Shivery Shakes Single Premiere + Release Show

904695_621939517863632_1057720992_oLong have we supported the Shivery Shakes, and we’re really excited that they’re well underway with some new tunes for you all to hear.  A few of those songs will be released via a Punctum Records 7″, and they’ll be on hand for the release, which is all the more reason to attend; it’s just the first taste of new music from the band before their new LP comes out in 2014.  Plus, if you show up, you’re guaranteed a killer line-up of local heavy-hitters like Grape St, Little Lo and Loblolly Boy.  Great music, cool place (The Owl), and a new release from Shivery Shakes? Yep, you’re right…that sounds like the place to be Friday night. Show starts at 9, so come early, stay late.  It’s $8 at the door, but you get four great bands, free beer and food.  Flexi 7″ will be on sale $5, so support the locals and buy merch! 


American Icon Christmas Bizarre @ Hotel Vegas (12.7)

americaniconsmall-640x800There’s a great local event going on this Saturday evening in Austin: American Icon Christmas Bizarre at Hotel Vegas.  What is it, and how does it fit into the ATH music coverage? Well, for starters it’s like a Farmer’s Market for what’s cool. There’s 13 vendors selling vintage clothes, jewelry, records and more; so you can get your Christmas shopping done before things turn crazy.  But, accompanying the weekend sale are killer bands that you know we love such as Pharaohs, Grape St., Loteria and more! You get to shop, you get to drink, you get to see great bands, which pretty much means that this is a dream come true.  Entrance is $7, and that money goes to help the bands live and breathe; it’s worth every penny.  See ya’ll there!


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

ATH Records Holiday Sale!

athrecordsIn case you didn’t know, we have a small little label here at the site.  We’ve put out two great releases, and we have another in the works (featuring our first non-Austin band). Since it’s the holiday season, I figured I’d offer up a sweet deal to you folks. I’m calling this the ATH Records Holiday Pack, meaning you get the Grape St. A Date with You LP and the Literature Arab Spring LP together for $15.  Basically that’s like buying one record, and getting another for 75% (plus S&H), or think of it as two great LPs for the price of one!  You want your friends to have better tastes? Maybe your parents? Get them the Holiday Pack. I’ll take it down on the December 20th, but for now you can order HERE.  You can have the songs below for free; it’s not about the money, it’s about the good music getting into your ears.


Download: Grape Street – A Date With You [MP3]


Download: Literature – Grifted [MP3]

Austin Show Preview: Grape St. @ Hotel Vegas (11/2)

Grape St.I’m feeling local this weekend, and though there are a couple of interesting traveling tours coming into town (Those Darlins/The Blow), I really think your best bet is to end up at Hotel Vegas on Saturday night. Some of our favorite bands will be playing that evening; these are bands we’ve supported in some fashion since we started this site. You’ll get to catch Booher, which is the new project from former Zykos member, M. Booher.  Plus, you’ll get Frank Smith, who’ve put out tons of great songs, all of which we’ve enjoyed.  Headlining the night will be another band we clearly support, as we helped the band put out their self-titled LP: Grape St.  They’ve only gotten better over the last year, and you should expect a full house to bring things to a riotous evening. And, it’s going to be cheap, so why not hit up a great local show?!


Download: Grape St. – Double Golds [MP3]

Show Preview: The Happen-Ins + Grape St + Badgerzz @ Continental Club (6.25)


Date Tonight, June 25th
Location Continental Club
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $10 at the Door

We’ve talked about The Happen-Ins many a time, not to mention our adoration for our boys Grape St. I mean, come on, we put out that band’s record.  But, not only do the bands get to grace the historic venue, I’m also excited for Badgerzz. What?! You haven’t heard of them? Well, up until awhile ago, I hadn’t either, though their main man Michael Booher has been a large part of the Austin scene for quite some time.  He was one of the members of now defunct Zykos, and he’s been batting around as a solo act for a bit.  Badgerzz is his new act, and I’m assured you’re all going to be really pleased with what he brings to the table.  We hope to bring you more from Michael as we get it. Awesome show for a Tuesday…not to mention the rad poster.


Download:The Happen-Ins – Be Yer Fool [MP3]

Show Preview: Youth Lagoon @ Mohawk (4.24)

Date Wednesday, April 24th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30
Tickets $15 from Mohawk

It seems like almost a no-brainer that the Youth Lagoon show will be the event of the week (excluding the Grape St. record release afterwards). Trevor Powers and his project have garnered a huge following, and with the release of Wondrous Bughouse, appreciation for the band has grown. I’m excited that he’s been bringing a band along with him, which should flesh out the sound quite a bit.  But, do yourself a favor and don’t skip out on the opener Magical Cloudz, a recent signing to Matador Records. We wrote about Devon Welsh’s new project, and it’s powerful vocal appeal.  We’re all going to have a blast, so come join us…then tag along to Hotel Vegas for a nice little record release party.


Download: Youth Lagoon – Dropla [MP3]

Grape St. LP Release Party @ Hotel Vegas (4.24)

913731_645909895424336_625905147_oSo your plans are to hit up Youth Lagoon, but you can’t stop there. Once the rock n’ roll gets started, you’ve got to keep it going.  The best place to head on Wednesday night is over to Hotel Vegas for the Grape St. LP release; this is the band featuring Curtis from Harlem…seriously one of my favorite records of the last year.  Of course, you can buy it HERE if you’re not in Austin.  Just because we’re putting out the record, doesn’t mean you can miss a single of the opening acts; they’re some of our favorite, and the best, rock acts in town.  You’ve got Pharaohs kicking things off, with John Wesley Coleman and Rayon Beach warming up the crowd for all you folks. There will be balloons, A Date With You LPs, and just a ton of incredible bands.  It’s dirt cheap, so help support the local scene and come join us for this celebration.


Download: Grape St. – Double Golds [MP3]


Download: Pharaohs – Prettiest Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Wintersleep @ Red 7 (4.14)


Date Sunday, April 14
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10 from Red 7

You guessed it folks, it’s rock n’ roll April in Austin, and we’ve got another good show for your weekend adventures.  We’re being invaded by Canadians this time, with Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep making their way to Red 7 on Sunday evening.   They’re touring behind the release of their latest effort, Hello Hum, which we’ve supported since the first singles leaked out.  They carry with them a blend of melody and powerful rock riffs, which leads me to believe the show will be both loud and mesmerizing.  Plus, our boys Grape St. will be opening.  I’ll actually be on hand to sell their records, since we just put it out on vinyl.  You don’t have it? You can grab that HERE. See you Sunday friends.


Download: Wintersleep – Martyr [MP3]

Stream the Grape St. Record – A Date With You

grape_st._cover12inchHey-o folks.  Been hard at work here behind the scene to get this new record and all it’s info out to the masses. A Date with You is the second release from our up-start label here at the site, and we’re really stoked to be working with Grape St., which features members from Harlem, Hello Caller and Frank Smith.  Honestly, I don’t really care what anyone says about this record; it’s infectious, and there’s not a bad song on here.  I hope you dig it; I hope you jam out with your clam out.  If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can pre-order the album HERE.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Show Pics: Another Holy Mountain Night (2/9)

Got another big batch of pics for you, this time from the show we helped out with over at Holy Mountain.

Pretty random lineup, Grape St. shimmied their way in first and put down another solid set of jams with some schtick and banter. Residual Kid played above their age group again; I think these kids should consider quitting their day jobs. Finally, The Calm Blue Sea gently took things by the scruff of the neck only to slap us around a little with their wall of sound.

I’ll talk briefly and share pics after the break.

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