That New Shout Out Louds Tune

Well, we took our eyes off the prize, and RayRay and I both completely missed this new Shout Out Louds tune, despite that being one of our favorite bands. The group are preparing their sixth album, House, which is out next February, continuing to show an adherence to these rhythm sections that naturally propel the song and its energy. Adam’s voice has this familiarity too, perhaps because I’ve been listening to the group since the early 00s, but it’s one of those distinctive voices you immediately recognize. I love the way the band build in various vocal textures here to back his voice, as its clear the new LP will be all about creating expansive pop layers. Sorry I missed this, but catch it here, now!

Chapter Music Sign Teether & Kuya Neil

You’d be forgiven for having expectations when it comes to a Chapter Music release/signing; I’m probably even guilty on my end of promoting a certain sound from the label. But, if you look into the label’s discography, as well as their online tastes, you’re going to see a really diverse sound, which no doubt influenced their latest signing Teether & Kuya Neil. Today the label announced they’d signed up with the band to work with them on the follow up to their acclaimed God of Surprises EP. The duo’s sound combines the lyrical flows of rapper Teether with Neil’s darkened dance beats, leaving you with this eclectic sound that’s hard to pigeonhole. Is it rap? Is it down tempo electro? Well, I’m not sure, but its good, and thus, warrants your enjoyment.

Sungaze Share Body in the Mirror

Here’s my admitted confession…99% of the time, if a song doesn’t give me lyrics in the first 40 seconds, I’m likely going to skip it, unless I’m knowingly diving into instrumental works. But, on the latest Sungaze tune, the due manage to captivate me, despite having no lyrical content until after the 1 minute mark. Have I become such a sucker for the sound of that fuzzy buzzy guitar with hints of jangles and steadied rhythm’s behind it? Ivory Snow’s voice, however, seems to actually move away from the dreamier realms and flirt with that sort of purgatory between psychedelia and shogeaze; it’s light at times, almost like a sort of spiritual effect cresting in all the right spots. In the end, I’m stoked to hear all This Dream as the band clearly are taking notes on all my favorite bits and rebranding it in their own fashion; the record drops on August 13th.

Max RM Share Emerald Lyric Video

I’ve really found myself mellowing of late, which is why I’ve really enjoyed the work of Max RM; he’s crafting these ballads that border on melancholy, though their spirit is somehow uplifting. Frankly, it reminds me a great deal of the work of Papercuts’ Jason Quever, texturing acoustic ballads with layer upon layer to create this sort of dreamy haze that envelops the listener. It seems like such a simple formula, but there’s this balance that very few pull off quite like what’s at play here, particularly with the aiding backing vocals of Liz Dearly. Expect to hear more as he just plans on sharing more music throughout 2021.

Good Morning TV Share Entertainment

Originally created as a solo outlet for Berenice Deloire, Good Morning TV has now expanded into a full band, and we, the listeners, get the benefit of this expansion. We slide into the booth right next to Berenice, casually relaxing in the gentle pop waves and churning guitar lines. But, drawing nearer the two minute mark, the band starts to really come to life, awakening themselves and the listener by bursting in with this billowing noise that delivers this rewarding vibrancy. Then it all fades away, leaving us satiated but wanting more! We can get more when the band release Small Talk via Geographie Recs on June 18th.

Sailor Down Shares I Get It

Our friends over at Relief Map Records have quickly jumped into the fold with releases, announcing a new EP from Sailor Down, the project of Chloe Deeley. There’s something familiar in her songwriting, particularly on this single; I feel like that light strum is just a little voice in my head reminding me how much I love a simple pop ballad. Chloe’s voice has this distinct fragility, like it could shatter into a million melodic shards as soon as it hits your ears. It’s one of those tunes that maximizes emotions while stripping things down to their barest form…which I’m always drawn towards. She will release her Skip the Line EP on May 14th.

Tasha Shares Would You Mind Pulling Me Close Lyric Video

After dropping Alone at Last to critical acclaim, I’m pleased to let you know that Tasha isn’t resting, instead choosing to drop this devastating new tune in your lap. The first 2 minutes of this song just wash over you, go straight to every little emotional firing synapse; I love the light wash of water in the song’s distance here too. Then you cross that 2 minute mark and the song erupts, with Tasha belting out her voice as heavy strings raise the bar altogether. I mean, shit, how do you listen to this song and not feel moved? And that’s not even touching on the lyrical content, which is highly relatable. The single’s available everywhere tomorrow via Father Daughter.

Royal Forest Share Sometimes Video

This Friday, Royal Forest will finally release their new album Waiting Drum; it feels like its been a long time coming, though that in part has to do with the band’s attention to detail in the process. This new LP, for instance, was recorded in a nearly century old farmhouse in Arkansas, which inevitably left its mark on the group’s sound. Digging through the latest single, I’m really impressed with the way they’ve created this dense lushness in their sound, with each note seemingly brimming with thoughtfulness; really love the song’s latter half where electronic textures are woven in and out. That said, the vocals help the group maintain a certain pop sensibility that makes their organic musical exploration accessible to even the pickiest of listeners. If you’re willing to go on this journey, grab Waiting Drum this Friday via King Electric Record Company.

Double Grave Share Lyric Video for Long Drive Home

Slim pickings out there in indie rock land, so its a good thing that Minneapolis trio Double Grave just dropped this lyric video for their latest single “Long Drive Home.” I’ve been digging on it all day, as it kind of seems like my go to genres all mashed up into one; you get a touch of fuzzy gaze-ish guitar pop, textured with this sort of slow-core bravado, eventually moving into this erupting n-emo…that’s right, I just triple-pigeonholed ’em! Whatever your tastes, you get a melody disguised in atmospherics that allows plenty of space for your mind to wander out the door. You’ll get to hear the tune on August 7th when Goodbye, Nowhere drops via Forged Artifacts.

That New Bright Eyes Song

I think every time I hear one of the new Bright Eyes song, I immediately try to rush through his catalogue in my brain to classify what era it seems to fit into best. This latest single seems like a clash between Digital Ash and Fever and Mirrors. It employs that sampled beat at the beginning, building in the nod to Digital Ash, but the vocal tones seem to have that fragility in its warble that made Conor’s voice so distinctive. Of course, the song is spun anew with excellent string arrangements, all for our benefit. I was on the fence, but the more I hear, the more I’m jumping back in that Bright Eyes pool. The new record will be out later this year via Dead Oceans.

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