Austin Town Hall Records to Release Ramesh’s The King

rameshFor those of you who don’t remember Voxtrot, that’s completely okay, as the new album from Ramesh is far removed from those days.  He’s spent some time gathering himself, musically speaking, and pouring out his soul into what we think is an incredible album, The King. It’s already gotten some love from P4K for its digital release, but all great records deserve a vinyl home, so we’re happy to announce that Austin Town Hall Records will be releasing The King this June.  You have no idea how excited we are to be working with him, and in honor of this forthcoming vinyl release, we decided to give you a nice sneak peak via the single below.  I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this was a smart decision on our part.  We’ll keep you posted with more on Ramesh’s touring plans and pre-order dates as that time draws near.

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Austin Spotlight: Ramesh Is Back

rameshFor those of you who’ve missed the effortless pop from Voxtrot (I know I do!), rest assured that Ramesh isn’t giving up on things just yet. A year or so ago I ran a tune that Ramesh was working himself, and then yesterday a few sites popped up with new tunes; it shouldn’t surprise us since he’s got a few shows around Texas with our friends Orthy and Young Girls. This new tune (one of two) is a slow-tempo piece of bedroom pop, though there’s additional musical accompaniment that makes the song swell with effortless beauty.  I’m always happy to hear more from one of my favorite Austin artists.

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New Gem from Ramesh (formerly of Voxtrot)

I wondered what happened to Ramesh, formerly of Voxtrot.  Personally, his songwriting was always really affecting, so I am glad to see he’s getting back out there.  Floating around the Internet is his EP 1, which you can stream right HERE for your own listening pleasure.  It’s still got that soft quality of pop that you came to expect from his old group.  Not sure if he’s still writing from Austin, but I’m going to claim him as one of our own, as we need all the good musicians we can get.  Best of luck to Ramesh as he gets back out there in the music world.


Download: RAMESH – The King

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