Dance Yrself Clean with Guess Genes

We’re big fans of Houston’s Buxton, so it would make sense that we’d be ready to jump on board with Sergio Trevino’s new project, Guess Genes. But, aside from Sergio, there aren’t too many sonic similarities; his work now includes his lyrical storytelling working over club-worthy beats. Like the best of the electronic genre, there’s little guitar chords clearly cutting through the beat, forcing a nice little bounce in your step. Feel like today we could also use a step-up, seeing as its only Wednesday, so why not turn up and dance around with GG. The project will drop a self-titled album sometime this May via Very Jazzed.

Show Preview: Buxton @ Holy Mountain (TONIGHT)

iecdyqosugnlarlyzzk6Having released their new album, Half a Native, Houston’s Buxton are starting to make some big waves all over.  The group’s been around for awhile here in Texas, building on their renown live show…exhilarating and full of great pop sensibility.  They’ll be bringing said live show to Holy Mountain tonight, and they’ll be joined by some of our local favorites.  We love Shivery Shakes so much we decided to put out their excellent LP, Three Waves and a Shake (there are still some available HERE) and you’ll be remiss if you don’t catch their show.  Opening band AMA will be worth your early entrance, so show up a little after doors at 9 PM.

Buxton also have an in-store over at Waterloo Records at 5 PM.

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Buxton – Half A Native

unnamedRating: ★★★☆☆

Buxton are a group from Houston who make folk inspired alternative indie rock with Americana elements interspersed throughout. Half A Native combines the various genres that the group draws from (i.e Americana, honky-tonk, alt-country, psychedelia) with a careful presence of songwriting and craftsmanship that makes for easy listening.

What works well for Buxton on this album is the aforementioned mix of genre that allows these gentlemen to flourish in several different directions while staying under the umbrella of indie rock. Therefore, it’s only fitting that each of the standout tracks all border on different directions. Take immediately emotive and lush title track “Half A Native” for an example of the folksy direction this band takes. This song is combines delicate acoustic guitar riffs with twangy slide guitar and Sergio Trevino’s bluesy vocals to make for a hauntingly beautiful listening experience; this song is powerful in its subtlety. Personally, this is where Buxton’s music comes across the strongest, Trevino’s lyrics are able to shine through clearly and with distinction.

While gentle folk is one direction that lets the band shine, they also show their strength in other genres. Early song “Good As Gone” shows them leaning towards more straightforward rock and roll, with a bit of campy piano that bounces through the track. Trevino’s vocals are central in the mix, but the snarling electric guitar kicks up now and again, taking the reigns and steering us to rock. Near the end of the album they go full honky-tonk alt-country with “Icebreaker,” which is full of twang and Trevino spinning fast lyrics in a southern drawl, throwing around quaint phrases like “whistlin’ Dixie,” accompanied by full on twang-filled guitars and a bluesy bass line. That campy piano also rejoins the band, and this song kind of makes you just want to throw on some cowboy boots and a hat and dance along with the band as they get down.

The easy listening makes this a quaint and enjoyable album, but this same quality leaves me a little underwhelmed along the way. Some songs soar above and create a notable and lasting impression for this band, but others get a little lost in the mix. Half A Native shows promise for this group of gentlemen, and I will be looking out for what the future holds for them.


Have You Listened to Buxton?

buxtonBuxton seems like it’s been one of Houston’s best-kept secrets; I know tons of folks who’ve caught wind of the band, yet they never seem to get that one would expect.  But, they’ve just completed their third record, and this appears to be the one that’s going to reach the masses and gain the following they deserve.  This tune starts off with a stuttering guitar line before taking it’s stride with a nice little bopping drum beat. You’ll hear the musicianship that’s present on this new LP, Half a Native, as the song unfolds, with nice little doses guitars twanging.  Look for their new LP this March via New West Records.

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Show Preview: Centro-Matic @ Red 7 (9/19)


Date 9/19/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $13 @ Red 7

What more could we possibly say on this website about the always underrated veteran rockers Centro-matic?  We have continually made it well known that we adore this band and any intelligent music fan should make it out to their shows when they play around town.  Thursday night at Red 7 is yet another opportunity to enjoy this always tight and energetic live show on the cheap (only $13!!).  Joining Will and crew on stage are Houstonians Buxton and local boys The Rite Flyers.


Download: Centro-matic – Flashes and Cables [MP3]