Transy Warhol Drop Afterglow Single

Austin outfit Transy Warhol have been dubbed the next Big Boys, taking up the torch passed through acts like Big Bill and others. But, while the punk side is there, it’s fleshed out on this fresh single in an artier, almost melodic fashion. The vocals have a bit of gruffness, but they’re curled into warm croon that very much feels like it could be the sound of a number of 80s post punk acts. I like the frantic nature of the guitars, stabbing at the speakers with this angular sharpness that really gets the blood flowing, so keep an eye out on this lot as they’ll be releasing their debut Control later this year!

Playful Pop Number from Kluster

One of my favorite Swedish labels at the moment is Rama Lama Records, and they’ve really gotten a winner by picking up Kluster. For a moment, I thought I had this song figured out completely, pulling in a vibe akin to Beach House by crafting layered pop. But, there’s this sharp turn of jagged guitars that toss the track in another direction, then they settle back in, albeit momentarily. The band jump right back into boisterous pop explosion to close out the tune; it’s a strong finish to an already stellar song. The group will release Civic on June 15th.

Time Travel with Triptides

Some acts are moving away from the psychedelic craze, but some bands, like Triptides are still at it, though I’m pretty fond of their approach. They’ve gotten rid of that hazy drug-addled guitar sound, polishing it off a bit more in favor of a more pop-centric approach. But, in it’s psych restraint, it allows the band to really draw from their natural harmonies, especially with their “ooh la las.” I can just picture myself zoning out in a blacklit room with this single playing in the far our background. Their new effort Afterglow comes out this Friday via Requiem Pour Un Twister Records.

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Psych Yourself Up For Friday With Triptides

Everyone’s Friday’s need a little bitofpsych to trip into the weekend and your daily dose today comes from this video from Triptides for the track “Invitation.” The song is pretty much straightforward psych bliss, with sweeping choruses of hazy vocals and jangly electric guitar riffs. The video completes this psych vibe with the LA quartet jamming in the woods cut with weird visuals that will have you wanting to don your best bell bottoms and slip on some rose colored glasses…I mean, what did you expect from a band called Triptides?

The band’s upcoming full-length,Afterglow, will be out June 23 via Requiem Por Un Twister Records.



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