Meet the SXSW Band: Bodega

We are now just one short week away from SXSW and it seems like things are really starting to ramp up in Austin with news of killer day parties and events happening around town. Your ATH team is trying to push out as much preview coverage as we can this week so you feel maybe slightly more prepared to tackle everything. Today we have an interview from NYC based outfit BODEGA. After the jump you can see full interview, confirmed dates, and hear some music.

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Sean Henry Drops Everything Breaths

After years working mostly on the DIY scene in New York City, Sean Henry eventually signed to local label Double Double Whammy and stepped into a proper studio for a short string of impressive releases. No dabbling with some new sounds and playing frantic live shows around the city, Henry is slowly dropping some new tunes our way. This first one, “Everything Breathes,” shows a musician who has expertly learned to polish his sound and sprinkle in some subtle hints of pop sounds amongst the noisy rock. It’s a jam and hopefully just a sampling of more to come.

Certain Times Drop Lose Control Single

Certain Times have been popping up on ATH quite a bit, with their album Desire slated for release in just over a month here. Today, the band share this heavy-hitter, featuring this thumping rhythmic bounce that I couldn’t quite get out of my head. It seems so simple, just a quick thumping punch, giving the song this driving nature that allows the vocals to soar in and out, some spoken, some sung in dramatic fashion. That pulsing beat never fades, even leaving room for some playful vocal hooks to run the song down to its closing moments. If you’re digging, Desire will be out June 9th via Double Phantom.

Meet the SXSW Band: Dropper

Pushing forward and the SXSW emails are coming in fast and furiously. So, hopefully if you’re in the same boat, you’ll take a little time in your day to rest and and read about Dropper, one of the acts making their way to SXSW this year. They’ll likely be filling thheir set with hits from last year’s Don’t Talk to Me, with hopefully some new tunes in the works as well. The usual set of questions, giving you the chance to know what could be your next favorite band.

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The Men Return with New York City

Man, this was the jam I didn’t really know I needed, but I’m so grateful there’s a rocking new tune from The Men. They’ve just announced New York City, their ninth album, and with that, seems only fitting to drop a pummeling number to remind us all what they bring when they’re at their best. With “Hard Livin,” the band are definitely channeling the musical history of their town, feeling like a revamped version of the New York Dolls, just driving out furious punk rock vibes, with just a little bit of snotiness added in. Fuzz Club will release New York City on February 3rd.

Ribbon Stage Drop Stone Heart Blue Video

There are certain bands I get to fawn over on these Interweb pages, and as of late, it looks like its going to be the case for Ribbon Stage and their new LP. There’s something insatiable about the latest tune, something that keeps me pressing play again and again and again. It starts with a wall of furious noise, building into this thumping rhythm that allows the distorted guitar sound to sway in and out of focus. On the edge, you get the melodic vocal notes, though they’re just beneath the mix, kind of undecided about how forcefully they’ll make their presence. Still, they had this sweetness to the furiousness, which has Hit With the Most high upon my anticipated albums as the year draws to a close; it’s out October 21st via K Records.

Colatura Share Kids Like Us Video

File Colatura under “band I’d wished I’d seen” during SXSW, but for some reason, it just never lined up. Still, this latest single is all the more reason I feel a bit remiss, as it’s certainly filed under the category of solid gold indie pop. Somewhere you’ll find it right in line behind Alvvays and the likes, with Meredith Lampe hitting a lot of the exact same notes, vocally. I think you’ll also pull back the covers to see a little bit of longing for that great expanse, leaving the light jangling dreaminess longinly roll across the Western frontier in search of your ears. Their LP And Then I’ll be Happy is out on April 22nd.

SXSW Interviews: Coyle Girelli

It’s so wild that SXSW is now kicking off in just one week and we can finally get out and see some live tunes again. As things draw ever closer, we have a few more interviews to bring your way which are hopefully highlighting some artists who weren’t already on your radar. Today we move forward with established NYC by way of Leeds artist Coyle Girelli. You can check out his responses and some of his tunes after the jump.

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SXSW Interviews: Colatura

The ATH team has this ever growing level of excitement building inside of us that seems to build as each week goes by and SXSW draws ever near. We are making our lists, starting to map things out a bit, and making plans on seeing many old friends from back in the “normal times”. As per usual, we are trying to get you as excited as we are so we hope these pre-interviews are helping expose you to some new bands coming into town. Today I am excited to share my latest interview with Brooklyn based trio Colatura. You can check out their interview and some music after the jump.

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Beautiful New Tune From Ava McCoy

It’s likely that you are not familiar with the up and coming New York City based musician Ava McCoy, but I am looking to get her name and music in your head today. She has quietly been writing and releasing music for the last couple of years with her debut LP coming out later this month. For a sample of what’s ahead, you need to check out this new single “Sedona” which came out just last week. I really dig her take on the hushed, songwriter genre with just enough twang and delicate instrumentation to make this one a winner. You can say hello to Ava on IG or Bandcamp.

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