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Winter Gloves

We just started getting into new Montreal based band Winter Gloves, and we wanted to give you a download of the band’s best jam.  For your listening pleasure, we give you “Let Me Drive” which will appear on the band’s debut LP About a Girl.  The song blends an old school Mates of State organ sound with more poppy elements of fellow Canadians Tokyo Police Club.  You can expect the new album on March 24th via Paper Bag Records.


Download: Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive [MP3]

Silent Land Time Machine @ Emo’s (1/23)

One of our favorite new up and coming bands in Austin, Silent Land Time Machine, will be playing at the new outfloor portion of Emo’s on Friday night.  They will be joined on the stage by two other Austin acts The Tiny Tin Hearts & Silver Pines.  Doors for the show are set to open at 8pm with music at 9pm.  Tickets will be sold only at the door. Check out our review of the band’s latest effort & Hope Still to get an idea of why we think so highly of these guys.

P.S. – Has anyone seen this new outfloor yet?


Deerhoof On The Interface

Some of you people out there still question our undying love for all things Deerhoof and we’re here to prove you fools wrong!  Check out some live stuff the band just did on The Interface and tell me you don’t love them.  Be sure to watch the jamming guitars on song “+81”.  You’ll be hooked soon enough!


Download: Deerhoof – +81 [MP3]

Ume – Sunshower EP

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Austin’s power trio Ume is set to release their second EP to the masses. The band has been heralded by many as a powerful group, set to break down the doors of the local scene with their sheer energy. Can they do it on record?

From the opening minute of “East of Hercules” you can tell that the band is bent on getting right up in your face, as heavy guitar work confronts the listener. Here, the percussion has a bit of a bounce to it, which should win the band many fans, as its difficult to combine power and swing in one moment.

Stylistically, the band seems to draw a lot from the alt-girl rock of the late 90s, but they blend it with a freshness that gives the band a bit of a unique quality. A lot of bands simply rehash those old sounds, but Ume are intent upon using their influences as a staging point for their attack, moving beyond the simplistic structures of days of old

Throughout the short EP, they keep up the pace, consistently approaching their high aims. One of the better songs on this set is “The Means” as the band chooses to slow it down a little bit in order to provide some clarity to the rest of the album. This song seems to be the antithesis to the rest of the album, and it sheds their Longwave similarities, breaking entirely new ground. It’s easily the brightest point of the EP, showing the range and capabilities that the band possess.

One drawback might be the fact that the vocals don’t reach the clarity during all the songs, much as they do in “The Means.” Often the wall of guitar and energy shield the listener from attaching one’s self from the lyrics. Sure, it’s a slight misstep for a promising new act, but for a fan of lyrics and vocals, it might be a bit disappointing.

Five songs later, you can see a band growing before your eyes. It closes with the sultry “Pendelum,” moving the band beyond all your expectations. Expect a powerful live show, and a bright future from this local act. To see that powerful live act, you should all check out the band this Saturday night at The Mohawk for their CD release party. It’s sure to be a rocking good time!


Download: Ume – The Conductor [MP3]

Reggae Time with the Meditations

I love my friends Corey and Levi, for many reasons, but one being their interest in music outside of my spectrum. This year they finally converted me, via The Big Takeover’s Top 50 Reggae Albums, to the ways of true reggae. I opted to share with you one of my recent discoveries, The Meditations, on this fine Thursday. This ain’t your mother’s reggae tunes!


Download: The Meditations – Life is Not East [MP3]

Chairlift On Daytrotter

Dance/pop outfit Chairlift recently recorded a 4 song Daytrotter session that you can download or stream online.  The 4 song set features 3 old tunes and one previously unreleased track.  Here’s “Bruises” (that song from the ipod commercial) performed live in the Daytrotter studio.


Download: Chairlift – Bruises(live) [MP3]

New Music From The Von Bondies

We’re probably a little late on getting this one out, but we can’t resist new tunes.  Today’s new music comes from Detroit outfit, The Von Bondies.  You more than likely remember the band from their 2004 hit “C’mon C’mon” or singer Jason Stollsteimer’s 2003 altercation with Jack White.  Regardless, the band has a new album out on February 3rd entitled Love, Hate and Then There’s You.  We’ve got first single from the album “Pale Bride” below.


Download: The Von Bondies – Pale Bride [MP3]

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