Check Out New Music from Sob Stories

Yesterday Emotional Response dropped a bunch of new release info, like Razz and, well, Sob Stories. The group’s debut EP should be regarded as the standard in how to kick out power-pop nowadays. This short little EP is filled with huge riffs built for loud speakers, vocal hooks that tug on the heartstrings of listeners and a bit of swagger that makes you wanna be cool. I’m partial to “You’ll Only Hurt,” but pretty sure that I could stream these six songs all day long. What do you think? You dig it, order the EP from Emotional Response while supplies last!

Ferocious New Single From Club Night

Oakland based outfit Club Night sent over this new single called “Rally” and it’s definitely worth your time. It reminds me of a band like Dirty Projectors with it’s spastic tendency, but also offers some really intense, loud, noise rock. As I continue to give it spin after spin, I’m finding new things to like about it and enjoy each time. I suggest you check it out now.

Club Night will release Debut EP Hell Ya in August via Tiny Engines.

PLAZA Unveil New Single

While the following PLAZA tune is just over three minutes, I feel like it covers a lot of territory; there’s a lot of movement within the confines of the song. The band pulls back, lets guitars ring out and vocals soar, only to return to a semi-stationary spot. There’s this light-hearted quality that’s central to the song too, allowing for the band’s focus on melody to enter playfully before guitars screech and squall to match the distant shouted vocal. It all ends with a huge crash to close the tune out, showing us all that the band aims to create a huge sound with the release of their debut EP on April 14th via Behind the Wall Records.

Relaxed Pop from BOYS

BOYSI like a pop song that can hold my attention for over 4 minutes, like this new BOYS track. The relaxed vibe allows you fall deep into the confines of the song, washed with coats of dreamy notes from the guitars and keyboards. They’ve been high up on some lists for a few folks, and I think you’ll find room for them in your daily listening rotation. It’s a subtle beauty, quietly fading out on the back end. Look for their debut EP to land in your hands next month!

Stream More Escher and Random Notes from The Holy

theholyWe’ve dropped a few tunes from the debut for Finland’s the Holy over the last month or so. The most impressive thing about listening to the entirety of More Escher and Random Notes is just how polished the band seem to have grown into during these, the early years. You can hear bits of Arcade Fire and Coldplay, blending orchestration and noise with massive hints of pop sensibility. Soliti Music will be releasing the EP next week, August 10th, worldwide, but you can stream it below just to make sure you loved it as much as we do.

Summer Pop from BOYS

boysIt’s great when a relatively new band comes out swinging, as is the case with this single from BOYS. They have their debut headed our way later in the summer, but this single should give you reason to look into the four-piece, if you love pop music. It’s got just enough angular jangle in it, with breezy vocals riding atop the song’s mix. I think the holding of notes during the chorus is what really got me stuck on this track, and now I can’t get it out of my head. Maybe it’ll be the same for you today!

Blasting Rock from Frail

12472803_1674740646109481_2095567835399816333_nTell your ears to hold on, the distortion level runs high with Frail. But, that being said you’re likely to fall in love with the band’s blend of melody and heavy riffs. There’s some resemblance to Teenage Fanclub (or Growl if you’re in Austin), though these guys play a bit louder, and perhaps a bit more youthful. Sounds like they just want to turn their guitars up as loud as possible and invite you have a bit of fun with them. This tune appears on the band’s forthcoming debut EP, which will be released on May 13th via Fleeting Youth Records.

New Music from Fascinations Grand Chorus

fascinationsFascinations Grand Chorus is two players, Stephanie and Andrew. They use keyboards and drums to craft their sound. That being said, this isn’t a Mates of State redux; it’s a construction of pop structures taking nods to punk rock and psychedelia. All that being said, I’m really stuck on the emphatic vocal performance of Stephanie on this song; she’s playful yet pitch-perfect. This is our first listen to the band since announcing their debut self-titled EP, and it’s a bright start that promises more great things to come from the band in the future. Listen up.

Brand New Track from Tourist Dollars

touristBeen giving a lot of love to the Melbourne area lately, so why pull back on that glorious city of good tunes and good vibes? Today we’ve got a new track from Tourist Dollars, and while they’ve got some sonic similarities to their local peers, they seem to be taking on a slightly different approach musically. There’s much more focus on melody, even with gentle whistling serving to fill in when necessary; it’s also a bit more relaxed in progression, allowing the band to maximize their pop efforts. This is our second chance to hear what’s coming from their forthcoming debut EP, slated for release later this year via Deaf Ambitions.

Soaring Beauty from Over Sands

over-sands-press-photo-2I just wanted something that felt like drifting, something that felt like floating away. Luckily, this Over Sands track sort of carried itself into my inbox, bringing with a huge sound and this twinkling bit of beauty. It’s the sort of tune that drowns out the world around you, clearing your thoughts away…just sink into the track. Be it the electric wash or the airy vocals bursting through your speakers, you’re going to give in to this number. You’ll be able to hear this one on the project’s debut EP, which comes out late November courtesty of B3SCI.

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