Living Hour Share Miss Miss Miss

Listening to Sam Sarty’s story in relation to the new Living Hour single, it’s easy to relate to the sentiment of missing something that symbolized your life or your love of a place or person, only to find it gone when you least expected; it seems to embrace a universal sentiment that only feels more real over the last several years amidst Covid and changing landscapes (esp. in Austin). All of this is set to a pensive vibe, one that kind of allows you to drift in and out of consciousness, as one would when waxing nostalgic about the past. You’ll hear jazzy little flourishes bubble up from beneath, as the band add depth with layering flourishes; you’ll ultimately find yourself enjoying the mental vacation the song encourages as it spins through your speakers. Someday is Today will be out on September 2nd via Kanine Records.

Living Hour Announce New LP + Release Single w/ Jay Som

I have a feeling that if you’re writing about best tunes for the week, this new Living Hour track definitely has to be up there (if not, one of my favorite tunes of the month). I got hooked on the crashing guitar opening, but love the contrast as the tune quickly slides into a more mellow space, leaving lots of room for notes to ring sharply in your ears, allowing all those notes and vocals to kind of hang in the air. All that said, the song eventually slides back into the heavier notes, but I love how the mix keeps it heavy, though quiet; the vocals still have their dreaminess, even when coated with the distortion. A perfect balance between fragility and noise awaits you. The group will release their new LP, Someday is Today via Kanine in September.

Blushing Drop the Fires Single

We’re not too far off from getting to hear the entirety of Possessions from our friends Blushing, but they keep teasing us along with these singles. The latest is built on this huge sonic cliff, raising the listener while the the vocals sail out; it’s like a black and white version of someone standing on the edge of the Hawksbill Crag, letting their voice flow over the Buffalo River below. But, not content to settle in one mode, the track actually builds heavier and heavier, pounding through your speakers as the band push towards the tune’s end. They’re at the top of their game, so grab the LP from Kanine Records before it sells out; it drops on February 18th.

Blushing Drop Sour Punch Video

Remember when we released Blushing‘s Weak EP? Yeah…seems like years ago…I think it was. But, the band have just been crushing it through their hard work and dedication to bringing out the best in the dreamy brand of shoegaze. This new single from their forthcoming Possessions continues to show the band letting melody and noise co-habitate inside their songs; you can’t listen to a moment without the wall of distortion washing over you, battling with Christina’s vocals for the listener’s attention. Honestly, every new song this lot writes seems to just raise the bar a bit higher than it was before. Possessions is out next February via Kanine Records, followed by a West Coast tour with other local greats Letting Up Despite Great Faults.


Living Hour + Peel Dream Magazine

This whole pandemic situation has really given music fans some rewards, and despite hardships, artists have continuously found ways to create in new ways. Living Hour, having already shared their help with supergroup Central Heat Exchange have returned with their own piece, but this time they’ve teamed with ATH fave Peel Dream Magazine. Perhaps it’s clich, but the union provides you with this expansive pop that feels like you’re floating in space, or perhaps peering out the window of your favorite submarine below the sea. Of course, it could also be envisioned like many of us, watching the world from our windows, or screens, still scared to step outside fully. Regardless, the song’s beautiful, and a wonderful way to lose yourself in the weekend.

Dreamy Pop Number from Lucid Express

Sort of stuck on those middle of the week vibes, so I’m being totally consumed by the latest track from Hong Kong’s Lucid Express. Don’t let the dreaminess of the song’s opening minute fool you, however, as you’ll soon be greeted with a wall of distortion that is likely to shake your speakers (there’s even distortion knifing through the distortion!). I just love how the song feels like this weird movement, like lava flowing over blackened igneous rock fields, just creeping along until it explodes into a mass of water. Pretty special way to work through this week if you ask me; look for the band’s debut album July 16th via Kanine Records.


Kanine Records Signs Hoorsees

Generally speaking, I dig what Kanine and Howlin Banana Records are into, so when they’ve got something new on the horizon, I’m going to give it a listen. Their latest signing is French outfit Hoorsees, who’ve just signed with the label to release their self-titled LP next February. I was drawn to the jangling guitar style, though I’ll admit they get worked up with something slightly dreamy here; the drums don’t hurt either with their steady-toe-tap beat. The vocals are great, and I love a sort of front person that gets to stalk the stage, which doesn’t always work for indiepop, but here it seems to be fitting. Excited to hear more from this bunch as the album gets closer.

Honey Cutt Share Coasting

There’s only a handful of albums hanging out on the horizon that I’m really buzzing about, and this new one from Honey Cutt is definitely on that list. Coasting will come out on March 13th, but today we get the title track from the record…a personal song from Kaley’s childhood about overcoming homelessness during a trying time for her family. Perhaps that’s why I’m so high on this LP; the lyrical content, thus far, seems really heavy and personal, but there’s this shimmering promise to the music. In part, that’s the nature of the genre here, but also maybe it’s more, maybe there’s promise for us all, and that’s what you get to take away with you. I guess we’ll find out when Kanine drops the LP in March!

Honey Cutt Share Vacation

Sometimes I think to myself that they just don’t ever make pop music like they used to, and then I’m hit with a song like this new one from Honey Cutt. The song jangles in all the right spots, with spot on bounce provided by the rhythm section. I love how there are two guitar lines, seemingly giving you two different approaches…one jangling and giving energy, while the other seems far more intent on wandering off, much like the song’s theme. It doesn’t hurt that Kaley Honeycutt has the most mesmerizing voice, the sort that sets indiepop hearts a flutter, sort of rising and falling in between notes. This is going to be one hell of a debut LP; Coasting is out March 13th via Kanine Records.

Swinging Track From Honeycutt

Boston based trio Honey Cutt just signed to Kanine Records and are celebrating with the release of a brand new single. Their first Kanine release, “Suburban Dream”, is a surf inspired, swinging track that is sure to help you ease into a fun weekend. Now gaining exposure on a bigger label, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Honey Cutt this year.

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