Six Organs of Admittance Shares Summer’s Last Rays

If you listened to “The Mission,” you’re not going to get anything like it with the new single from Time is Glass, the new LP from Six Organs of Admittance. This new single is all about craftsmanship, it’s as if the guitar playing is done as an exercise in artistry, a need for life to spring from the strings. It builds slowly, with a faint sense of danger in the tones of the strings, moving forward for nearly two minutes. As guitar lines overlap, other textures begin to unfold, heightening that sense of unease that ebbed beneath the surface; it grows and grows until the end, where it just drops out, letting both the listener and Ben Chasny take a rest. Time is Glass hits on April 26th via Drag City.

Six Organs of Admittance Share The Mission + Announces Time is Glass

It’s strange how the world works, as my brain definitely feels a bit like wandering about, kind of drifting. As I sit down this morning with that presence, the music in my inbox seems fittingly matched, particularly this new Six Organs of Admittance tune. Ben Chasny’s voice alone wins me over here, dripping with emotion as the hairs on your arms stand-up. Musically, and forgive me as my brain wanders, but this tune feels like being lost in some great expanse of nature, and from the hills you hear this song echoing, bounding down and calling you home, distant but all encompassing; it feels timeless, like the world has beckoned you to find your place of peace. Perhaps that is what Ben has found on his new record, Time is Glass, which drops on April 26th via Drag City.

Ty Segall Shares My Best Friend

I’ll be the first to admit, that I’ve grown bored of Ty Segall over the last five years; he’s been a constant in the music scene, and at a certain point, I always wonder…what else is there? That’s not to say he’s not had great live shows; he’s like Thee Oh Sees in that manner…folks can never seem to get enough. That said, this new single from the forthcoming Three Bells does hold some intrigue and may entice me to get into the new LP. It’s got this sort of off-kilter, walking-the-guitar sort of craft to it; it feels like something out of the British art-pop scene a la Cate Le Bon. I love how he still breaks down into a jam, but even this feels muted and intimate, all the while the drums roll along in thunderous fashion. Ok Ty…I’m back in. Three Bells drops on January 26th via Drag City.

Glyders Share Wrong Sometimes Right

Having just returned from a Chicago jaunt to see my favorite UK band Sorry, I find myself diving into the local scene there more and more. Windy City based Glyders came on my radar this morning with their new song “Wrong Sometimes Right” and it seems to fit perfectly with my mellow Monday mood. I love the way this thing grooves a little bit while offering hints of country twang and soothing, light harmonies. Check it out below.

Glyders will release their debut album Maria’s Hunt on January 20th via Drag City. Pre-orders are live now.

New Bums Share Cover Band

Less than a month to go and we’ll have Last Time I Saw Grace in our hands, and for those seeking some solace, it sounds like it may come by playing this LP from New Bums. Their latest single is this lonesome ballad, starring meandering atmospherics lurking behind heavy guitar strums and overlapping vocals (one heavy, one light); this is the sort of tune that makes you feel both alone and understood by the world, all at once. Going back to the earlier two singles, this is starting to feel like the record you cuddle up with and call home, if that makes any sense at all. The LP drops via Drag City on March 19th.

New Ty Segall Tune

I feel like Ty Segall has earned the right to sort of carry his own torch, play by his own rules, so it seems like his new album First Tastes will have him taking some artistic liberties. For instance, this latest single is almost entirely just a vocal performance, but even in that, Segall still has the ability to captivate. According to Ty, this track was a fevered reflection on his childhood, which enabled him to work with his newest band member, Shannon Lay (a wonderful force in her own right). I appreciate Ty’s willingness to step into some new territory, so we’ll see how it all fits in with the new LP when it drops on August 2nd via Drag City.

Mike Donovan Shares B.O.C. Rate Applied

On Friday we’ll get to hear the new LP from Mike Donovan (Sic Alps, Peacers), and just before the release, we get one final peek into what’s coming our way. To my ears, this sounds like where pop music wanted to go in the late 60s/early 70s; it has this elegance to it that’s constantly reaching towards a grand climax. Donovan’s voice never lets it go there, sounding like he’s afraid to get there, so he holds back in the mix, sort of haunting the song before a guitar line abruptly shoots the track to its close. There’s so much in this tune, despite its brevity; you can have all of Exurbian Quonset this Friday via Drag City.

Wand Continue Growth with Walkie Talkie

I was fortunate enough to catch Wand this past week; I left with one thought, that this was not the same band I’d seen a handful of times before. Cory Hanson seems to be guiding the band into newer, bolder directions…and I can’t really think of a Wand LP that sounds exactly like the one before that. This song has this pulsing groove that almost seems to emulate the sound of a ringing fire alarm; it’s a sound that works in contrast to Hanson’s almost Yorke-like vocal performance. Still, underneath the pulse lives noodling guitar work and tight percussion, perhaps the remaining mark that this is still Wand. Laughing Matter will be out April 19th via Drag City.

Wand Announce Double Album

How does Wand keep growing and evolving, all the while still sounding wholly incredible? As they announce their new double LP, Laughing Matter, it comes with this wondrous new single. It begins by teasing you with this measured guitar line over piano and drums, all before Cory even enters the picture just after the 1 minute mark. Once he makes his vocal appearance, backed by Sofia in the distance, the song takes on a more elegant tone…like a far less pretentious Radiohead; it’s accessible, yet still relies upon the musicianship that’s made the band so powerful over the last few years. It’s a musical adventure, and we should all welcome that. Look for the new LP via Drag City on April 19th.

New White Fence Tune

I love how a lot folks, myself included, sort of pigeon-holed Tim Presley; he was a more nostalgic garage rocker of sorts…and perhaps his friendship with Ty Segall, while great, allowed us to overlook his flare for exploratory pop music. He’s been doing it for several releases with Drinks, and this new single seems to hint at a continued progression. This number gets filled in and out with the odd little bit of electronic sounds, but I’d spend all my money just to hear the chorus of “Lorelei;” its warm and inviting, rising above the mix. If, like me, you’re a Tim fan, you can grab the next White Fence album, I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk, on January 25th from Drag City.

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