Last Week’s Jams (7.31 – 8.4)

I really thought we knocked it out of the park last week, covering 25 different tunes. But, it looks like we decided to one-up ourselves and post 26 for this week’s Last Week’s Jams collection. We got some of our favorite labels and bands putting out fresh new stuff, like new Tony Jay on Slumberland and new Onyon on Trouble in Mind. Plus, our friends at Keeled Scales are putting out a new LP with one of my favorite Texas songwriters, Will Johnson. All that and we haven’t even talked about how great that new Smashing Times single is. As much as it can be a challenge to cover it all, feel like we did our damndest to bring you some of the more deserving hits you might not find where the cool kids hang out.

Stream New Albums from Gaadge, Annie Hart and Dippers

It’s Friday, and you obviously know that Bandcamp has the goods; I myself have already spent a nice little amount on things, with probably more I’ll need to grab as the day goes on. So, with that, here’s a few albums that popped up today that we’ve mentioned already in our single coverage, but hope you’ll spend a little bit of time with today…or maybe you’ll call them our Bandcamp Friday Recs. Do whatever, just enjoy some great new music on Friday.

GaadgeSomewhere Down Below (Crafted Sounds)

Annie HartThe Weight of a Wave (Uninhabitable Mansions)

DippersClastic Rock (Goner Records/Tenth Court)

Last Week’s Jam (7.10 – 7.14)

I’m sure you missed our weekly re-runs of all the fun stuff we post, but I was on vacation! So, I hurried this week to play catch up on all those tunes, then hurried with RayRay to get them up for your ears. We had tons of stuff covered, from ATX faves A Giant Dog to a premiere of the new track from Pretty in Pink; there was nothing short of a bunch of bangers to run…and some aren’t even up on the DSPs, so we couldn’t get those in the list. Anyways…peruse the hits below, go back and read what we had to say, or don’t, just be sure to enjoy yourself a bit.

Dippers Share Recurrent Sight

Through their first EP and the following singles, I’ve been way on board with what Dippers have been doing since rebranding themselves. That said, this new single, the last before they drop Clastic Rock, might be the best thing they’ve done to date. Matthew Ford gives one of his best vocal performances thus far, and something about the relaxed jangling of the track just fits right into my musical wheelhouse. But, for all the sweetness and hooks, the group continue to explore the sonic realm, as they take on a little freakout in the track’s latter half. Clastic Rock is out August 4th via Goner Records/Tenth Court.

Last Week’s Jams (6.12 – 6.16)

Summer keeps on rolling right along like the hellfire that is Texas, and the song’s just keep hitting that sweet spot. Had some old acts make a return this past week with Devendra Banhart and Sigur Ros making the cut, but also excited to see old ATH Records act Being Dead with their banging new single. Along the way we had some hits from Night Beats, Dippers, Kindsight and Sonny & the Sunsets…to name but a few of the bands we can’t seem to stop covering on our end. A good little 20 song collection for you to kick off your day here!

Dippers Share Encouragement in Brackets

Although the name of the band has changed from Thigh Master to Dippers, there’s still one thing that you can’t take away, which is Matthew Ford’s ability to craft these insane little melodic treats in the band’s songs. When we caught Dippers during SXSW, I’m pretty sure I heard this track and was swooning with this little charm of 13 seconds; the first time it appears is at the 1:12 mark (again at 2:36), with Ford letting the syllables just hang perfectly in the air, rising and falling right into your lap. Power pop of this sort is certainly meant for the masses, so we hope you’ll grab Clastic Rock on August 4th via Tenth Court/Goner Records.

SXSW 2023 – Wrap Up

Yet another SXSW Festival is behind us and the ATH team covered a whole lot of ground during our week of music and fun. You may have seen some of our collected thoughts via daily recaps or maybe you even read some of our interviews leading up to the festival. Either way, we’ve gathered everything we have and dropped it all into one huge post for you to peruse at your convenience. Top bands, tons of interviews, daily recaps, photos; you’ll find it all after the jump.

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About Last Night – Tuesday, March 14th @ SXSW

I find it strange that there’s so much complaining in the “industry” about SXSW. Sure, the payment issue is a real thing, and I stand with the artists on that issue, but that LARGE fact aside, it’s a pretty unique experience. Almost every performance feels more intimate than your average festival, and you get a chance to run into friends from all over the world who you might never otherwise see. Oh, and you never know when you’ll stumble into your new favorite band, so I call that a win! Anyways…here’s some photos and stuff after the jump!

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Last Week’s Jams (2.27 – 3.3)

We covered a whole lot of ground last week, as there’s always tons of music spilling out into the world. I was really high upon the new track from Daisies, which is why its leading our playlist. There were also tons of ATH regulars like the Reds Pinks and Purples, Lachlan Denton, Jana Horn, Dippers and the High Water Marks. Plus, with SXSW on the horizon, we did tons of little meet and greet posts with the bands: Blondeshell, Meernaa, Foamboy and more. So find a song you love, and go check out what we hit up last week!

Dippers Announce Clastic Rock + Share Tightening the Tangles

After switching their name up from Thigh Master to Dippers, the band helmed by Matthew Ford have really upped their productivity. An eponymous EP dropped in late last year, but now we’ve got news of a fresh LP, Clastic Rock. With that, we get a slew of sharp guitar work hitting your speakers from the get-go; it’s almost as if they aim to knife through, hitting with such rapidity that things almost feel more buzzsaw than angular. When you hit the chorus, it almost subtly passes you by, as Ford’s vocal maneuvering hides the hints of structural song changes. Plus, the group are about to make their way to the States for a mini-tour and SXSW, so keep your eyes out! If you’re into buying great music, then be sure to grab Clastic Rock from Tenth Court/Goner Records on June 23rd.

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