Protomartyr Keep Throwing You Hits

unnamed-4Have you got on the Protomartyr train yet? Well, it’s gaining even more steam and speed with this new track, “Dope Cloud,” which is garage rock hit released in anticipation of their new album, The Agent Intellect, which is out 10/9 on Hardly Art. This track shows the prowess of the band to combine strong songwriting with their gritty dark rock sounds. The guitars are sharp and swift, alternating between winding their way through the track and then   slowly building up and up as the track progresses. It’s a simmering dark garage rock hit, and it’s got me excited to hear what’s in store for us on that new album, which can be preordered here. 

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Fresh Protomartyr Track!!!

ProtomartyrNot long ago Protomartyr was all the rage in the blogosphere, and now they’re back to resume their rightful place atop the scene. At first, you’re hearing the track and it seems a little subdued, calmer even.  But, there are two slight little hints at the band’s ability to offer noisier moments, though they’re brief. It’s all just a warning for the band’s positional switch mid track, where they turn the direction of the song, letting the guitars ring out and crash their way to the song’s close. They’ve titled their new effort The Agent Intellect and it will be out on October 9th via Hardly Art.

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Grave Babies Bring Out New LP

gravesIt’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Seattle’s Grave Babies, but they announced today that they’ll be releasing their new album, Holographic Violence, this summer.  Our first listen to the music from the band has a squall of guitar feeding back through the speakers, eventually unfolding into a dark-toned cascade of the nu-gaze sort.  Interestingly, the vocals match that guitar tone, taking on their own deep qualities, creating this shoegaze/postpunk version of Type O Negative…which isn’t entirely a bad thing (at least in my book).  The album will see a July 24th release date via Hardly Art.


Download: Grave Babies – Eternal (On & On) [MP3]

Colleen Green Loves Her TV

collyI’m not sure how I feel about this sentiment, as I’ve been trying to detach myself from my own TV addiction.  But, you put the sentiment aside, then you’ve got one hell of a catchy tune from Colleen Green; it seems that’s going to be her specialty from here on out. It’s a chilled little alterna-jam, rocking that distorted guitar line and some guitar-monies to match it all up.  Look for her new effort, I Want to Grow Up (rumored to be a direct response to the Descendents I Don’t Wanna Grow Up); it’s being released by Hardly Art on February 24th.


Download: Colleen Green – TV [MP3]

Jenn Ghetto’s S Signs to Hardly Art

sIt should come as no surprise that Jenn Ghetto’s S project has landed on Hardly Art Records.  After all, it’s the same label that re-issued some of the work of her earlier band, Carissa’s Wierd, thus she keeps things in the family, which is always good.  Her new work, which began as a bedroom project, four albums ago, has blossomed into a really powerful pop outfit, not too far off from the likes of Tegan and Sara.  Her album Cool Choices is due on the label on September 23rd, so don’t be surprised if it wins you over.


Download: S – Vampires [MP3]

Soft Number from Gem Club

gem_club_tonjeWeird. We’re already starting to look forward to great releases in 2014, and this new release from Gem Club is going to be on my list from the get-go. Their first single from the record is a pretty incredible piece of song construction, moving slowly along the skeletal piano that serves as the foundation for the track.  There’s a lofty vocal that soars beautifully atop the production, aided by some light string accompaniment to add extra depth to the song. You’ll be able to grab your own copy of the LP, titled In Roses, on January 28th, courtesy of the folks over at Hardly Art.  Be prepared for something moving.

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More New Music from Lost Animal

The more I involve myself with Lost Animal, the project of Jarrod Quarrell, the more I begin to think that it’s a more elegant approach to the stylings of Kurt Vile or War on Drugs.  Rather than use the rock n’ roll method of guitar and atmospherics, Quarrell chooses to rely upon the synthesizer or keyboard for his songwriting.  It helps to differentiate his sound a bit from his aformentioned peers, even though the vocals still maintain a similar sonic passion.  If you like what you hear from this compelling songwriter, then be sure to check out the release of Ex Tropical, which comes out January 29th via Hardly Art Records.


Download: Lost Animal – Lose the Baby [MP3]

New Music from Lost Animal

Our friends over at Hardly Art have picked up a new artist that definitely adds more differentiation to their catalogue, Lost Animal.  For me, this is unlike anything else on the label, with smoky vocals and carefully orchestrated songs being emphasized by various samples.  It makes sense that the group has booked a few dates with Spiritualized.  The song below comes across like an old Brit-pop crooner re-imagined to win over fans in the new world.  If you enjoy what you hear, look for the band’s album, Ex Tropical, to come out in stores on January 29th.


Download:Lost Animal – Say No To Thugs [MP3]

Video: Deep Time – “Gold Rush”

Deep Time is an ATH Favorite.

Given the strong opening set at the recent Mynabirds show and their show tonight at The Mohawk, it should come as now surprise that we would want to share a video they released for the song “Gold Rush”.

The video was directed by Cassandra Hamilton and features frivolous ghosties playing on the left coast. Moreover, this is one of my favorite songs by the band so please check it out.

Embed after the break…

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Deep Time – Deep Time

Rating: ★★★½☆

Working to cover the music scene in a town like Austin can sometimes be a bit much, and the sad truth is, you sometimes don’t give much attention to deserving bands.  Personally, I feel like all of Austin has largely ignored the continuous rise of Deep Time (the artists formerly known as Yellow Fever). Based on the music alone, their self-titled debut for Hardly Art Records, that should definitely change.

Immediately the duo of Jennifer Moore and Adam “not Pacman” Jones make their presence felt.  “Bermuda Triangle” features an opening angular guitar knife, before the rolling rhythm moves into the track.  Moore’s vocals loom large here, especially with her coy delivery of “oooohs.”  It’s a minimal sound for sure, with the band keeping things to the basics, but they add slight finishing touches here and there that bring the songs to life, such as on “Sgt. Sierra” where light keyboard/bell sounds come in and out of the track.

For the most part, this is the group’s formula, and while it’s not necessarily the most inventive out there, it’s a formula that functions well throughout the duration of Deep Time. Listening to a track like “Homebody” you can’t help but to fall for the way Jones rolls in with his drums, perfectly accenting Moore’s vocal delivery.  While her sharp vocal jabs are often more prominent, I really enjoy the warmth of her voice when it’s steady, as fans of her old band The Carrots can attest to I’m sure. One listen to the chorus here of “who cares if you never go home” and you’ll have as much appreciation for Deep Time as I do. There’s always this underlaying steadiness to the group’s songs that might go unnoticed, but maintaing a constant level of cool is difficult to do throughout an entire record, but they definitely accomplish that feat marvelously.

You can listen to “Gilligan,” which has sort of an abstract reference to the television show, and really appreciate the songwriting capabilities, particularly if you’re listening to the guitar work and the chorus.  These might be my favorite moments on the whole record itself, but that’s one man’s opinion.  And through it all, the band is still pushing themselves sonically; you’ll notice this when you listen to the album’s bookend track, “Horse.”  This is perhaps the most diverse track on the whole record, with changing paces, switching directions, and even a hint of a galloping horse…let’s hope the the band keeps pushing themselves like this.

At times, the duo walks the line of tedium, but they’re able to get beyond that on this self-titled effort by sheer talent alone.  Moore and Jones have always played well together, and changing their name to Deep Time isn’t going to change that.  All in all, it’s a pretty artful record, filled with ambition and creativity that any listener should be able to enjoy.


Download:Deep Time – Homebody [MP3]

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