Beverly Kills Drop Hymn to You Single

I needed something shiny to start off my day, so felt like this Beverly Kills tune would be the perfect way to slink into Friday, for both myself and for you. When this kicks off, you can hear a nod to a number of dreamy pop bands, but I certainly feel like our audience will recognize some sonic similarities to Alvvays. But, like many a band of this ilk, they’re not content revolving in the dreamy state, pushing forward by jumping on those pedals and ripping right into huge anthemic pop; the chorus here hits perfectly as the tune turns into an ode to a lost love. Every bit of execution is brimming with emotion and overflowing with hooks that I’m sure you’ll love. Happy Friday kids.

Once For Kicks Drop Banger

Tuesday is shaping up to be a fun little rock n’ roll day, so what better way to get you stoked on life than to throw this tune at you from Once for Kicks. The band’s name definitely seems to encompass what they’re doing musically, out here ripping huge riffs and dropping in melodic hooks throughout to keep you coming back for more and more. You can feel the band’s enthusiasm dripping through your speakers as those fuzzy riffs turn into huge bursts while the various vocal pieces all fall into harmony. If you’re loving this, be on the lookout, as they’ve got a new LP slated for the end of the year.

Supermilk Drop Fresh 7″

Listening to the new tracks that are on Supermilk‘s new 7″, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards a band I know a lot of people hold dear, though keep quiet about, Superdrag; the similarities aren’t just in the “Super!” When the song below kicks off, things are in this sort of brooding punk mentality, but when the quietness of the vocals trickle in, the song emerges as this darkened piece of alternative pop. You only have to wait a few moments for the chorus to drop and that’s where it soars; the vocals burst into a higher octave and the band brandish a catchy distorted wall of guitars. It’s catch and it’s fun and it rocks and you need it, so grab the new 7″ HERE.

Fun Pop Rocker from Billy Tibbals

Every once in awhile I’ll get stuck under a track that I just want to play as loud as I can, which happens to be this great Billy Tibbals tune. The UK artist just dropped this new tune, and it feels like the most enjoyable bit of glam rock I’ve heard in some time. Every thing about the chorus just screams effortless cool, and the staggering swagger that rocks throughout the tune’s main verses. To me, it feels like Tibbals is out there having the time of his life, and I don’t mind that one damned bit. Looking forward to hearing more from Billy, with his new Stay Teenage EP, out via Silver Arrow Records.

Space Tan Drop Prison Planet

If you go way back to the year 2021, our little label of love, ATH Records released a vastly underrated album by Austin’s Space Tan titled Inti Raymi. But, just this last Friday, the quintet released the brand new Prison Planet EP, continuing to drop these huge pop rock numbers centered around the songwriting of Gianni Sarmiento. There’s a few tunes on this release that feel like an amped up version of Grandaddy or the Rentals, spinning these futuristic tunes rooted in classic alternative sounds. Five quick pop nuggets that will brighten your day, so do yourself that favor right now!

Lola Tried Return with Black and White

It’s been a minute since we last heard fresh tunes from Austin’s Lola Tried, but on their Renvers EP, you could hear a broader songwriting perspective, a certain fearlessness for the band to face pop rock on their own terms. As you’ll hear below, there’s absolutely no turning back, as Lauren Burton seems to only be rising higher with her craft. This song build slowly, like a warm up lap, letting the listener sink into the song. But, as it creeps along and Burton’s voice takes control, the song bursts into an all out spring, erupting with this crunching wall of rock n’ roll that would surely lead into a huge breakdown in the live setting. Absolutely loving this performance, and hoping you are too. Plus, if you’re in the Austin area, they celebrate the release of the new single tonight at Chess Club!

Model Shop Share Lucky

In just a coupe of weeks, we’ll get to hear the entirety of the new Model Shop LP, but we finally get to hear the opening tune, which certainly sets the tone for the record and the band’s intentions. A thumping drum joins up with an acoustic strum, bringing about a galloping earnestness that kicks off hook-laden pop rock you’ll rush to turn up. They up the ante though, as one hook surely isn’t enough for the average pop fan, so they add in some vocal harmonies, adding both contrast and exuberance; it’s an immediate shot to the listener, letting us all know the group aim to please! Love Interest will be out via Meritorio Records on November 25th.

Air Devi Share Ashrita Single

After sharing the last single from Philly’s Air Devi, seems like there’s no reason to back down when they’re writing great pop rock hits like “Ashrita.” While the song comes from a bit of heartbreak and disappointment in a fellow male musician (no surprise!), Devi Majeske turned disillusionment into a celebration of other artists who Devi admires for their own talents. I love the bite and growl that rocks in around the 2 minute mark, taking the pop hooks and really letting the angst flow through the speakers. As you’ll hear, there’s a bit of sweetness in the licks and melody, but a big old punch that definitely gives Air Devi the perfect bite to grab your ears!

Adults Share Things We Achieve

Not going to lie, with school kicking off this week, and coaching volleyball, I’ve been a bit behind the gun in terms of catching up on all the sweet tunes dropping here and there. But, I saw this Adults jam hit, and I wasn’t going to let that pass by. A little roll in, a nice shouted sample, then the band rushes off, running full spring through this spirited burst of pop rock. You’ve settled into the joyous nature, then the 1:37 marker hits and the song turns, hitting even more furiously as it chases down that finish line, though still keeping that melody bobbing. The band will be dropping their debut, For Everything, Always, this October via Fika Recordings.

Slum Summer Drop Tenderize the Night Video

If you missed out on Slum Summer‘s 2019 masterpiece, ABABO, you missed an incredible batch of pop rock tunes that you couldn’t get out of your head. So, you should start THERE. Once you’ve done that, check out the brand new video from the group’s forthcoming record, then relish the feel good vibes your soaking up at the moment. Musically, the band are playing a heavy jangling pop rock at the moment, akin to recent stuff from Monnone Alone or the like; it’s energetic and driving, with these riffs ready to rip right through your apartment walls. Hugh Noble’s voice on the other hand, still holds a bit of that ex-Brit tone, though I’ll admit, his delivery has him channeling a bit of a more melodic J. Mascis…adding to the enjoyment factor on my behalf. You’ll even get an added kick when there’s some backing female vocals giving the hook a bit of extra depth! I love it, as you should. And, if you do, then grab be sure to keep an eye out for Living in Milk, dropping August 6th via Jigsaw Records.

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