “On My Way” is a prime example of his songwriting style with a super rocking number that might be over by the time you finish this sentence. I’m here for it.

Dazy will release a new album entitled OUTOFBODY on October 28th via Lame-O Records.

Paul Thomas Saunders Shares Cruel

Brighton based artist Paul Thomas Saunders has really altered and molded my musical tastes over the last few months with the new singles he’s been releasing. As one who usually gravitates towards louder, guitar and bass focused sounds, Saunders has thrown me for a loop with his slower, melodic and sometimes broodier take on songwriting. His latest single, “Cruel”, is a track that can take you on a sort of rollercoaster of emotion through joy, happiness and back again to simply relief. These songs are truly stunning and powerful examples of the emotional impact a songwriter can have on us all.

Saunders will release his new album Figure in a Landscape on October 21st via 7476 Records. Pre-orders are live now.


Show Preview: We Were Promised Jetpacks @ Mohawk (10.11)

Date Thursday, October 11th
Location Mohawk
Doors 7:00 PM
Tickets $20 from Mohawk Austin

Our old friends in Edinburgh’s finest band, We Were Promised Jetpacks, are making their way back into Austin on Thursday night and you can count on ATH being in attendance. If you’ve never been to a WWPJP show, these lads pour everything they have into every performance and truly leave it all out on the stage. Tickets are still available via Mohawk’s website, and between you and me, this will be the best band playing all weekend (yeah I said it).

In other WWPJP news, the band just released a new EP entitled A Complete One-Eighty which features 3 re-workings of songs from their last album Enjoy the View. You can stream the 3 tracks via Youtube below or even purchase the EP on vinyl from Big Scary Monsters. The vinyl edition features remixes of each song from Manchester Orchestra, Andy Monaghan, and Zoe Graham. Let’s get it.

Psychy Tune From Ghost Woman

Though Evan Uschenko just released a self-titled debut this summer under his recording moniker Ghost Woman this summer, the busy songwriting doesn’t plan to slow down and take it easy. Instead, he already has 11 new tunes ready for release on a new album with this new single “Broke” acting as the lead announcement track. It’s a groovy, psych inspired number with a chill overall feeling and mellow yet grainy vibes. Accompanying video features one crazy ass Muppet looking character getting into all sorts of nonsense (video is age-restricted so you’ll have to click out to watch).

Ghost Woman’s new album Anne, If will be out in January via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are already live.

Driving New Tune From Mauger

Belgium based MAUGER came onto our ready right at the beginning of summer with their brand of driving, yet still poppy brand of indie rock. Hitting fast forward a bit, the band has released a slew of new singles this summer and actually just dropped their entire new album, SHINY, for stream and purchase last Friday. Instead of trying to woo you or overwhelm with an entire album, we thought you might like to stream a real highlight from the album with this single “Nr 79”. How this band is stirring up more buzz is beyond me, but our aim is to help spread their name and solid tunes.

Vinyl Convention @ Mohawk (10.9)

Date Sunday, October 9th
Location Mohawk Austin
Event Time 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tickets FREE for all

If you’re like me and most of our ATH staff, you spend a lot of time buying records, digging through crates, and hell, even making wantlists to plan out your next purchases. I also am not a huge fan of massive crowds and absorbent prices, so that whole big convention last weekend just isn’t my bag. So if you’re a collector who likes to dig, chat with old friends, and also lives on a collecting budget, come on down to Mohawk on Sunday and shop at our (much more chill) vinyl convention. A whole slew of great, all local vendors will be there selling all varieties of both new and lovingly used records. My newly adorned booth, “Ray Ray’s Records and Music Stuff” will have a large selection of recently acquired LPs and 45s along with my vintage collection of hats, shirts, posters, cards, and music collectibles. Everything is reasonably priced with bulk deals encouraged. Come say hey on your way in or out of ACL and take home some Austin magic.

On a random record collecting note, if you haven’t watched this great documentary Record Safari – Digging in the Crates of America on Youtube, it’s well worth your time.

Hazy New Single From S.C.A.B.

Just like many bands in 2019/2020, Brooklyn based group S.C.A.B. was hit pretty hard during the dark times of lock down/quarantining. In 2019, the band released their promising debut album Beauty & Balance, but unfortunately couldn’t do much to tour or continue or promote. Well the band pressed on and managed to record a whole new set of songs as part of their upcoming sophomore, self-titled LP. New single, “Why Do I Dream of You” shows a sludgy meets haze brand of indie rock which might be for fans of Deeper with a hint of New York Garage rock. Welcome back dudes.

Pre-orders for the upcoming S.C.A.B. LP, due out November 11th, are live now.


Straight Rocker From Fluung

For the unfamiliar, Fluung is an indie rock n roll band from the musical mecca of Seattle, Washington. Harkening back to their city ancestors, the band has a very no nonsense, “let’s just rock” approach to their songs with an incredibly full sound for a three piece group. Latest single, “Decades”, is a prime example of Fluung showing off their post-punk, hints of grunge inspired brand of rock music. Check it out below.

This song will appear on new album The Vine due out October 14th via Setterwind Records on vinyl and Den Tapes on cassette.

Bright New Single From Mazey Haze

Dutch artist Nadine Appledoorn came on my radar a year ago with her new musical project Mazey Haze and her tunes have been hitting my frequent streams on the regular. Today I am beyond happy to share with you her latest new tune entitled “The Weight of the Weekend”. When one gets the label “indie pop” sometimes it can be a convoluted and vague genre description, but for me, this is truly a perfectly done indie pop tune. It’s light while maintaining a level of brightness and drops in short moments of upbeat, rock sounds to keep this thing engaging and mesmerizing for its short 3.5 minutes. Stay tuned.

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