Another Single from Chloe Alison Escott

I just simply don’t think its possible to listen to the work of Chloe Alison Escott and not be moved; you just can’t listen here and miss out on the natural drama of Escott’s writing. Merely piano and vocals on this tune from the Native Cats front woman, yet it just hits you in your core, something that speaks to the power of Chloe’s narration and vocal delivery. There’s a uniqueness too, something distinctive in her voice…the sort that leaves its scars on your eardrums as it courses into your brain. A striking elegance permeates this entire song, and for that matter, the whole of Stars Under Contract; the LP will offer up high brow pop art for the everyperson when it drops on October 16th via Chapter Music.

Gregor Shares Senseless

When listening through Destiny, the latest LP from Gregor, you’ll find that each song seems to take on a life of its own, like you’ll hear in “Senseless.” At first, it’s almost this sort of bewildering pop rock, buzzsaw guitars building a background wall while Gregor’s voice and synths rise to the song’s forefront. But, push the needle just a bit ahead to find that the song’s evolved into this collage of sounds that feel more traditional in their presentation, thought Gregor builds in various textures like violin and loops to sort of create this pop spiderweb that’s likely to catch any music aficionado. If you want to make pop weird again, be sure to order Destiny from Chapter Music; it drops on November 13th.

No Zu Cover Talking to a Stranger

I’m just going to come out and say this, I had absolutely no idea who Hunters & Collectors were until I heard this No Zu cover, so I’m going to go back and remedy that before this day is up. But, for you, maybe you’re new too, so why not go back in time by visiting one of my current faves, No Zu. This video is live footage, with a recorded version of the song; you can see just how much the band has going on; it’s visually intoxicating in and of itself. Their recording takes the sort of post-punk style, hangs it up and seems to infuse a bit more of a funk aspect and swagger, turning it into an all out dance party you wish we could attend. This track comes out as a digital Double A-Side single, with a cover of “Sensation” by Bryan Ferry also featured…all courtesy of Chapter Music.

Rock n’ Recipes: Thibault

Hopefully you’ve caught me news of the forthcoming Thibault record on our site over the last few months, and we were fortunate to reach out to Nicole to have her participate in our Rock n’ Recipes feature we’ve been working on. Plus, we get a peek at a brand new single, “Wanting to Be Alone.” Read on to catch a look into band’s new LP, Or Not Thibault, which you can grab HERE or wait until it drops Friday via Chapter Music! Plus, learn how to make some delicious Rainbow Roasted Vegetables. Read more

Thibault Shares See the World Video

Something about this new track from Thibault gives me all those feelings, all those moments that make a song live in your brain for eternity. At times, it the keys have this mood that feels akin to Beach House at their very best, though here you get a slight bit more clarity on the vocals, which is absolutely striking. The accompanying visual imagery doesn’t hurt one bit either, encouraging you to give yourself entirely over to this song. It’s weird, I don’t want this song to go away, it feels fleeting, like its beauty can’t be captured, and perhaps that’s the best pop for me today. Or Not Thibault is out On September 4th via Chapter Music.

Chloe Alison Escott Shares Album News and Video

You might recognize Chloe Alison Escott as the frontwoman of The Native Cats, who’ve received glowing reviews from the global indie rags. Now she’s going solo, stepping back from an imaginary rock band to offer listeners stripped-down solo versions of the band’s biggest hits. What you’ll get as a listener is these sparse piano ballads with inward-looking lyrics of reflection and acceptance. There’s just something so moving about that piano line that I can’t escape it, so I keep going back to listen again and again; its heartbreaking; I don’t want to pull away. If you want to listen to something inescapable, this is it; look for Stars Under Contract on October 16th via Chapter Music.

Gregor Announces Destiny

When I first put on Silver Drop a few years back, I was struck by this powerful new voice, simultaneously heavy and elegant; I’ve been a Gregor fan ever since. Today, a new album has been announced, and we’re teased with a track showcasing exactly what the project brings to the table. Musically, there’s a lush landscape, a realm crafted by deep percussive elements and a warm cloud of atmospheric wash. Enter the steadying voice of Gregor, tying it all together as guitar notes jangle around him; there’s this little moment around the 2:33 moment that really hit me, having this fragility as he pushes his voice, akin to Jarvis. Destiny will be out on November 13th via Chapter Music.

Thibault Drop Drama

With backing from Kathleen Hanna and Ad Rock, you better believe that the hype train has Thibault on board, but of course a band with members of Parsnip, Ocean Party and more was always going to be high upon our list. Press nods have mentioned a Stereolab (even a nod from Tim Gane) resemblance, and its definitely a vibe you can hear on the band’s latest single, “Drama.” There’s that infectious bobbing organ grind that rides through the song, with the vocals cooly layers on top of it all. I think for me, one of my favorite things about this style is the layering of various instruments to build in that texture; just listen for the horns built in around the 2:20 mark to hear precisely what I’m talking about. Just another sign that we’ve got great things coming when Or Not Thibault drops on September 4th via Chapter Music.

Chapter Music Release Midnight Meditations

The world is an absolute mess right now. Assuredly so. But, one good thing we’ve slowly started to see is the great music being crafted in this solitude. Today, for instance, our friends at Chapter Music have gathered 14 tracks for a new compilation titled Midnight Meditations; the goal is “to help listeners through long dark nights of the soul.” My first few runs through, and I’m drawn to the R. Edwards (of Dick Diver) track quite a bit. But, just as I say that, I get another run through of label founder Guy Blackman and his number is pretty striking too! I’d be remiss if I didn’t call out the special performance by Sarah Mary Chadwick too. Honestly, there isn’t a single song worthy skipping here. Feel like your soul needs musical accompaniment on its daily journal? Maybe it will find solace in these 14 songs.

Thibault Share Centrelink

It’s never a bad thing when you can get Kathleen Hanna and Ad Rock to support your work, though I don’t much think that Thibault need that hype machine because this new single is pretty special. It’s both nostalgic and timeless, transporting the listener into this dreamy smoke filled bedroom in the 60s; the arrangements behind the vocals definitely hold the song in the present, from the horns to the electronic workings behind the rise and fall of the vocals. If I were to collect the perfect snippet from this track, I think the rise and fall of the “ahh” in the chorus is a sublime musical moment. Search in the lyrics to find a common global thematic element, as Nicole wrote the song in response to her struggles to get unemployment services during this pandemic. Or Not Thibault will be out on September 4th via the revered folks at Chapter Music.

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