Mother Sun Share Marbles Video

Feel like we should slink our way into the weekend, gently tapping our toes as we dream of what’s in store, and what better way than this new single from Mother Sun. The Canadian outfit seem quite unassuming in their presentation of this song; the music almost feels like a carefully mellowed brand of indie rock. Drums tap things out from start to finish, with the vocals soothing like aloe on a fresh sunburn, leaving your skin with this nice chilled touch. Plus, the horn section for arrangement accompaniment is stellar, and placed so well that you’re going to struggle to find anything wrong with this jaunty jam. This single’s one of a handful out now from Divine Bovine.

Slow Down Molasses Share I Need the Darkness Video

Felt like Wednesday is a solid day to get involved in some heavier sounds, so its a good thing there’s this jamming track from Slow Down Molasses banging around out there. It’s toying that careful line between post-punk and noise rock, though with the skate video added in here, it seems like its harkening back to sort of melodic post-hardcore vibes. It’s melodic, but brash, and just the faintest hint of pop sensibility hanging out in there to satiate those like me. If you’re digging what they’re putting down, the Canadian band drop their record Minor Deaths on October 8th via Divine Schism and Noyse Records.

Motorists Announce Surrounded

If Bobo Integral announces a new record, you better believe I’m going to rush over to give it a listen, which is why Motorists are my new favorite band! The Canadian outfit just signed up to release their debut Surrounded LP with the label, and it’s the perfect blast of power-pop for your Thursday. In the press release you get mentions like The Nerves and the Soft Boys, but if you wanted an update list, think of a cleaner version of your favorite garage band; it kind of sounds like Deadbeat Beat with a little bit more anthemic vibes coursing through it. You can already tell there will be hooks galore filling up this listen, so don’t skip out! The release is out September 3rd, as a co-release between Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive/We Are Time.

Stream New Jesse Marchant Album

Canadian born musician Jesse Marchant, formerly known as JBM, is one of the most talked about artists on the pages of ATH over the years. While he is clearly a singer/songwriter at his core, Marchant has always managed to expand on the genre with intimate, yet fleshed out tunes, that can offer the listener just about every emotion imaginable during one song. Naturally this means we have been giving this brand new album, Antelope Running, heavy rotation around our offices over the last few weeks. The stunning new LP from Marchant is streamable now on Spotify and also available for vinyl pre-orders via AntiFragile Music. I think you will find this to be one of the most creative and beautifully arranged albums of the year.

Dumb and Tough Age Are Pizza Punks

It’s going to be really hard for you to pass up listening to this new jam from Dumb. On one hand, it comes with the announcement of a split 7″ with fellow punks, Tough Age…so musically, you’re already on board, eh? Then, you get the support of a great label, Mint Records, with the added bonus of supporting Conundrum Press, the print label for Cole Pauls and his comic, Pizza Punks! Plus, all the songs are about punks eating pizza, which ties into Pauls’ thematic comic of that very name. Art meets art meets my belly! Pizza and punk? Count us in! This 7″ will drop on July 9th…but check out the work of Dumb, Tough Age and Cole Pauls while you wait for your slice! The 7″ includes an 8 page comic!

Hollow Graves Drop Far Out Summer

Phew, what a week/month it’s been for everyone here in the ATH offices. As we near the end of what seems like an endless 2020, it seems appropriate that I would seek comfort from our Canadian neighbors of the north. Offering me this comforting sound today is Toronto based outfit Hollow Graves and their bright and warm new tune called “Far Out Summer”. With shoegaze rooted in the core of the song, it can certainly be a bit hazy, but I’m loving that the band has really brightened things up bouncy guitars and an almost airy feel. It’s as though the Beach Boys wrote a popping shoegaze song.

Jordan Paul Shares Archetype X

This morning, I’m really being taken by voices, and Jordan Paul has one of that I can’t seem to escape. It’s got this fragility to it, while also having this strange familiarity, like a mix between Buckley and Drake. Behind him is this open space that really lets him carry the song purely on the back of his pipes. Now, that does’t mean there’s not a nice bit of arrangement working through here, giving him just the right amount of angelic lift in all the right spots. The Canadian musician will be releasing Already Gone shortly, so enjoy a nice little settling mood with Jordan Paul.

Enjoy This Nature Walk Tune

There’s the slightest cool front that’s blown through Austin, so its kind of left me in this weird musical ADHD state; my tastes are all over the place, but I’ve definitely settled on this new tune from Canada’s Nature Walk. It almost sounds like this perfect bedroom pop recording, though the vocals on this tune have this heavy tone to them, that sort of balances the track with this solemn mood. But, this is the only song that features Fox, the singer, as the other tunes on the King of Wands EP have a more organic nature to them; its this really moving collection of songs that you’re going to really appreciate spending some time with today.

Capitol Announce New 7″

Late last year I was super into Capitol when the Canadian band dropped Dream Noise, and here comes the band around the corner with this striking new single. It opens with this sparkling dream pop, accented by these dancing sharp guitar jangles. Suddenly the space opens up and Josh Kemps solemn vocals enter the picture, blanketing the dreamy ambiance in this indifferent sense of cool; his voice gets a little help by the appearance of ELIO, who really does add an extra melodic charm that playfully trades lines with Kemp. If you’re a fan of the track, be sure to grab the 7″ from Meritorio or Kingfisher Bluez; it’s out on July 29th.

Tidy Share MWI Video

Listening through this week, I realize I’ve got to keep bouncing around genres; it’s possibly the only thing keeping me sane, moving back and forth and back again. For me, Tidy is hitting the spot today with their brand of pop punk harkening to my favorite period of late 90s emo stylings. There’s an earnestness to the songwriting, like you’re hurdling towards the end of times (aren’t we?) and you’ve given up being afraid. The vocals are melodic, yet when pushed they have just the faintest harshness to make punk fanboys feel included. These Canadians will be releasing their Trying EP this Summer!

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