Club 8 Release Getting By

Swedish outfit Club 8 have been dropping some bangers this year, just hitting play on single after single. But, I think “Getting By” might be my favorite of the hits they’ve pushed our way. Thumping percussion and stabbing guitar licks quickly get your body in the mood, setting up this happy discord that swallows your soul until just after the 30 second mark where the whispering vocals enter from stage left to balance out the world. There’s this punctuated moment before the 2 minute mark that builds the wall of noise, but only briefly, as the band clearly prefer their melodic nature to remain the central focus. Crank it up and enjoy another perfect pop piece.

Last Week’s Jams (6.10 – 6.14)

Consider yourselves lucky! Three of the song’s I wrote about didn’t make DSPs yet, otherwise, you’d have a two hour playlist of joy to listen through today. Luckily, Australia was keeping it real, with new stuff from The Male Gays, Pop Filter, Kosmetika and Alluvial Nuggets all gracing the site. There was some Austin show coverage too, namely Mikky & the Doom and Adrianne Lenker, so jams from those acts get included. On the personal tip, I was really pulling for the Manners Manners and Nightshift to be big hits out there in the scene, with this new Parallel tune right behind it! There’s also some expansive jams too from the likes of Immersion and Nap Eyes, if you need a tune over 5 minutes for your life. Enjoy.

Club 8 Share Closer to You

It sounds like everyone in Sweden is intent upon landing on these ATH pages by offering up a single every few weeks; there was Red Sleeping Beauty…and today its Club 8. While some of their earlier tracks this year have had a springing nature, this one feels more spiritual in a sense. The guitar dangles in the distance, just sort of hanging itself out there, careful not to overreach, which ends up creating this sort of cavernous vibe. That’s the perfect setting for the vocals, coolly just resting in the mix, locked into the groove so as to offer up the perfect little melodic taste to listeners. I expect to be back soon with another Club 8 hit!

Last Week’s Jams (5.13. – 5.17)

After what felt like a down week, things really took off over here, with another collection of great singles and albums we were stoked to hype up on our end of things. The Austin contingent came strong, with new tunes from Genuine Leather, The Sour Notes, Holiday Music, Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Gus Baldwin/the Sketch. Some long time favorites like Club 8, Nada Surf, and Icarus Phoenix made the cut too! Our pal Michael Maly added some words and photos on Slowdive, so of course we included their classic hit. A lot of great pop stuff too from Sad Eyed Beatniks, Laughing and This Is Lorelei, thus you’ll need to keep your focus when you spend some time below!

Another Club 8 Single

Not sure if we’re going to be getting a full-length Club 8 record, or if the band have just embraced the joy of the single era, as this is their 5th new track to come our way recently. You’ll be greeted by a propulsive undercurrent that rushes the tune right through your speakers; guitar lines will glitter and dance in and out of focus, attempting to pace themselves with the quick rhythmic push. But, like they’ve been doing of late, they’re running the speed up while that’s contrasted with these dreamier vocal notes that seem to hang out on the edges of the tune, in hopes of staying clear of the sugary rush. Perfect balance and a perfect tune for a Monday.

Last Week’s Jams (4.8 – 4.12)

Apparently it’s that time of year when I just can’t help myself; I’m going full-time it seems, as we ran 28 brand new tracks this last week, plus some nods to albums we liked that dropped on Friday. We got some fresh premiere activity from the Wesleys and Max Blansjaar, then there were some recent favorites dropping in new stuff like Lightheaded, Neutrals and Autocamper. Me personally, I loved the new Gregor single, and that new CBVB plays into similar territory. This collection of songs, like my own catalog, is pretty random, though we always tend to aim for left of the left of the dial. Stream on.

Club 8 Share Sucker Single

Admittedly, woke up dragging ass today; it’s the post standardized test blues all teachers get after forcing their students to take a meaningless exam. So, I need a pick me up and the springing notes from this fresh Club 8 track immediately did the trick. Both the rhythm and the guitars are off and running from the get-go, encouraging you to get just the slightest bit of a wiggle running through your body; if you give in, you’ll find that wiggle turns more into a full-blooded head-bob and toe-tap. The Swedish duo’s bread and butter is locking into that energy, then juxtaposing it with a bit of sugary sweetness, which you’ll certainly get when you hear the intermingling of the voices! Another hit!

Last Week’s Jams (3.18 – 3.22)

After a week where I felt we left our visitors down, due to some musical gather in Austin, we came back with a vengeance this week. We repped some hometown heroes, announcing that Eastside Suicides would be reissuing their debut, along with a new tune from our friends in Blushing. Perennial site favorites Rural France and Red, Pinks and Purples made their usual appearance with fresh tunes for you. I loved new stuff from Winged Wheel and Yea-Ming and the Rumours. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad song in this playlist, which duh, we get to hand-pick what we cover. Press play and enjoy.

Club 8 Share Daylight Single

For the past few months, Club 8 have quietly gone about their business, releasing single after single, which I keep coming back to enjoy. When this one kicked off, there was a bit more danger in the way the track presented itself; there’s a growl from the bass line too as it works to give the song an edge and a hook simultaneously. But, where the band’s success lies is in there ability to work to create swirling pop realms by providing melodic vocals within tasty little pop nuggets, creating an endearing world that keeps you, and me, coming back over and over again.

Last Week’s Jams (1.29 – 2.2)

If you were anywhere near the musical interwebs last week, then you were given a lot of gifts; there was new music from the likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Camera Obscura, Ducks Ltd and more…all of which feature in this rendition of Last Week’s Jams. It was a pretty solid week for the ATX too, with new music from Water Damage, Holy Wire, Broken Gold…plus a Touch Girl Apple Blossom video from their latest EP. Bonus points go to acts like Savak, Cool Sounds and Torrey for adding further joy to my listening rotation. We also mentioned some Bandcamp recommendations for True Green, Flight Mode, TVXP and Fuvk. Kick in below for all the sweet jams we’ve got in one easy listening spot.

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