Oddwood Vinyl Market – 3/9

Location: Oddwood Brewing
Cost: Free
Times: 11am-4pm

Before things get really wild in ATX next week, we are pumped to be a part of this amazing Vinyl Market going down on Saturday at Oddwood Brewing from 11am til 4pm. We have a ton of great vendors this time around who will be selling all sorts of LPs, 45s, and ephemera at unbeatable prices. To make this a more SXSW themed kick off party, we’ll also have some musicians playing outside on the patio while DJs and records are going inside. If you’re free on Saturday and love a good beer, paired with good music and a choice vinyl selection, then this will be the place to be. Come say hey! Full vendor and artist lineup after the jump:

Huge thanks to KOOP Radio for once again sponsoring this killer event


Live Music on the Patio:

1pm – Grackles

2pm – Feeling Small

3pm – Lauren Burton of Lola Tried

Vendor list, Sponsors & Social Links:

KOOP Radio


BLK Vinyl

Peach Leah

Plum Creek Records & Tapes

Resurrected Records

DMZ Records

Yard Sale Records

DJ RayRay

Check Out Quitter From Brother Bird

Towards the end of last year, Caroline Glaser, straight out of Nashville, released a stunning single under her recording name Brother Bird titled “Something Better,” which made it onto my list of top songs of the year. This year will bring the release of new album Another Year, and a lengthy tour, including some dates next week for SXSW here in Austin. Prior to the new album, Glaser just shared one last preview of her new material with this slow burning new single “quitter.” Though it is slow in build, it features an immaculate progression and yet another expertly written song in the Brother Bird cannon.

You can pre-order the new Brother Bird album, Another Year, right now via Easy Does It Records. It’s out on Friday.

Meet the SXSW Band: Otto Aday

And here you were thinking we might just slow down for these last few days in build up to next week… WRONG! We still have several more SXSW interviews to bring your way in the final days leading up to the festival next week. Hopefully you are enjoying this short preview into what it means to play the festival for an artist and how to survive on the road. Our next interview up comes from London based artist Otto Aday. You can check all the deets and tunes after the jump.

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Meet the SXSW Band: villagerr

Did you know SXSW was happening next week? Just joshing. Who says joshing anymore? Well we are trying to hit you with as much content and previews as possible so maybe you will feel a bit more prepared and focused going into next week. Today I am pleased to continue our interview series with Columbus based outfit villagerr who appear to be festival first timers. Welcome them to town, read their interview, check some dates, and all that after the jump.

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ATH & SXSW – A Playlist For 2024

We’re getting down to those last few days of build up to SXSW next week, and the ATH is going to try and squeeze in as much pre-coverage as we can before signing off on Monday. For those of you who prefer listening over reading our SXSW interviews, we’ve combed through most all the bands on the festival list and made a huge playlist of bands we suggest. Of course, we may have missed something so feel free to blast us if you’re favorite didn’t make the playlist and maybe, just maybe, we’ll add it in.

Since I know all of you heathens love Spotify, here it is. Also managed to convert to youtube if you prefer getting weird. OR, I’ve got it on Apple, and will send it your way if you hit me up and ask real nice.


Meet the SXSW Band: Bodega

We are now just one short week away from SXSW and it seems like things are really starting to ramp up in Austin with news of killer day parties and events happening around town. Your ATH team is trying to push out as much preview coverage as we can this week so you feel maybe slightly more prepared to tackle everything. Today we have an interview from NYC based outfit BODEGA. After the jump you can see full interview, confirmed dates, and hear some music.

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ATX Spotlight: Sundozer Shares Still Life

I was just having a conversation this weekend about some of my favorite new bands in Austin, and while often folks drop the same big names, we always have great new bands existing just under the surface. ATX based musician Christian Luis French is a great example who currently makes music under the moniker Sundozer after many years with other projects. The music has a sort of underground, garage psych feel too it, but with the speed and energy turned way way up. None of that contemplative, mellow psych stuff here. Have a listen to new single “Still Life” below and let us know what you think.

Sundozer will release this track as part of a new EP entitled Death Bloom, which is due out on March 28th.

Chalk Share New Track Bliss

While we prep for that little festival coming in a week and a half, we are of course still getting in some bangers on the regular. This one seems expertly timed as Belfast based band Chalk not only have this new single “Bliss” available, but will also be stopping in town for SXSW. So while “Bliss” gets your body moving with its dark wave, synth pop inspired rhythms, you can learn the words to sing along live during a set in Austin.

This track is part of a new EP entitled Conditions ll which is out on Friday, March 1st via Nice Swan Records. Vinyl pre-orders are live now.

Meet the SXSW Band: Tigercub

As we get closer and closer, the anticipation grows more and more for the upcoming SXSW festival right here in Austin. Preview coverage will continue to ramp up in the days ensuing as we receive more preview materials from participating bands. Today we are pleased to share our third peek into the life of a musician with a piece from Brighton based Tigercub. Hit the jump for fill interview, dates, tunes, and more.

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Meet the SXSW Band: The Ophelias

We are here and in full force now with some SXSW band previews coming at you several times a week leading up to the festival. Today we are thrilled to share a preview with one of our favorite up and coming acts, Cincinnati based outfit The Ophelias. We get into some great discussions about new music along with a debate about who would be the best dual threat rhythm guitar player to have in your all time band. All that plus show details and a brand new song(!) after the jump.

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