Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 27 – October 1)

Mondays, am I right? Honestly, been struggling for energy and motivation of late, but last week had some really great tunes hit, accompanied by great albums from the likes of Semihelix, Cindy and Ducks Ltd. I chose to open with this Semihelix on the mix because I’d love to take the opening 30 seconds and put it in my pocket to carry it around with me all day. Also, unfortunately, the Humdrum track isn’t on the streaming platforms just yet, so be sure you click HERE to check that great tune out!


Hunter Cahill Shares Falling Down

Every month you get a new Hunter Cahill tune, at least until we’ve got all the tracks from his album Some Things You Don’t Know About Me. This one has this bouncing indie rock vibe to it, something built on a kind of bounding rhythmic line that lets piano notes tinker and guitar flutter when necessary. Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve really been all over this track is the subject matter, with the narrator admitting to turning to drugs at a young age to cope with the every day reality they face; it’s something I can personally relate to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in that boat. There’s a certain intimacy that gets shared when you can find common ground like this, but I stand by the song’s musical joy as well! Keep your ears peeled back as you’ll get a few more songs before the year’s up; we’ll do our best to keep you posted.


Hunter Cahill Shares Goddamn Single

When you press play on this new track from Hunter Cahill, you’ll get a muted guitar that opens up into the perfect rock ballad; it kicks in with this perfect punch of classic indie rock. Cahill has some vocal similarities to David Bazan, which definitely drew me into this tune, but I think the best moments here revolve around the chorus, allowing the guitars to hang up in the air, before crashing down with this emotional punch that eventually evolves into this soaring melodic burst. If you dig what you hear, keep an ear out, as Cahill will be releasing a new single every month as he gears up to share his new LP!