Stream The New Andrew Jackson Jihad Album Now

AJJ Oh you’ve never heard of the punk folk stylings of Phoenix’s Andrew Jackson Jihad? Well, lucky for you their upcoming fifth album, Christmas Island, slated to come out May 6th, is streaming for your convenience over at the A.V Club. Sounds like the band has re-imagined their sound a bit with these new tracks, delving back a bit to get innovative again: so far, I especially like the ragtimey piano parts that jump out immediately. These gents, in addition to launching this new album, are about to embark on a monster tour, which begins at our very own Red 7 on June 2nd. So scoot on over and have a listen, fall in love, and get ready to jam with them come June.

Stream Debut Album from Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs

CS485033-01A-BIGSo America it seems is getting behind the times, at least so far as breaking waves for new UK acts.  One of the hottest bands to come out in a while is Charlie Boyer & the Voyeurs, paying homage to the streets of 70s New York on their debut album Clarietta.  It combines the best of influences from Bolan to Reed (and produced by Edwyn Collins!), spun through a modern kaleidoscope of hooks; it’s time we rejoice in the classic sound of rock n’ roll.   The 70s were fueled by artistic endeavors, musically speaking.  But, we often neglect the simplicity of the era, using power chords and anthemic choruses to grab listeners and fans; it’s what you’ll get when you get behind Charlie Boyer. Their album will makes its American premiere on Tuesday, September 24th, and we’re pleased to give you the opportunity to stream the album in its entirety.  Sit back, and have a happy day!

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Stream the Grape St. Record – A Date With You

grape_st._cover12inchHey-o folks.  Been hard at work here behind the scene to get this new record and all it’s info out to the masses. A Date with You is the second release from our up-start label here at the site, and we’re really stoked to be working with Grape St., which features members from Harlem, Hello Caller and Frank Smith.  Honestly, I don’t really care what anyone says about this record; it’s infectious, and there’s not a bad song on here.  I hope you dig it; I hope you jam out with your clam out.  If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can pre-order the album HERE.

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Stream Voyeur Album from Saint Motel Here!

Long have we praised the work of Saint Motel, so we’re pleased to offer the album stream for the band’s newest record, Voyeur (the album is out now!).  They’ve been generous enough to let us share it with you, but if you’re generous, you’ll pick up the physical copy, which features moving eyes in the sleeve! It’s pretty much a clever pop record that begs to be played again and again, and we’re also happy to announce we’ll be sponsoring the group’s show when they come to Austin on August 4th at Stubbs!  You can listen to the album stream HERE, and don’t forget to support the bands we love–and you love too! In case you forgot how much fun you could have jamming to this band, here’s a sample tune that’s also on the album stream.


Download:Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces [MP3]

New Single (+ Album Stream) from The Daredevil Christopher Wright

I’m absolutely loving the new record from The Daredevil Christopher Wright, a Eau Claire three-piece who’ve created an eclectic sound akin to the likes of Here We Go Magic or Fleet Foxes.  Their album combines elements of folk, group harmonies, but there’s also a slightly experimental bent–though not as much because the group wanted to focus on the songwriting on the record for performance purposes (I commend that!). If you’re sitting at work, wondering what the next record you’re going to HAVE to buy is, then you need to take a listen to The Nature of Things, which hits stores next week. You can stream it in its entirety HERE.


Download:The Daredevil Christopher Wright – Divorce [MP3]

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