New Devendra Banhart Drops

I know my wife and I both have a soft spot for Devendra Banhart; we used to spend hours just cleaning our house (pre-kids) soaking in the airy notes from his warbled voice. Now he has a new LP on the way, and well, it’s going to take a few folks back, which I totally respect. I mean, how many more times can Banhart write in the same place? This go round, it looks like he’s teamed up with the glorious powers of Cate Le Bon to build the tracks for Flying Wig. Our first listen has him living in this post-punk meets 80s radio-croon, almost as if he’s channeling some Bowie bits; it’s an interesting left turn that I didn’t expect, so I’m actually here for it, as the kids say. Flying Wig is out September 22nd via Mexican Summer.


Arp Drop Le Palace Single/Visualizer

Have you heard me shouting from the Arp hype train? I’m the guy at the back begging you to immerse yourself in the chilled textures the project is spinning as of late. I love the varying textural layers and how they’re stretched across various periods, seemingly, with some even focusing on a more futuristic outlook. Alexis even said the intention in the craft was to throw in something that was a “bit post-punk, a bit nightclub, a bit dubby,” which definitely encompasses a lot of territory, with wiggling room to boot. For me, the song takes a different turn around the 3 minute mark, adding in some darker structure, but ultimately illustrating how the project is stretching the boundaries of its own craft. New Pleasures drops July 15th via Mexican Summer.

Dungen Announce En Ar For Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been listening to Dungen for almost 20 years now, and as they’ve progressed, dare I say, they’ve aged like a fine wine. They’re first album in 7 years is on the way, and it still employs the psychedelic tendencies they’ve always been working with, particularly when the solo lets out a little heavy jam. But, the rhythm section has more of a groove these days, almost like they’re taking something from the acid-house days in the Uk and spinning it with modern psych; it really takes a tired sound (for me anyways) and ramps it up into something totally special and diverse. En Ar For Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nogwill drop on October 7th via Mexican Summer, which is techinically Kemado, where I heard about the band so long ago!

New Arp Visualizer for Eniko Single

Got a little heavy on the guitar pop sounds this morning, so wanted to make sure I’m mixing it up a bit here, especially since I’m really enjoying all the new stuff from the latest Arp LP. I love how beneath the front of the mix is this heavier, almost 80s industrial beat complex; it sets up the perfect contrast between the hyper happy moments that dominate the front of the track. Even as you’re enjoying the wash there, the song mixes in some little glitches, some sonic bursts, blurring the lines between both levels and building this reflective bit of electronica. New Pleasures will be out on July 15th via Mexican Summer, and this song will be on it!

Arp Announces New Album with New Pleasures Video

Had a fairly late night for a teacher, hanging with Packs and Good Morning, so the contemplative craft of Arp slides perfectly into my midweek routine. Alexis Georgopoulos project announces New Pleasures, the second installment in their Zebra trilogy, and with that info, we also get the title track, with an incredibly stunning video created by Adinah Dancyger; the video does an incredible job of storytelling, despite their being no lyrical content to attach. The video tells the story in the day in the life of a dollar, bending and twisting through the city, like the deep beat-laden music created by Arp; it reminds me of Jill Magid’s penny project. This New Pleasures LP will be out in July via Mexican Summer.

Tonstartsbandht Share Pass Away

I’m not sure what it is about Tonstartsbandht that attracts me, and perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to the work of the White brothers. At times, they feel like they’re combining these slightly psychedelic practices, reminiscent of what you might find on the inside a Clientele record. But, with that, they also seem to maybe be out there hanging their melodies on the winds of the past, something that sounds incredibly familiar yet totally out of this world. Ultimately, their musicianship shines through, sort of letting the band blend various styles, as you’ll hear when they offer up a tight little breakdown jam in the song’s middle on here. Makes perfect sense that they’ll drop their new LP, Petunia, via Mexican Summer on October 22nd.

Cate le Bon Joins Bradford Cox for Myths Series EP

I’ll admit, sometimes I’m a bit skeptical of the Mexican Summer Myths Series. They’ve brought together some brilliant artists, though I tend always adore 1/2 the union, and not the other…but not this time. This time its Cate le Bon and Bradford Cox. Really, this feels like a Cate tune with an outro from Bradford, if you’re going with the vocal performance alone. Still, don’t you want to fall in love with music? Cate’s voice has this crystalline quality, floating carefully; there’s this build in tension during the chorus that’s built around this perfect melody…particularly that woodwind instrument lurking (is it an oboe or a clarinet!?). Bradford closes it out with a nice spoken word as the song fades to black. It’s brilliant, as you can tell. Myths 004 will be out on November 1st.

Did You Catch This New Pill Video?

12963790_836192153177229_6321725234827452022_nIn case you missed it, last week, Pill dropped a video for their single “Dead Boys,” which is the perfect October aesthetic for those of you looking to get in the Halloween mood. The video features the band frolicking around in a graveyard– Houdini’s grave to be exact– and the post rock tune makes for a great soundtrack to the video. Check it out and then go scoop up Pill’s latest release here via Mexican Summer.


Enjoy the New Weyes Blood Video

We’re pushing forward to the release of the new Weyes Blood album, furthering my belief that the ladies are killing it this year. Here, we have the new single from Natalie Mering’s project, and not only does the video captivate an audience (as it should), but I like the structure of this track. It kind of opens with this warped, backwards looped electronic moment, opening the way for the guitar and Mering to move into the track. Then there’s this huge swell where to song takes a slightly different turn…only to settle back before the song comes to a close. Front Row Seat to Earth, the new record, should be something to behold; it’s released via Mexican Summer on October 21st.

Another Good One From Quilt

unnamed-12As you may know, Quilt are on their way to releasing their upcoming album, Plaza, on February 26th viaMexican Summer.In promoting said album, they’ve released yet another single for us to salivate over, this time in the form of “Roller.” This track is sleek and refined; the guitars take the form of tight knit riffs accompanied by the occasional twang of synth. Of course, the lush vocals of Anna Rochinski bathe the whole psych pop song in a bit of sunshine. While the lyrics may be somewhat scathing, you can’t help but smile and take in the warmth of those vocals, especially when they’re combined with the backing “ohs” of the rest of the band. Take a listen and get stoked forPlaza.


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