Tough Age Share My Life’s a Joke & I’m Throwing it Away

Just a week ago, we got the news that Tough Age had a brand new record on the horizon, and not even a week later we get another single to make sure we don’t have to wait too long. This run you get Jarrett handling vocals, and his delivery very much feels in the vein of those acts bordering on the edge of C86; I feel like recent Boyracer tunes align well here. Musically, everything is jittery and bouncing, though just a hint rough around the edges; its the perfect scenario for a good rock n’ roll show where you’re frantically jumping about with all your mates, screaming at the top of your lungs. In short, this song makes you feel like you’re having the time of your life. Be sure to take part when Which Way Am I is released on August 7th via Mint Records.

Tough Age Announce Which Way Am I

When one sets out to “write a song about peaceful things” we tend to already have preconceived notions of what we’re about to hear. That said, I think the way Tough Age open up on their new single is exactly the opposite of what I had in mind. It’s jagged, guitars stabbing like knives before the rest of the picture is filled in for the listener. Of course, Clark’s calming delivery quickly offers that peaceful contrast against the sinister pulse of the guitars; it really does fuck with your head, as these two sounds are perfectly juxtaposed. In weaving it all together, you find yourself entirely immersed, ensnared by the band’s balancing musical wizardry. Their new LP, Which Way Am I, will be released on August 7th via Mint Records.

Wares Share Living Proof

When you get your copy of Wares new LP, the first three tracks fit seamlessly together, reaching its apex with “Living Proof.” This song almost feels like a state of dreamy consciousness, which fits with the writing experience of Cassia Hardy, who describes the tune as a moment of euphoria after having gender affirming surgery; its one of those rare moments when you can almost trade places with the narrator…perhaps a great thing considering the difficulties the trans community faces. Still, there’s a feeling of hope, a feeling of escaping into the world on your own terms and never looking back. This is just one of the various brilliant moments that fills Survival; you’ll be sure to grab it from Mint Records before its release on April 24th.

Wares Announce Survival

I think my favorite thing about this fresh Wares track is that I was actually unable to pigeonhole the song; it’s got sort of a collection of everything we’re all enjoying in the indie rock community. There’s hints in the opening seconds of emo allegiance, though as the song evolves, dreamier aspects open the tune up, occasionally leaving huge space for rocking breakdowns and Cassia Hardy’s voice. At times, she sings with urgency in her delivery, and at other moments she seems exasperated with the world. Perhaps that’s just a representation of an album titled Survival, with this song shining a light on the importance/joy of “consent and safe sex.” This new LP drops via Mint Records on April 24th.

Don’t Sleep on Woolworm

Woolworm just recently released brand new single into the world, and I’m just now soaking it in. I think the band has locked into the modern day tension of humanity; they have these darkened foreboding riffs that ring out, and if not, they bubble just beneath the surface, ominously haunting the song’s pop moments. Those pop moments, though seemingly weary from the world, illustrate our need to keep trying, keep finding our whatever routines work to carve out our own little niche in the world…mine will probably include listening to this song a whole bunch. This tune appears on Awe, which drops on November 8th via Mint Records.

Woolworm Announce New LP, Awe

The opening five seconds of this brand new Woolworm track definitely got me; that drum roll moving into those ringing riffs really set me up. I love how the verse came in and offered up a certain softness, especially when that backing vocal sparingly enters the picture. Moving fast, it quickly jumps towards the chorus, where the notes get downshifted ever-so-slightly, taking on more melody and giving off an even softer mood. They call this “Vancouver blanket rock,” and they’re spot on because I just want to snuggle up next to this song and kick back into Tuesday. Awe will be out on November 8th via Mint Records.


Dumb Share Video for CBC Radio 3

You haven’t heard me rave about Dumb? Well, then clearly you haven’t been following this site as of late because I’ve been pretty excited about their forthcoming LP, Club Nites. This tune gives you a little something different, and perhaps in the whole of the record, a little respite. Typically the band are offering frantic, angular chords; there’s a natural pacing that seems to race through your speakers; here, however, they’re pulling back, ever so slightly, showing patience that really allows for the innate hooks to shine through. It’s refreshing to hear them stay in their line while offering you an alternative glimpse at their sound. The album drops next week via Mint Records!

Dammit I Love Dumb

I know just what you think Dumb sounds like when you press play, so lets just put all that nonsense aside. For me, the latest single from the band’s forthcoming Club Nites is that it’s filled with this energy, but only on the surface. The band can always offer pace and angular guitar stabs, but here, the rhythm propels things while the guitars hold back. It’s this unsettling vibe that really forces you to hold onto the lyrical content/vocals just so the song doesn’t spit you up and chew you out…and the song even has this mild mannered fade out…how can you not fall in love? Dumb will release Club Nites on June 7th via Mint Records.

Start Tuesday with Dumb

If you’re like me, you need about another day of the weekend to catch up, so you might be struggling on this Tuesday morning. It’s probably best if we kick off this day with something that’s got a little bit of a punch. This new Dumb number doesn’t even give you a chance before force-feeding crunchy riffs and wonky vocals right down your gullet. Sure, you can hear a slight angular jangle in the twisting of the verses, but by and large the band’s pushing heavier riffage through the speakers as the rhythm section has you pogoing right out of your damn office chair. Get up, get loud and get Dumb, but save your best dance moves for that secret sax solo! Club Nites drops June 7th via Mint Records.

Rocking Number from Necking

I jumped right into this Necking tune because it was delivered my way via Mint Records, a hit making outfit I can always rely upon. In the release, the word “powerhouse” was utilized, and I can’t help but think that’s the most apt descriptor I can come across. It begins with this heavy, almost grunge riff, pummeling your speakers for the first 20 seconds before slinking into this seductively bouncy pop moment; don’t get too comfortable, as the quartet are working with this ‘powerhouse’ concept. As soon as the chorus screams at you, you completely fall for it; “big mouth” is howled at you, angrily, yet when juxtaposed with the verses, you’re hooked. A powerful tune from a powerhouse quartet, who will deliver their power to you via Cut Your Teeth on July 5th.

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