Communions Return With Splendor

We made a ton of posts about Danish band Communions way back in 2014-2015 and we’ve since lost touch with the band though they’ve continued to put out music over the last 4-5 years. Our lack of awareness will hopefully be forgiven as you check out this new track called “Splendour” and enjoy all the lovely components to break down. The song offers some new wave, pop elements combined with a more intimate and breathy take on things akin to say Choir of Young Believers or similar outfits. If you forgot about the band, as we unfortunately did, it’s time to start paying attention again.

This track is the first with the bands new hometown label Tambourhinoceros. More to come hopefully.

Enjoy This Orchid Mantis Tune

It’s more likely than not that you are unfamiliar with the experimental sounds created by Atlanta based musician Orchid Mantis. I assume this not because the music is not worthy of recognition, but because the artist has flown largely under the radar for the last several years (possibly on purpose). Popularity and notoriety will surely follow if more songs like this one called “Can’t See the Sun” continue to find their way onto the interwebs. Though somewhat experimental, the track is just downright catchy as hell and evokes a feeling of a more stripped down version of Beach Fossils with vocals akin to Jonathan Pierce of The Drums.

This song appears on a new album entitled Far From This World due out November 20th on Z Tapes.


Hollow Graves Drop Far Out Summer

Phew, what a week/month it’s been for everyone here in the ATH offices. As we near the end of what seems like an endless 2020, it seems appropriate that I would seek comfort from our Canadian neighbors of the north. Offering me this comforting sound today is Toronto based outfit Hollow Graves and their bright and warm new tune called “Far Out Summer”. With shoegaze rooted in the core of the song, it can certainly be a bit hazy, but I’m loving that the band has really brightened things up bouncy guitars and an almost airy feel. It’s as though the Beach Boys wrote a popping shoegaze song.

Eades Deliver Another Hit

Our pals in Leeds based band Eades have been hard at work this past year having released several singles and their impressive debut EP, Microcosmic Things. Though it’s been a creative and productive year for the group, they aren’t quite done yet with this new single called “Forgive my Mind” coming out today via Bam Bam Records. It is yet again a display of true slacker rock but with super tight instrumentation, interesting guitar leads, and the always steady rhythm section. If you don’t know about the band, you should check them out now.

Nothing Drop Video For April Ha Ha

Crazy as it may seem, Philadelphia based boys Nothing are going on 10 years in existence though it seems like yesterday when they were proclaimed “band to watch” by just about every music blog with a keen ear. Now showing major signs of truly growing into their very own unique sound, the band dropped their fourth album entitled The Great Dismal last Friday via Relapse Records. Personally, I think the album is an immediate classic and a possible contender for my albums of the year list.

Always the creators, Nothing prepared four videos from the album’s singles with the last one for track “April Ha Ha” coming yesterday. It’s one of my favorite songs from the album and comes after previous videos for “Famine Asylum”, “Say Less”, and “Bernie Sanders”. Care to hear more? You can actually stream The Great Dismal right now and/or purchase a physical copy from Relapse Records.

Sludgy New Single From Adult Books

Over the years, I have grown quite fond of Nick Winfrey and his musical project known as Adult Books. We’ve posted tons of singles from the Los Angeles based artist and even had him and his band on a SXSW bill a few years ago. Late last week, Winfrey sent over this new tune called “Innocence” which I am lazily just getting around to posting today. Adult Books first on new label Taxi Gauche Records, the track is a sludgy, noisy bit of rock music featuring some majorly distorted guitar work and complimentary drums from friend Sina Salessi. Here’s to looking forward to more new music and a new LP coming early next year.

Bright Indie Pop From Duncan Fellows

Bring from our fair city, we have always followed and taken a liking to the musical stylings of our very own Duncan Fellows. Over the years, the guys have dropped countless catchy singles and put on numerous memorable shows for the ATX community. Now well into their career and ever growing as artists, the band will be releasing new album The Sadlands on October 16th on all platforms. Prior to that date next week, I recommend you check out this new single called “Like I Used To” which yet again shows a band in stages of maturity and growth like we’ve never seen. What may trick you into thinking it’s just a regular ‘ol indie rock tune can suddenly explode into these lush moments of brightness and warmth. It’s a truly fantastic tune.

Have Another Plants And Animals Tune

Earlier in the summer, I was pleased to share with you some new tunes and an album announcement from the iconic and always reliable Montreal based band Plants and Animals. Over the years, it’s been interesting to hear he mutations of the band’s sound but I feel like this new single “Love that Boy” could be an even further evolution into greatness. The bright and sunny vibes from the band are still there underneath but some new elements of R&B beats and groovy, soothing swirls have also been added in to give the song this lovely, relaxing vibe. Have yourself a listen below.

Plants and Animals will release The Jungle on October 23rd via Secret City Records.

Los Blenders Release Mazunte 2016

Los Blenders are a group of young men from the Mexico City borough of Coapa who have been making music together for close to 10 years. Thought they’ve spent quite a bit of time together, the band has maybe flown just a bit under your musical radar. Tomorrow, September 25th, the band will drop their 3rd full length LP Mazunte 2016 via all streaming platforms and for purchase on bandcamp. I was fortunate enough to speak with the band about the new album and you can read the Q&A after the jump. We’ve also been given a new song to stream from the album prior to the release date tomorrow. Check it out!

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Driving Tune From Famous Letter Writer

It is highly likely that you have never heard of New York based duo Famous Letter Writer, but I am here today to offer an introduction of sorts. For me, the best sort of introduction is to simply offer a tune for your ears, and surprise, here’s the latest from the band called “Warhol/Warhola”. Upon first listen, I was immediately struck by the unique and engaging vocal delivery style of leading man M.I. Devine. Those sort of jerky, powerful vocals paired with electronic, garage rock music have somehow melded together perfectly to create something sort of strange, but all together something the band can call their own.

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