Dan Mangan Still Has It

Not sure why it’s been so long since I’ve mentioned the legendary Dan Mangan on our website as he’s been a busy guy over the years. Maybe we just aren’t that good at this… Regardless, Dan is currently working on a new album and has offered a delightful new tune called “Troubled Mind” as a preview of the new material. Contrary to his usual singer/songwriter genre, this track has much more of a driving rock sound to it sort of similar to something you might hear from Spencer Krug/Moonface. Though the sound is light and cheerful, the lyrics play nicely as a counteracting agent to create a balanced mood. I’m happy to say that it’s put me back on board the Dan Mangan fan wagon.

Mangan will release a new album sometime later this year on Arts & Crafts.

ATH Records Welcomes Feverbones

Let’s just throw this out there…you have no idea how excited we are over at the ATH Records team to be working with Feverbones. Abram Shook and his old project the Great Nostalgic were one of our favorite acts when we first started this site 10 years ago. That alone makes it worth it, but you also get Chris Cox and Matthew Shepherd who’ve got an accomplished resume on their own (Adam Torres, Monk Parker, Dana Falconberry, Astrobleme, etc.). We’ll be releasing their new LP in early 2018…but why tell you now? Well, you can sample the band’s sound by listening to their 2014 EP below…plus, the trio hits the stage on Saturday night at the Mohawk, opening for White Denim. You can grab early tickets HERE.

Stream Feverbones below (also available on Spotify, iTunes):

Epic New Single From Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Man Toronto based outfit Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have just killed it with this new single “Ragnarok”. When discussing the new generation of power pop music, songs like this need to be mentioned before any other. If for some reason that style of music isn’t for you, well move on and let the rest of chant along and enjoy ourselves. Epic. Fun. Carry on.

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs will release a self-titled LP on July 28th via Burger Records.

Marvelous Mark Is Back

marvelousI first discovered Marvelous Mark when I got into Marvelous Darlings awhile back, but I’d mostly forgotten about the songwriter until I saw a friend post about his forthcoming Crushin’ LP on Drunken Sailor Records. The music he crafts lands somewhere between power pop and pop punk; you can expect to hear heavy rifts filled with hook after hook. These are the sorts of songs you turn up loud, memorize and sing at the top of your lungs with all your friends. The album drops this weekend, and it’s my birthday weekend, so feel free to buy it and ship it my way!

Edgy Pop From TheBulls

10444002_464584560343471_4365437836699531453_nThis new tune “Rumors”, from L.A. based TheBulls, caught my ear today as something you peoples might enjoy for your weekend playlist.  You’ll definitely hear some bright pop sensibilities with just enough edge via grungy guitars and hushed vocals to keep things interesting.  Think Metric, but with a more simple and focused sound.  I’ll buy that any day of the week.

TheBulls will drop Small Problems on August 28th via Diet Pink Records.

Jeremy Jay form Dystopian Violet

1040150_1592993227601811_4312947698220765168_oLong has ATH supported the work of Jeremy Jay, and we’re not backing down on giving his writing our full support, as he now officially has a band, Dystopian Violet.  Our first glimpse at the band has them picking up 0n the warm tones that Jay has often employed, though I hear a slight difference in the way his voice was recorded for the track.  Unfortunately, this track will not be released on the group’s forthcoming LP, but it’s a separate 7″ that should see the light of day shortly.  This is the perfect way for our week to start.

The Little Cinema Album Is Out

tmackI’ve talked for years about how much I enjoy the work of Tyler Womack, who formerly won me over with his band Hollywood Gossip.  He’s been living in New York, though his new band, Little Cinema, did a lot of their recording here in Austin.  He just tossed up his new LP, Adventure, which features some touches from our friend Marcus of Shivery Shakes; it’s a record that I completely expected to enjoy, so I’m glad it lives up to that.  Tyler’s knack for melodies and wordplay have always been endearing, so it’s nice to see he didn’t leave those little touches behind.  You can grab the new LP HERE, but I’ve also included a new track with this post that’s on the album.

Shivery Shakes Stream Album Right Here!!!

shiverOkay, so due to my promise from Monday’s song post, I had to wait a few days to post the stream of the brand new album from Shivery Shakes; it’s titled Three Waves and a Shake.  Why should you care? Have you read Nicole’s review? Also, the band’s been working hard in the Austin scene for some time, and the hard work pays off with their debut LP.  And, you know that I care because I’m putting out this LP with our friend Dan over at Punctum, so it means a great deal that you listen to it.  I’m putting up the Bandcamp stream, so you can donate to the band if you’re not into physical formats.  But, if you are, buy it from me HERE; it’s still a few weeks away from coming back from the press, but I’ll have it out to you as soon as it’s back to me.  Sit back, relax, enjoy our friends in the Shivery Shakes.


Austin Spotlight: Another Flesh Lights Tune

fleshlightsOur first listen to the newest work of Flesh Lights (Just About Due) had this striking power pop sound that definitely grabbed our attention.  But, their new single, “Middle Age” is a blistering tune, both in its sonic quality and it’s verbal attack on “middle age youth.”    The guitar work here is sublime, especially when the solos blast through your speakers; I’m also partial to the call and response vocals that come through the chorus.  If you’re looking for a rock n’ roll record that never stays in one place, then you better get your hands on Free Yourself; it hits streets on November 4th via 12XU. Seriously. You’ll hate yourself if you don’t buy this LP.



Pop Rock Stomper from Brass Bed

brasstaxI dig Brass Bed.  They’ve been hard at work, touring and recording, and we’re finally getting to hear a bit of their new LP with a few sampling tracks that are being laid down for a 7″.  There’s a rolling stomp to the drum work, keeping a steady pace to this song, but what I love are the harmonies.  To me, and lord knows I’m always right, there’s a hint of the great Nada Surf in the vocals; they’re soft, surrounded by a perfect swell of noise.  If this song means anything, there’s a solid foundation that will make the next LP pretty spectacular.  Look for the new 7″ on November 18th.

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