More From Tallies

Man Toronto based outfit Tallies are quickly becoming one of my new favorite bands of 2018. Having already won my heart with “Beat the Heart” a month ago, the band now return with this hit new single “Watercolored Shoegaze”. As the name suggests, this certainly falls into the shoegaze genre but with some elements of 80s alt-rock thrown in to keep things interesting. If you haven’t yet, it’s time you check out Tallies and the beautiful voice from Sarah Cogan.

Tallies will release their self-titled debut LP on January 11th via Kanine Records.

Dreamy Pop From Tallies

As I am always done for a strong female lead vocal, I’m sharing this new song called “Beat the Heart” from Toronto based outfit Tallies. It certainly sounds like something straight out of the 80s alternative era with vocals that are eerily reminding me of Neko Case. Not sure I could imagine two things which sound more like a perfect union. This is going to be on heavy rotation for me today.

Tallies will release their debut self-titled album on January 11th via Kanine Records.

Swirling New Single From Wooing

What crazy, dreary Monday it is here in Austin, TX. I know most of us will welcome the change of weather, but I also find myself a little sleepy and moving slow. To improve my spirits and yours, why not check out this new single called “Could Have Been” from my friends in Wooing. It’s a dreamy, swirling bit of dream pop music with some fun elements of garage and psych thrown in to make things really interesting. This track appears on a new 7″ single coming from Wooing on November 9th via Kanine Records.

You Should Be Into Agent Bla

A few weeks ago news started to bubble about Agent Bla, the latest, and possibly youngest, act to bring great music out of Sweden. They recently released THIS VIDEO, which reminded me to go spend more time with their self-titled debut. Still, I’m struck by the band’s early single form the record, “(Don’t) Talk to Strangers;” it has this swirling dreaminess that adheres to my personal pop aesthetic, including powerful vocals that are sure to have you taking notice of these youngsters. Their album will be handled in the US by Kanine Records, who’ve got a pretty good resume with dreamy pop bands like Fear of Men; it hits on June 9th.

More From Fear of Men!

12711219_989518334429855_87472059364947692_oWe’re fast approaching Fear of Men’s newest release,Fall Forever, which is out June 3rd via Kanine Records. And while we here at the ATH offices are undoubtedly fans of the group, we also understand that in your endless quest for seeking rad tunes that you may have overlooked this trio from Brighton somehow. It’s time to fix that problem, and you can do that by pressing play on “Sane” below. It’s a beauty of a track, with thecaptivating vocals in the spotlight. There’s no lack of drama either, as the song takes a little while to build into itself, with swells of synths exploding in the stop-and-go style and drum sounds popping and bursting occasionally. Make sure you get on board the Fear of Men train and pre-order their album right here

New Single from Fear of Men

Fear of MenAh yes, another of our new friends from our Welcome to the Jangle party, and another great single from Fear of Men. Their latest track has these precision machine gun drum rolls, met by stabbing synth work to fill in the space. Vocals have this angelic tone, seemingly working against a harsher tone from the rest of the group. It’s almost the perfect piece of understated pop music, which should further build up your anticipation for the band’s Fall Forever; it’s being released on June 3rd by Kanine Records.

Brand New Fear of Men

fearWell, it’s Tuesday and I have my track of the week: “Island” by Fear of Men. Their new album, Fall Forever, is being released by Kanine on June 3rd, but between them, expect the band to hit it hard…including a whole bunch of SXSW dates (including the Welcome to the Jangle party). I think my favorite thing about this track is the rolling of the drums…it’s a given that I love Jessica’s voice. While they’ve been raved about by man, I hope this new album solidifies the group as one of the more solid groups in the world. Consistent output that’s consistently good.

Hockey Dad Signs To Kanine Records!

11794204_460306374149395_945331956746969625_oHere in the States we’ve got a lot of good music, but sometimes we can be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to bands over seas. Today, I’m glad to say that we’re on our way to picking up the great tunes that Australia’s Hockey Dad are putting down. This duo has signed to Brooklyn’s Kanine Records, so you can bet things will only be going up from here for the band. Make sure you’re well acquainted with the great garage rock tunes that will surely be a hit with our American sensibilities. Jam “Can’t Have Them” below and just try not to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Fresh Flowers Track

flowThe indie world swoons when Flowers come into play; they’ve been crafting the dreamier side of indiepop for some time, and we here at ATH eagerly await their brand new release. This song is probably one of the finer pieces they’ve done. I think the recording is done perfectly, in every facet. Their new record is titled Everybody’s Dying to Meet You, and it’s being released by Kanine in the US (Fortuna Pop in UK). While you’re listening to this song, try to think of something else that sounds this damn good; I bet you cant!

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