Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Self-Portrait Video

I’ve spent a lot of time the last few weeks enjoying IV, the latest long player from Austin’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Hopefully you’ve been passing your time in a similar fashion, and if not, then indulge me by watching this new lyric video for “Self-Portrait” in hopes that you see the error in your ways. Starting off with a light jangling guitar sets the mood, just before the rhythm section (which is always spot on) pushes the song into foot-stomping/hand-clapping territory. Mike Lee’s feathered voice softly caresses your inner ear as heavy riffs run beneath the surface, fighting to break through the band’s melodious nature helmed by Lee and Annah Fisette’s vocals. Plus, the band get bonus points here for the great video created by Pelvis Wrestley‘s Benjamin Violet…a kind and artistic human in their own right! Grab the LP right HERE.

Sob Stories Share I’m the One You Want Video

Sob Stories first came on our radar in 2017 when they released their debut EP with the good folks at Emotional Response. Now, Joel Cusumano and company have moved over to another ATH fave, Dandy Boy Records, dropping Fair Shakes this week. It’s 12 tracks that mix jangles, punk and power pop into a fun filled adventure with hooks for days. Below we’ve got a brand new video shot by Stephen Patterson, taking footage from the San Francisco area to match up with stand out “I’m the One You Want.” I’m a huge sucker for this chorus though, dropping in and delivering this banging pop moment that I keep coming back to, again and again. Crank it up, bop along…then go grab the record like a good music fan would!

Icarus Phoenix Shares Anthem Video

By now, you’re likely aware of my adoration for Drew Danbury’s Icarus Phoenix project; he’s been dropping singles left and right as he prepares for the release of the new LP. This run through, you get a slight heavier punch in the getting, offering up an almost rock vibe, though it’s quickly peeled back for the voices, allowing for the intimate swoon that’s made Danburry’s work so enchanting since I hit upon the self-titled Icarus Phoenix LP. There are definitely some vocal notes here that remind me of Clem Snide, so I’m definitely inclined to just sit here and fawn, but I’ll let you decided. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Drew keeps this a family affair, allowing his 12 year old nephew create the video here. Look for the new LP via Telos Tapes on September 10th.

Stream Neil Brogan’s Magnolia Day LP

I’ve been a longtime follower of Neil Brogan, since his time in Girls Names throughout his work with Sea Pinks, so of course its time to shine on his most recent offering from the weekend, Magnolia Day. I’ve covered a few singles, but I’m really impressed with how strong this collection of songs is upon my first few listens. Always one to toy with melodies, I think I was really stuck on the album when I came to “Broken Record;” he plays with a few notes here, holds a few there, and it explores his willingness to push his sound. Currently, I’m stuck on “Between Two Trees,” though “Green Recovery” seems to tie into the influence of Spring and nature on Brogan’s songwriting for this album. Whatever. Just enjoy.

Hunter Cahill Shares Goddamn Single

When you press play on this new track from Hunter Cahill, you’ll get a muted guitar that opens up into the perfect rock ballad; it kicks in with this perfect punch of classic indie rock. Cahill has some vocal similarities to David Bazan, which definitely drew me into this tune, but I think the best moments here revolve around the chorus, allowing the guitars to hang up in the air, before crashing down with this emotional punch that eventually evolves into this soaring melodic burst. If you dig what you hear, keep an ear out, as Cahill will be releasing a new single every month as he gears up to share his new LP!

Catchy New Tune From Future Crib

Having released three albums over the years, Nashville based upstarts Future Crib are starting to look less like a “new” band and more like an established outfit with an ever developing sound. Today I’m happy to share with you this new single “Most Likely Never Going to Die” which is a delightful piece of indie pop music worthy of being compared to the early days of a band like Mystery Jets. It’s an incredibly catchy pop diddy that can certainly be in consideration for your summer playlist.

Future Crib will release this song on their upcoming fourth album entitled Full Time Smile due out September 10th. Pre-orders are up on bandcamp now.

Wy Share God’s Lamb Video

I don’t often get struck by vocals as much as I might have been at a younger age as a music fan, but when I turned on the latest tune from Sweden’s Wy, I’ll admit that Ebba’s voice just hit me immediately. The song’s barely even begun, almost like the duo are still tuning when suddenly she just belts out the first notes; she’s got this huge voice, yet almost instantly she pulls it back to quietly lull you into the core of the track. She plays with that dynamic throughout the song, alternating between striking and softness, but its the songwriting that really gives the tune/vocals clarity. Every note seems purposeful, careful not to get in the way of the other notes, tying everything together in one ridiculously wonderful pop tune. You can find this track on the group’s new Marriage LP, out May 7th via Rama Lama Records.

Pool Holograph Share Mirror World

Chicago outfit Pool Holograph are just a few weeks away from the release of their new LP, Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat. I really love the thoughtfulness of this new single, illustrating the band know exactly when to kind of pull back on the reins a little. Every little note seems like its perfectly stitched into this subtle pop quilt that shimmers on the surface, allowing Wyatt to add his breathy vocals and coat the tune in this heavy melodic blanket. Already a huge fan of the band, every step they’re making on this new Lp seems supremely rewarding; it drops officially on October 2nd.

Stream Alpine Subs Sweethaven LP

Having really enjoyed the debut LP from Chicago’s Alpine Subs, we’re back to inform you that they’ve just dropped their Sweethaven LP via Subjangle, and I’m encouraging you to spend some time here. While their debut was this mix between crunchy college rock and jangling guitars, it seems like this round they’re sitting round the campfire with the Grateful Dead, with a pop focus, of course. Listen to “Clear Blue Waters” and tell me it doesn’t sound like its rooted in the Dead’s pre-jam period. To me, it all feels more personable, like there’s this communal aspect drawing us all near, uniting us in the melodic tendencies that are present. I love “Keeping You” and its Nada Surf leanings during the chorus, but have also been gravitating towards the playful swagger of “Live Forever.” Go on and get your listen on below.

Madeline Kenney Back At It Again

Oakland based songwriter Madeline Kenney has slowly built a name for herself over the last four years with two solid albums under her belt and tons of positive press building on the interwebs. Kenney recently announced her new album coming out next month called Sucker’s Lunch and this new single, “Double Hearted”, just came my way to promote the record. With this record being produced by Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak, one can sort of hear those subtle hints and sounds woven in perfectly with the always captivating voice of Kenney. This is another perfectly crafted tune in the ever growing catalogue of Kenny’s hits.

Madeline Kenney will release Sucker’s Lunch on July 31st via Carpark Records. Pre-orders are live now.

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