SXSW Meet the Band: HMS Morris

People, it’s the last business day before SXSW kicks off this weekend and into next week. We will be shutting this ‘ol site down while we are out finding the next big thing so this will be some of our last coverage. Hopefully this has been fun for everyone to catch some differing perspectives of bands coming into town. Our Friday interview set comes by way of another Welsh band, HMS Morris. Hit the jump for all them usual deets.

ATH: What’s the name of the band/group? Where are you from?

We are HMS Morris from Cardiff, Wales, UK

ATH: Give us a short pitch for your band, describing sound, ambiance or whatever you feel like.

Were an art psych rock band, imagine if Talking Heads, St Vincent and Tune Yards had a baby, that would be us.

ATH: What was your most recent release? Any planned releases for 2024?

We released our third album Dollar Lizard Money Zombie last September and will be touring it and playing it at festivals throughout the summer. Our goal during performing downtime is to begin working on new music for release late 2024/early 2025.

ATH: SXSW is often called a sort of initiation which can lead to increased exposure. As a band, why did you choose to play the festival? What’s your aim for the week?

We’ve held off from applying for SXSW until now, with the release of DLMZ, which were extremely proud, of we thought this would be the right time to head out to Austin to showcase it to the world, were here to make connections with U.S bands and agents in the hope of touring the U.S in the future, wed also like to re-release the album on a small label in the US.

ATH: What has everyone in the band been listening to, or, what plays in the tour van/car/bus?

I’ve been obsessing over the new MGMT album lately, especially the song Dancing in Babylon featuring Christine & the Queens. It’s so classic sounding but also pretty bold and fun and the lyrics are entertaining.


In the tour van we’ve been listening to an Italian disco playlist inspired by our wonderful driver Lorenzo who drove us around when we headed out to perform at Suns Festival in Udine, Italy – it really gets you in a magical mood for travelling, song recommendation – Disco Sole by Nu Genea.

ATH: If youve had a chance to check out any of the artists coming into town for the festival – Anyone you are excited about trying to see during the week?

We’ve been putting together a bands wed like to see playlist, we’ve done our research like good kids –
On our viewing list –
Large Brush Collection
Bar Italia
& we love this song by Jad Fair & Samuel Locke Ward called Invaders from Mars

ATH: Disregarding the constructs of space, time, and availability – If you could construct a power group of artists to make the supreme, all powerful super group of a band, who would be in it? Pick as many members as you like. Who is on vocals, drums, guitar, etc.? All submissions will be judged with a winner awarded during the festival.

Mitsky on Songwriting and vocals
Prince on guitar
Kim Deal on Bass
Pino Paladino on another bass
Steve Gadd on Drums
The Sugarbabes on backing vocals
Lawrence from School of Rock on Synths

ATH: Any road survival or SXSW survival tips for newbie bands? What are some must haves to survive the road?

Eat well, pack some carrots in your bag for regular nibbling, ear plugs are a must, for protection from loud noises but also from band members snoring.

ATH: What concerns do you have as a band or a human or both? In regards to music, the world, really… where does your mind tend to wander these days?

How difficult and expensive it is to tour outside our home turf and also the environmental impact of touring, how can I fulfill my dream of touring the world while feeling the guilt of its impact on the environment.
I also regularly question if I’m too old for all this music business but I disregard that thought quite quickly, life’s too short.

Thanks again for doing this! Here are HMS Morris show dates:

Wednesday, March 13th @ Creek & The Cave

Friday, March 15th @ Low Down Lounge – 8pm

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