Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.2 – 5.6)

So much good music last week, and so much to cover. Well, we tried to get up as much as we could, plus Brian got some great photos of Good Morning and Packs. Here’s our weekly musical recap, with lots of awesome news, like new releases from Tan Cologne, Field Guides…and Voxtrot! I think the news of their Early Music compilation definitely made my week, even as I was held hostage in my classroom by state testing. Enjoy some jams from last week.

Me Rex Share Toilet of Venus

We already had a tune from Kathryn Woods other project Fresh earlier this week, so now we turn to another project she’s involved in, ATH faves ME REX. This track is punctuated by Myles McCabe’s clever wordplay and quick delivery of lines, with these keyboard lines thrown in to build on the band’s pop aesthetic. The chorus is ultra-catchy, as one would expect from the group, bringing up various ways for Myles to exclaim that “these are the best days of my life.” This song is a great way to start your morning, and will feature on the group’s Plesiosaur EP, out June 17th via Big Scary Monsters.

Me Rex Shares Jupiter Pluvius + Announce New EP

Me Rex has been on everyone’s radar, continuously knocking out pop rock hit after hit…and today they add another to that list. In fact, they’re one of the main acts I’ll be looking to catch as many times as I can at SXSW next week. This new song has a huge feel, hitting quick with the vocals, looking at a more hopeful future, a little bit of joy “when the sun comes back out.” Their songs are infectious and punchy, which is just how I take my rock n’ roll in the mornings. This new tune comes with the announcement of their Plesiosaur EP, out in June via Big Scary Monsters.


Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.10 – 1.14)

Well, I will admit, there were so many songs last week that I loved that I may have gotten a touch carried away. I mean that new Methyl Ethyl with Stella Donnelly is a banger, plus new stuff from our friends in Blushing and the Reds Pinks and Purples! We even got to premiere some sweet tunes that only exist in special places, like our site, namely the latest from Yea-Ming and the Rumors and Good Grief. So, browse through this hour of tunes, and I beg you to find a bad one in there. You can’t! I’ll try to keep up the momentum this week!


ME REX Share Skin It Itches

As a big pterosaur fanatic, it seems required that I’ve got to throw my hat into the ring for ME REX‘s forthcoming Pterodactyl EP. It’s a good thing that the song’s they’re crafting are up to the challenge, particularly the latest single, “Skin It Itches.” When this one starts, there’s a noticeable calm to it, almost thoughtful. It’s a nice little tease, as the band’s frantic nature definitely makes an appearance as the tune trickles out. That chorus has this punch to it, though it’s not heavy-handed, with just the right balance of volume and backing vocals. Perfect jam if you ask me, particularly if you’re a fan of acts like Martha. The new EP is out on February 4th via Big Scary Monsters.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.25 – 10.29)

Hopefully you’re all waking up a little groggy from celebrating Halloween with your neighbors and friends…or your kid. So we’re here to ease you into the week by offering up a quick little playlist to recap what came our way last week, in case you missed it. Be sure to give a listen to new music from Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture) and Lewsberg, both who released great albums last week. We start off with the recent banger from Clear History, so make sure your speakers are adjusted appropriately. Happy Monday!

Me Rex Share Never Graduate Single

You know when you just want something big and poppy, something that seems just perfectly built for you? Well, I present you with the new single from London’s Me Rex. If you’re into British pop rock like Martha, you’re going to want to spend some time here; you might also want to go back and revisit the band’s other releases. Here, we get a little synth into before the song hits hyperdrive into euphoria…backing vocals swell with these magical hooks that dig deep into your soul. Myles McCabe has this great delivery within the confines of the song to kind of tie it all together; it comes across as spoken and call, straining when it hits the song’s rising tension. If you dig this, look for the band’s Pterodactyl EP in February of next year via Big Scary Monsters. Also, fun fact. Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs. Duh.

Last Week in Music, Today

Everyone always be trying to wrap up the week with their “Week in Music,” but we’re a little lazier, plus we figured you wanted to slow start your Monday, so why not do it by checking out what we were jamming to last week. So, we’ve put all the singles, plus a few other things we were loving in the mix. That way, you can sit back and just enjoy a fun playlist…and if you weren’t in on it, jump back and see what we had to say. Or don’t. Either way, you can now start your day with this hip playlist. We kick it off with the latest from Los Esplifs, who drop their Estraik Back LP tomorrow for 4/20.

ME REX Share Heart of Garbage Video

I’ve really been enjoying this new track from ME REX, as the band seem to sort of resemble a strange blend between Martha and We Were Promised Jet Packs…though I’ll admit this outfit show a bit of restraint. The rhythm section definitely drives the song forward, pounding on the drums as the band kick forth, featuring feuding vocals that scream ambition and joyous reflection. If you’re digging this song, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a handful of others from the band’s Triceratops/Stegosaurus EP, which is currently available from Big Scary Monsters.

Me Rex Announces Stegosaurus EP

If you’re one of those folks that really enjoyed We Were Promised Jetpacks, you’re going to really enjoy listening to Me Rex, to a certain degree. It has that same sort of distinctive feel to it, though I’ll admit there’s a little more restraint in what Myles McCabe is doing here, holding back from those blasting choruses. I think therein lies his success on this song, as it allows a bit more intimacy between songwriter and listener, perhaps owing to the personal sentiment in the lyrical content. This track comes with the announcement of the new Stegosaurus EP, which drops November 27th via Big Scary Monsters.