Friday Album Streams: Alvvays, The Mall, Peel Dream Magazine and More

Well, Friday is here, and that’s a great reason to check in on some cool releases. Plus, get the bonus of knowing its Bandcamp Friday, so you get a chance to support your favorite artists and labels by streaming and jamming and buying! The Alvvays record has been buzzing everywhere, including our site, so we had to include that one. I’m personally stoked to hear how all the new Peel Dream Magazine songs fit together, as it seems like a different sound coming our way…we’re in for an exciting plot twist. There’s a couple other small releases here that we figured might fly under the radar, so wanted to be sure to include a bit of the other goods too! If we’re missing something cool, holler at us so we can be sure to give it a listen.


AlvvaysBlue Rev (Polyvinyl)

The MallTime Vehicle Earth

Peel Dream MagazinePad (Slumberland Records)

Cool SoundsLike That (Chapter Music)

CielNot in the Sun, Nor the Dark (Jazz Life)

No Zu Announce New EP + Share Liquid Love

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve heard original music from “heat beat” pioneers No Zu, but after the passing of member Daphne Camf in 2021, the band have regrouped to record a fresh EP for Chapter Music. Personally, they’ve crafted this undefinable sound, something that maybe blends a bit of every element that ever evolved on the dance floor into one cohesive sound. This new track wears some of the shades of post-punk, though there’s this sort of old school disco vibe to some of the accompanying vocal work. But, that’s just the beginning as the song twists into an almost jazzy funk party with dance floor ready vocal punctuation, delivering cool every step of the way. Then it all devolves into this cacophonous freakout of noise before slinking back into that throbbing groove. Their Heat Beat EP will be delivered to your door on November 18th.

Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport Return with New Single

Post-punk Icons Essendon Airport released a special 7″ in 1980 (the year of my birth!) with vocalist Anne Cessna, but the celebration of Chapter Music’s 30th perhaps has lured the band back…and rewarded us with a new single. The A-side is the sort of brilliant pop that was so exciting on the band’s 7″, mixing various textures in a fashion that many would like describe as modern trip-hop; it pulses and curls beneath your toes, inching its mood through your entire body. On the flipside, you get a more pensive sound, something that illustrates the group’s musicianship overlapped with poetry; I found that aligning it with artists like the Books seems apt on this tune. This new 7″ is available through Chapter Music, who will host a celebratory 30 year party in November, where Essendon Airport will take the stage!

Cool Sounds Share Like That Single

Whatever caused the shift in sonics for Dainis Lacey, we’re reaping the rewards on the listening end, particularly when it comes to the title track from the new Cool Sounds LP. It’s interesting that this is also the record’s closing track, as it seems to set us up for this sort of climb atop the mountain, only to find solace in this heavy pop masterpiece. There’s little shining diamonds in the corners, twinkling notes here and there splashing up to mix in with the pulse; it just reeks of cool for some reason, perfectly cinematic in its presentation. Like That is out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Laura Jean Shares Too Much to Do Video

Laura Jean‘s new album Amateurs will drop in November, but today we get another glimpse at the world being crafted for listeners. This song does a great job teasing the listener, utilizing a vibrant piano and vocals as the backbone, with little string bits meant to create tension in step with those forceful piano lines. And, just as you think the song might not travel further, it drops in at the 1:36 mark, kicking off this insatiable groove that has you bobbing and weaving as the string work continues to add structure to the tune itself. Still, the song keeps building in a sense, with the vocals hitting an almost blissed out angelic tone, creating this sort of climactic moment that ends just as you feel it peak! A glorious 3 Act song you can easily adore this morning. Amateurs drops November 4th via Chapter Music.

Cool Sounds Drop 6 or 7 More Video

First notes from Cool Sounds latest single definitely serve to remind us that the band has switched gears, digging out from the jangle pop side of the realm in order to give us a little more of a hip-shaking vibe. Pumping in a funky R&B groove right off the bat to set this song up is perfect, you’re instantly transported to a solid strut down the street, giving out high fives and hand shakes with confidence. Once the vocals kick to match up with the shuffling riffs, things continue to get funkier, almost spinning towards disco, albeit one with just a little bit of punk ethos thrown into keep the kids coming back. Add in that female vocal with its retro robotic nature and this song takes on futuristic and R&B and spins it into a new wile web. Like That will be out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

CLAMM Share Something New

I remember when Iceage caught hold in the US, with everyone remarking about how Elias would stalk the stage, but, despite that attitude, the band never really felt dangerous to me (I still liked them though!). But, when listening to CLAMM, who bring in a heavy post-hardcore vibe, the band just feels dangerous. Jack Summers just feels like he’s ripping apart his vocals as he growls into the microphone, with Maisie emphatically joining through the chorus moments to punctuate the tune; it feels like a warning that we’re hurtling towards the end of humanity. The tune feels like a heavy march on your soul, discordant guitar work screaming all the while, and as the tune fades, you get that saxophone squeal leading to the song’s fadeout. Care, their new LP, will be out on April 19th via Chapter Music.

Laura Jean Announces Amateurs

We’ve gone about five years since hearing from Australia’s Laura Jean, but there’s news of a new LP titled Amateurs, and with it, comes this huge song that I just want on repeat throughout the rest of the day. This new single is just absolutely brilliant, even getting a little help from Aldous Harding and Marlon Williams on backing vocals. For starters, the guitars on this song are so rad; you get a darker guitar dueling with this strummed jangle, fitting them perfectly like a tasty PB&J. Still, the vocal performance throughout is just spot on; there are moments when the vocal texturing is so sublime that you might not spin anything else for the rest of the day. Amateurs will be out via Chapter Music in November!

Cool Sounds Announce Like That for Chapter Music

We’ve got two of our favorite Aussie things teaming up today: Chapter Music and Cool Sounds…one is a great label, and the other a great band. Today, Cool Sounds announce Like That, their first LP for Chapter Music, and they do so with this tasty musical morsel. Unlike previous albums, Dainis Lacey seems to have trimmed down the band, choosing to play the majority of the instruments this go around, which perhaps plays into the sound of the record. Lacey suggests that a mixing of Ian Dury and the indie dance scene of the late 2000s informs the whole LP…so you can see why we’re excited over here! Those are some of our favorite “cool sounds” too! The band will release Like That on October 7th.

CLAMM Share Monday Video

If you’re feeling anxious, this new CLAMM thing is going to be the perfect catharsis or it’s going to set you off…either way, it’s a ripper that you should play at the loudest volume possible. Feedback and thunderous drum work open the song before this dangerously frantic guitar line starts to wiggle its way into the picture. That angular cut at such pace creates this sort of ominous bounce to it, setting up the double barrage of vocals we get from the trio here. They rip through, and the video adds an extra layer as they seem to be barking directly at us, only increasing the feeling of the knife’s edge that runs throughout the track. Their new album Care is going to blast into our lives on August 19th, courtesy of Chapter Music/Meat Machine.

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