Bopping Along to Holiday Ghosts

I have to admit that I’m totally enamored with this new Holiday Ghosts single. There’s something about it that feels like its lineage links all the way back to some of the late 70s punk coming from the UK, albeit with a more modern spin to it. Kat Rackin’s entirely responsible for the insatiable hooks that course through the tune; its her drum work and vocal delivery that adds the spiky punch to the tune as it drives forward. It’s so sharp, yet these wiggling guitar lines noodle their way in and out of the tune, maxing out the hook factor. This tune comes with the announcement of Coat of Arms, their latest LP for Fat Cat…plus they’ll be braving the seas and coming to Austin for SXSW!

Breathe Panel Share Stretch

This week, Breathe Panel will release their new record, Lets It In, and they’ve opted to drop one more hint to entice you before we hit Friday’s release. Those of you with an inclination to love Hovvdy, Real Estate, or more recently Central Heat Exchange will certainly warm to the charms of this little ditty. It’s got this casual vocal style, the sort where you feel like your just riding your bike down the street with the breeze in your face, driving you forward with juxtaposed cool and warm sensations. Guitar notes are sharp, playfully dancing atop the rhythmic bounce of the drum work. And just as you fall in love, it ends, begging you to grab the LP from Fat Cat this Friday.

Holiday Ghosts Share Off Grid

With North Street Air on the May release horizon, I reckon I should throw some support behind Holiday Ghosts. While the band hail from the UK, they very much have the feel of a solid Aussie outfit, sort of blending the lo-fi aesthetic with scuzzy janglings and dueling vocal melodies, always packing pop sensibility with every note. In fact, I’m pretty sure no single song you’ll hear today has as much celebratory exuberance; you only need to look at the childish joy omnipresent in their latest video! North Street Air drops on May 21st via Fat Cat Records.

Rock With Big Deal

1461088224BigDeal0216_Gullick9236It’s very likely that I’m running a day or two behind on posting this new Big Deal song, but alas, I do not care because I’ve been talking about this band way too long to not post their new music now. If you don’t spend all day on the internet, maybe you haven’t heard this rocking new song called “Avalanche”. One can of course hear the more fleshed out and full rock n roll sound one might expect when expanding your band from a duo to a quartet. Count me in as a continuing fan of this band and their no nonsense take on indie rock.

New albumSay Yes hits streets on June 17th via Fat Cat Records.

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Another Track from Traams

traamsIt’s looking like things for Traams are coming together quite nicely; everyone is trying their best to catch the band’s attention and give them a few kind words. Why would we be any different? Modern Dancing is the title of the band’s new effort , and this single has this propulsive groove coming from the rhythm section that I hope is prevalent throughout. It’s a pretty intoxicating track with that rhythm, but don’t think that the band’s knack for incorporating understated guitar noise will be absent…just listen right at the 2.30 minute mark. This is definitely one of my highlight tracks from the record, so spin it a few times to see if you feel the same. It’s out via Fatcat on November 13th.

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C Duncan Brings You Psych Folk

11071582_792938767442224_2465989073659043795_nPsych and Folk? What isn’t there to love in those two genres, not to mention when they’re juxtaposed nicely together. Well, C-Duncan from Glasgow is a gentleman who has these two genres nicely laid out for you in this song below called, “Garden.” The swirling blend of acoustic guitar and sweetly soft vocals give you the mix without overwhelming you with either style. Instead the song is clear and lush, both a little trippy and a little down to earth. Check it out.


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Dark New Track From The Twilight Sad

14957292691_8fcb196b49I’m sure some of you heard this track yesterday so I apologize for my tardiness in sharing this if you’ve already heard it.  That’s okay by me though because The Twilight Sad has long been an ATH favorite and this new track called “There’s a Girl in the Corner” is just too good not to share.  The band yet again highlight their special way of blending dark pop with heavy bass lines and emotionally packed vocals.  These guys continue to get better and better.

New album, Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave, is due out October 28th on FatCat Records.

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New Track From We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised JetpacksAfter reaffirming their prowess with me during SXSW, Scots We Were Promised Jetpacks are returning this fall with an album of new material.  Previewing the new jams before the release date is this new one called “Safety in Numbers”.  To be honest, the song lacks a little bit of that power that we’re used to from the band, but the melodies are still there and hard to deny.

Stay tuned for the release date of new album Unravelling this fall on Fatcat Records.

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New Music from Honeyblood

honeyOne of the many acts that really impressed me during SXSW was Honeyblood, backed by the enthusiastic support of our friend Mike in Scotland.  They just released a new single off of their new album, which is a self-titled affair that’s set to be released on July 15th via Fat Cat Records.  For a duo, the ladies sure have quite a punch in their sound, although this tune recalls more of an early Metric sound…that’s a compliment in my book.  You get a glimpse of their ability to bring some noise on the back side of the song, as the guitars get distorted, but just don’t ignore the sugar-y quality of the vocals…despite the subject matter.  Hope you enjoy.


Download: Honeyblood – Super Rat [MP3]

PAWS – Youth Culture Forever

pawsRating: ★★★½☆

October of 2012 saw PAWS‘ first full-length release in the form of Cokefloat! Which helped to bring the energy and exciting dynamics of their live performances into the ears of fans and soon to be fans. Two years later they are back with Youth Culture Forever, filled with ups and downs, robust and reserve. One moment it seems to be tamed, next the group launches back in full force, giving you a taste of the power that this group of gentlemen packs behind their punch. This sophomore record delves into a campy and raw rendition of garage rock, complete with some great tracks you won’t want to miss.

The group starts out seemingly soft on “Erreur Humaine” with some simple echoed vocals and electric guitar plucking, but if you’ve heard anything from this group before, you should know this mellow quality won’t last long and soon the quiet is replaced with raging guitars and amped up vocals. This off and on quality continues through the rest of this track, with the band giving you melancholic reserve and then robust growling chorus.’ Such a song is not complete without some bleak lyrics that portray the author as highly conflicted—you get the choral tag of “one should never go back/fuck with the past,” and later on: “I’m sorry I said I hate you.” This simultaneous feeling of disdain to change what’s already happened and regret for the past are perfectly in tune with the sentiment that the album’s title preaches.

Second up is “Tongues,” which seems to dabble down a surf-rock alley for a little bit and reminds me a lot of some of the tunes put out by Surfer Blood. The band doles out some rolling and deep drums as well as some jangly guitar parts that work together to give it that beachy feel, all while staying pretty fixed in the rock genre. The album then continues in a somewhat similar and yet different manner. This trio gives you highs and lows, be it within an individual track or from song to song. Most of the twelve tracks are pretty short and range a little in style, giving you the opportunity to find some songs to rock with and others to maybe not revisit.

   PAWS don’t take themselves too seriously and I don’t think we are meant to take this album in that light; after all, the name for this album apparently originates from the children’s cartoon, Adventure Time. However, if you listen closely, there are some gems of songs that do garage rock justice on Youth Culture Forever and promote a youthful, some may call, punk rock, lifestyle through coming to terms with human emotions like jealously and rage. Rock on.

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