Rock N’ Recipes: Heather Trost

Heather Trost is perhaps best known as one half of Hawk and a Hacksaw, but as we’ve tried to show on this site recently, their new album Desert Flowers has us excited for her solo work. We were fortunate to catch up with Heather, talk about the record, influences and her favorite food memories. Plus, she leaves us with a wonderful recipe for corba, which is a great red lentil soup with Turkish origins. Check out the interview and recipe after the jump!

Buy Desert Flowers HERE via Ba Da Bing.

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Levitation Interviews: Babe Rainbow

“There’s no formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work”, sings Angus Dowling on the opening line from “Open Up Your Heart,” the latest release from Babe Rainbow. “It all depends on how you treat your friends, and how much you’ve been hurt. But its a start, you open up your heart, and try not to hide what you feel inside.” Throughout the new album, The Organic Band sets a strong tone of acceptance, respect, and speaking truth to love. Gone are the blase, stoner surf-pop days which so often tends to lead to apathy and negative connotations from a judgmental listening community. Babe Rainbow is taking up the reigns to make a statement and cultivate positive energy in all forms. Read more

Levitation Interviews: Imarhan

Things are heating up in the Red River District and beyond this weekend here in Austin with Levitation Festival set to kick off on Thursday night. We’re all staring at the walls at work as we look towards the jam packed festival of musical delights. Of course when we do interviews, we never do just one or two, but like to hit as many bands as possible to give you a truly unique and varied perspective of bands coming into town. Our interview today features Tuareg quintet Imarhan. Hit the jump for interview, set times and music.

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Rock N Recipes: Ribbon Stage

The last few months I’ve been really hyping up Ribbon Stage; they’ve got Hit with the Most coming out Friday. They encompass everything I love about noisy pop, offering gritty singles spliced with delicious melodies. So, I thought I’d reach out to see if we could get a Rock n’ Recipe going with them before the release; we got some great responses from Jolie, along with a wonderful acai bowl recipe you should try out! Grab the LP from K Records when it drops friends!

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Levitation Interviews: La Femme

Levitation kicks off next week, and one of the acts we’re really excited to see again is French outfit, La Femme. They’ve got a brand new record titled Teatro Lucido coming our way in November, and it takes a little bit of a departure from their previous album, using vocals all in Spanish this round. It also has a bit more of a pop sound, which is one of the ways Levitation has continued to grow their brand since the early days as Psych Fest. So, we reached out to band and asked a few fun questions to see what was coming our way from the group on their trip to the States.

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New Single & Interview From Julie Odell

When we pump out all this new music, it’s also often fun to get a little perspective from the individuals who actually make this music to hopefully give you some insight into your favorite artists. Today I am straight amped to share with you the new single “Envelope” from New Orleans based artist Julie Odell along with some short interview questions. This new single is from Odell’s upcoming album Autumn Eve due out on September 30th via Frenchkiss Records. Hit the jump for the single and interview from Julie Odell.

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Peter Matthew Bauer – New Single & Interview

As previously reported, our pal Peter Matthew Bauer has a new solo album called Flowers coming out next month via Bauer’s own indie label Fortune Tellers. Prior to that much anticipated release date, I am beyond excited to share a new single with you today along with a few quick questions Peter was kind enough to answer the other day. We talk about what it’s like making music as a solo musician, how life is getting back to normal (sort of), and what new music he’s been into recently. All of that, with new single “21st Century Station” after the jump.

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SXSW Interviews: Constant Follower

I spent a lot of last year hyping Constant Follower, particularly around the release of Neither Is, Nor Ever Was. So, I’m really excited to see the band coming over here to play SXSW this year. We were fortunate enough to grab a few moments from the band and have them fill out our little questionnaire, with one of their hits below to sample.

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SXSW Interviews: Fanclubwallet

SXSW has officially begun down here in Austin, though the music doesn’t kick off until next week, so you’ve got a bit of time to go through all our interviews to find some cool artists. One of those, Fanclubwallet, just dropped her recent single “Gr8 Timing,” with an album on the way; she mentions that below. She’s got three shows scheduled for the week that I know of, so be sure to jam to the tune below, and read all about the project.

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