Model Shop Share Lucky

In just a coupe of weeks, we’ll get to hear the entirety of the new Model Shop LP, but we finally get to hear the opening tune, which certainly sets the tone for the record and the band’s intentions. A thumping drum joins up with an acoustic strum, bringing about a galloping earnestness that kicks off hook-laden pop rock you’ll rush to turn up. They up the ante though, as one hook surely isn’t enough for the average pop fan, so they add in some vocal harmonies, adding both contrast and exuberance; it’s an immediate shot to the listener, letting us all know the group aim to please! Love Interest will be out via Meritorio Records on November 25th.

Air Devi Share Ashrita Single

After sharing the last single from Philly’s Air Devi, seems like there’s no reason to back down when they’re writing great pop rock hits like “Ashrita.” While the song comes from a bit of heartbreak and disappointment in a fellow male musician (no surprise!), Devi Majeske turned disillusionment into a celebration of other artists who Devi admires for their own talents. I love the bite and growl that rocks in around the 2 minute mark, taking the pop hooks and really letting the angst flow through the speakers. As you’ll hear, there’s a bit of sweetness in the licks and melody, but a big old punch that definitely gives Air Devi the perfect bite to grab your ears!

Adults Share Things We Achieve

Not going to lie, with school kicking off this week, and coaching volleyball, I’ve been a bit behind the gun in terms of catching up on all the sweet tunes dropping here and there. But, I saw this Adults jam hit, and I wasn’t going to let that pass by. A little roll in, a nice shouted sample, then the band rushes off, running full spring through this spirited burst of pop rock. You’ve settled into the joyous nature, then the 1:37 marker hits and the song turns, hitting even more furiously as it chases down that finish line, though still keeping that melody bobbing. The band will be dropping their debut, For Everything, Always, this October via Fika Recordings.

Slum Summer Drop Tenderize the Night Video

If you missed out on Slum Summer‘s 2019 masterpiece, ABABO, you missed an incredible batch of pop rock tunes that you couldn’t get out of your head. So, you should start THERE. Once you’ve done that, check out the brand new video from the group’s forthcoming record, then relish the feel good vibes your soaking up at the moment. Musically, the band are playing a heavy jangling pop rock at the moment, akin to recent stuff from Monnone Alone or the like; it’s energetic and driving, with these riffs ready to rip right through your apartment walls. Hugh Noble’s voice on the other hand, still holds a bit of that ex-Brit tone, though I’ll admit, his delivery has him channeling a bit of a more melodic J. Mascis…adding to the enjoyment factor on my behalf. You’ll even get an added kick when there’s some backing female vocals giving the hook a bit of extra depth! I love it, as you should. And, if you do, then grab be sure to keep an eye out for Living in Milk, dropping August 6th via Jigsaw Records.

The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Share In the Right

If you’re lining up your anticipated releases scheduled for the end of the year, then you should surely have The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness penciled in your “must listen” category. Today we get the third single from the band’s forthcoming LP, and it’s a straight up pop rock gem. The band have always operated with a velvety vocal approach, and that’s balanced out by the fuzzy riffs banging through your speakers, reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub. It feels jittery, teetering on the edge of an panic attack, then opens right up into their melodic pop rock brand, smoothing the wrinkles and winning us over. The Third Wave Of is out on September 9th via Bobo Integral.

Gee Tee Announce New Rock Phone 7″ for Goner Records

While Goner Records is busy getting the world ready for Goner Fest in September, the heralded label still has work to do, and they’re kicking off this week with the announcement of a new 7″ from Sydney’s Gee Tee. The 7″ drops this Friday, but you can check out the quick little ripper below, offering a glimpse of the insatiable quality that can be yours if you hop to it. I love the heavy drawl on the vocals, giving a bit of a dark humor to the frantic punk nature of the tune. You’re definitely going to spin this on at high volume; grab a copy HERE.

Pet Owner Share Helping Hand Single

Listening to the latest single from Swtizerland’s Pet Owner, there’s an awful lot of cool stuff at play, and a lot of it feels right at home in the current indie scene. I mean, the light-hearted strum of the guitar with the breezy vocal floating effortlessly atop the mix really seems like it was made for this moment. That being said, what actually caught me was the little nuances in the distance of the tune; there’s an almost constant bit of fuzz feeding through your speakers, spliced with space age noodles wiggling in through the mixture. Ordinary indie fare this is not, so enjoy a little pushing of the edges.

Nervous Twitch Share Forgive Yourself

I did a lot of jamming out to Nervous Twitch‘s self-titled album, and I have a feeling that with a new record on the horizon, there’s going to be a lot of the band on these here Interweb pages. Today, we’re stoked to bring you their first single from the forthcoming Some People Never Change LP, offering a nice little ditty to set the scene for what’s in store. A heavy bass line slowly opens the track, and in doing so, it sets the scene for this track, allowing the band’s patience to spill through your speakers. The playful melody becomes instantly obvious, but where other bands rush to fill your ears with earcandy, Nervous Twitch just want to hang out; they want you to tap your toes and bob your head, but there’s no need to rush. Heavier riffs and pounding drums build throughout, giving the edge to the tune; I keep thinking of a slow burning Donnas jam when I hear this hit! If your’e into it, Some People Never Change will be released by Reckless Yes on October 7th!

Adults Sign to Fika Recordings, Drop New Single

Man, Fika Recordings sure knows how to pick them! They’ve just picked up Adults, and with that announcement, dropped this joyous rock from the group that’s going to blast through your speakers for the rest of the day. There’s an ample buoyancy from the vocal work, and the guitars are crunchy, though I like how they’re a bit tempered here; think of Martha having to play at your local library…hooks, but just a little more subdued. There’s just something about this song that radiates joy, and it looks like they’ve got a record planned for the Autumn sometime, so let’s rejoice that there’s more tasty treats on the way!

Well Wisher Sign to Egghunt Records + Share Single

I feel like the best thing we can all do right now is just turn up the music and get lost, which is why this anthemic singalong from Well Wisher is the perfect way to announce their singing to Egghunt Records. Starting off with a stomping drum beat, singer Natalie announces “this song is for my baby girl,” an allusion to her partner and the love song that unfolds in the lyrics. For me, I’m totally stuck on the chorus; it’s this huge burst of euphoric pop rock, and I can picture myself quietly singing under my breath as I turn it up nice and loud. Jam out here nice and loud, and look for a record later in the Fall!

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