Listen to Melby’s Latest Single, Concorde

When it comes to crafting creative pop music, I can’t really think of too many operating like Melby, save for maybe Sun June. They have this natural ability to kind of lock into grooves and subtle pop inflections, riding them until the mood strikes and they switch directions. Here, there’s almost this calming lounge vibe, a late night pop croon for you, but then it kind of snakes its way into more dangerous territory, picking up a slight pace and sort of rocking you to a close. Like a great boxer, bobbing and weaving, in and out of grooves and melodies, delivering the ultimate pop knockout.

Wy Share God’s Lamb Video

I don’t often get struck by vocals as much as I might have been at a younger age as a music fan, but when I turned on the latest tune from Sweden’s Wy, I’ll admit that Ebba’s voice just hit me immediately. The song’s barely even begun, almost like the duo are still tuning when suddenly she just belts out the first notes; she’s got this huge voice, yet almost instantly she pulls it back to quietly lull you into the core of the track. She plays with that dynamic throughout the song, alternating between striking and softness, but its the songwriting that really gives the tune/vocals clarity. Every note seems purposeful, careful not to get in the way of the other notes, tying everything together in one ridiculously wonderful pop tune. You can find this track on the group’s new Marriage LP, out May 7th via Rama Lama Records.

Melby Drop Somewhere New

None of This Makes Me Worry was a great introduction to Sweden’s Melby, but the pandemic has allowed the group to sort of rearrange their approach in crafting songs, turning practice pieces they would normally tour behind into concrete songs. Listening to “Somewhere New,” it seems like the group’s focus has never been sharper, but their willingness to sort of let songs meander on their own time also has become more apparent. This song begins in a very modern indie rock vein, with Matilda’s voice dominating the early part of the performance, particularly the way she toys with syllables. But, somewhere along this musical journey the group really begins to just let go, really let their song take on a life of its own, riding into this sort of psychedelic proto pop, both energetic and sonically explorative. I’ll keep an eye on the band’s label, Rama Lama to be sure you’re up to date with the group, as they’re on to something exciting here.

Melby Share Common Sense Single

Ever since the release of None of This Makes Me Worry, Swedish group Melby have really started to grow and experiment, and I think that’s paying off huge dividends for us as listeners. Their latest single has this sort of prog pop explorative adventure that serves as the prelude to the song’s core; even as a prelude, it builds tension as it awaits the entrance of Matilda Wiezell; she gives this bright roar that would easily fit in any number of modern psychedelic acts, though she accomplishes it with just a faint nod to pop crooning…and its spun to a stunning effect. Keep an eye on this outfit as they grow towards their sophomore release!

Kindsight Share Terminal Daze

Our friends over in Rama Lama Records are reaching beyond the confines of Sweden to work with Danish outfit Kindsight. Today they’re releasing another bobbing pop number, so if you’re not tapping your toes while you press play then you need to speak with your doctor immediately. The vocals are about as sparkling as you can get for the indiepop genre, so be sure you’re saving up for this sugary musical treat. I really love the range though, as the vocals can raise up high and crash down to soften as they open up to cascading guitar chords that ring through your headphones. Really stoked on this band, and you should be too!

Loaver Share Apart Single

Fronting Kluster B clearly isn’t enough for Linnea Hall; she needed an outlet to explore other inspirations and ideas, outside of the realm of indie rock…thus we have her project Loaver. With this song as an indicator, we find Hall flirting with this sort of isolationist pop, at least at first; the tune is filled with empty space, letting Hall and creep through the tune with her vocals, in addition to a male vocal accompaniment. But, the song erupts, bursts into spasming atmospherics, shattering the sonic landscape before settling back to have Linnea’s voice beautifully inch towards the song’s close. Fern will be out worldwide courtesy of Rama Lama Records on October 30th.

Slow Burner from Loaver

It always amazes me which voices the “media” choose to pick up, as we often overlook the gems right beneath our feet. I won’t be overlooking Loaver, the new project from Linnea Hall of Kluster B. She’s just dropped this strong pop number, built predominantly on her voice atop an electronic piano. Around the 2 minute mark, her voice is lifted with the additional bump of percussion, giving the faintest little energetic twist to the track, allowing her voice to sparkle during the chorus as she hangs her notes on the wind. If you dig it, this track will appear on Fern, which drops via Rama Lama Records on October 30th.

Kluster B Share Graveyard

As the Swedish outfit Kluster B ready their new LP, they’re really flexing their musical muscles, at least in regards to their songwriting. They’ve honed their indiepop skill-set, but in tightening that, they’ve built in a little bit more flare…as we see in their latest single. In between the melodious moments of dreamy pop, they get crunchy, finding expression in the noisier corners of their sound. They surround the melody in this brief crashing of instrumentation, like a distorted cocoon, before slinking back into their poppier side. B, the new album, will be out April 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Kluster B Share Love Must Conquer

I was really impressed by Kluster B‘s debut album, Civic, back in 2018, but as we hear more from their sophomore effort, it seems the band have really focused on developing their sound. In fact, they’ve done so much, they’re able to combine all their influences in this singular track, moving from playful pseudo-lounge pop to shimmering dream pop and stopping at all the towns in between. I got carried away in the first minute by the feathery feel of the vocals, just before a dose of energy was pumped in to sort of kick the track into a higher gear. Just imagine yourself on a road trip of all your favorite pop tropes and you’ll find this song hits them all. Their new b LP will be out on April 17th via Rama Lama Records.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes Share Set Me Free

The long awaited debut album from Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes will be here next week, but before it arrives, there’s one last push from the band to turn their way. I love how this song sort of blossoms and explodes into this extravagant pop number. It’s all vocals and keyboards sprouting from the ground, soon joined by a pulse and bubbling bass groove. Once those angular guitar notes arrive, the song takes on this uplifting sparkle that gives the song this boldness I hadn’t heard from the band as of yet. Sweetie is shaping up to be a really huge step forward for the band; it’s out next week via Rama Lama Records.

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