Old School Indie Rock From Lo Fine

lofineI’ve been in a bit of an old school mood lately and this track “All We Need is Hell” from Lo Fine is keeping me in that mind set.  It’s a little on the slow side for you rock n roll fans, but I dig the throwback quality myself.  It reminds me of something we would have heard back in the day from bands like Nada Surf or Built to Spill.  These guys have been around for awhile so it’s no surprise that they’re hanging on to what they know best.

New album Want is a Great Need is due out November 15th.


Download: Lo Fine – All We Need Is Hell [MP3]

New Album from Twin Library

twinlibraryI like to spend my weekend searching the old Interwebs for great music that a lot of people have ignored, and I didn’t have to go too far to find Twin Library, who I’ve talked about before.  The group quietly released They Were Marked as Targets this weekend, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spinning the record over the last few hours.  It’s really subtle indie rock with quiet melodies and memorable lyrics, making the perfect soundtrack for the gently sweeping change in Fall weather.  The band has been kind enough to offer up the album for the PWYW price, and as always, we suggest you donate something to keep great music coming our way.


Download: Twin Library – Range [MP3]

Enjoy Arthur Beatrice

arthurFirst, let’s focus on the fact that Arthur Beatrice isn’t a man, but rather an act from the UK.  Then we can focus on the music, which oddly resembles the beautiful pop that I typically associate with the Dears.  Yes, the vocals might be the reason why I lean that way, with that female vocal backing the soft croon.  Still, the pacing and the function of the track do pay homage to the more expansive brand of indie rock.  The group have just completed their debut record, which should find a release in early 2014.  I’ll keep you posted as we draw near that date.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/110888062″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

More New Music from TORCHES

tochesIf you’re looking for creative indie rock in the vein of Local Natives, or like-minded bands, then perhaps you should try on TORCHES.  While their sound has some striking similarities, it definitely is able to go off on it’s own spectrum, aided by the trading back and forth of male/female vocals harmonies.  Listening closely to this new tune, you can hear some percussive rim shots built in to aid in the song’s progression.  The group’s headed out on the road in a couple of week’s to promote the release of their If The People Stare EP, so be sure to see if they’re coming to your town.


Download: TORCHES – If the People Stare [MP3]

Indie Rock From Can’t Dance

cantdanceThis new song “Trust Issues” by Johnstown, PA group Can’t Dance is something you’d expect to hear during the underground indie  movement of the 90s.  Within the song, you can clearly hear that the young trio would likely call bands like Built to Spill or Pavement groups that influence their own sound.  As a fan of that era and most those groups, I’m getting behind this one and giving it my approval.

New EP Comfortably Dumb is out on June 18th.


Download: Can’t Dance – Trust Issues [MP3]

Friday Top 50: Albums of 2010

How on Earth can a site run by several individuals come to a consensus on Best Album of 2010? Well, you missed out on some arm-wrestling, 100 yard dashes and other circus-like shennanigans, but we finally narrowed it down…well, down to our Top 50. Listen, we know you probably don’t agree with all of this, I mean we completely left off Sleigh Bells, yet we worked hard to combine our various tastes into one list. Fee free to tell us where we went wrong, but we’re pretty stoked on the list we put together as a whole.

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