Chapter Music to Release Dave Mason’s Soundtrack for Double X

So, the title of this post is a lot, but that’s also because there’s a lot going on in this post; I was even grateful to learn some things, as you should be! First, our friends at Chapter Music are releasing the soundtrack to the 1986 short film, Double X and the Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story, created by Julie Cunningham. Not only is this cause to revisit the short film, but also to revisit the history of Dave Mason, the main man in legendary, and ‘contender for best Australian band of all time,’ the Reels. Plus, the song’s now put to edited film footage by Geoffrey O’Connor who has a whole long history with Chapter. Obviously, that’s a lot to swallow, but you can now soak all that in with the craft of Mason, which feels oddly of the moment, despite being decades old; the synth work and playful nature of the rhythmic pulse would align perfect with a number of like-minded acts operating today. The score for the short film will be available in 7″ format on July 19th.

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