Winter Aid Share Silk Video

I have to cop to the fact that the piano line from this new Winter Aid song completely sucked me into the tune; it swept me up and turned me over dropping in the midst of the tune, as I’m hoping it does for you. Between those little rolling piano notes you’ll find the mystery that’s made this song so intoxicating, for me anyways. Little hints of noise echo in and out, with a snappy bit of percussion keeping the pace, setting the scene for Shane Culloty’s voice; he’s got some notes that remind me faintly of Spencer Krug, holding onto this imperfect fragility that I can’t escape. This is the first track we’ve heard from the forthcoming Pull the Sky Inside.

Another Hit From Topographies

Bay area band Topographies released one of my favorite tunes late last year and they don’t appear to be slowing down as we enter 2024. Yesterday the band dropped this dark wave inspired new tune called “Chain of Days” and it just had to be shared with you all. It builds on the heavy synth sound and washed out guitar sound from previous releases and is sure to build buzz for the upcoming full length. Dig it below.

Topographies new album entitled Interior Spring is outon February 2nd viaDark Entries.Pre-orders are live now.


Topographies Share Night Sea

We’re nearing that end of year time in the ATH offices, but of course we still have time to sneak in some jams before the end of the year. Topographies out of San Francisco certainly want to be considered for year end list praise with a new single like this one, “Night Sea.” It’s a super dark wave, meets industrial sort of tune with very subtle hints of bright synths to give it some stellar pop vibes. Normally this might be an IT Department tune. Today it’s for us all.

Topographies will release a new album entitled Interior Spring on February 2nd via Dark Entries. Pre-orders are live now.

Lavender Blush Share New Single

While early recordings melded the sounds of distortion with pop tendencies, the rumor has it that the latest release from Lavender Blush will pull back a bit on the noise work, letting the band’s power evolve more organically. Our first listen to their new work has the band immediately forcing toe taps with a driving rhythm section and a marched vocal delivery. Longtime fans needn’t fret, as the group still has keenness to work those pedals back into the mix, as you can hear feedback lurking here and there, opening up just before the two minute mark, bringing the song to a noisier close. You Love Me Now Wait is the band’s forthcoming EP, it’ll drop on November 17th via Shelflife.

Indianna Hale Shares Another Single from Yesterday’s Glitter

Admittedly, I have a cliche opinion about what San Francisco likely sounded like in the late 60s, and perhaps that’s filled with Hollywood misinformation…but even still, it seems like Indianna Hale has channeled the ghost of her current hometown. Her latest single is filled with groovy psychedelia and stunning musicianship. That said, it almost feels like the musical piece is really just a fancy get-up meant to set up the listener to swoon when Hale’s vocals open into their delightful croon. In fact, it almost feels like Indianna is haunting the Hollywood version of paisley paths, and I couldn’t be more stoked to spend more time with Yesterday’s Glitter; it drops on September 1st via Perpetual Doom.

Qozy Share Pieces, Release Sleep Over EP

Qozy released the Sleep Over EP last week, and it took me a minute to catch on, but as I did, I reckoned there were a handful of folks would be like-minded. Of the handful of tracks on the EP, “Pieces” is one that I keep gravitating towards, particularly as it keeps providing this warped vision that seems to kind of hang on the edges of my own sanity. You’ll hear the song warble a bit, as if the tape was deteriorating and creating this fade in and out. Sitting carefully in the center are the vocals, with lyrics written by Qozy’s dceased friend; it adds a harrowing detail to an already subdued vibe, letting you fully immerse yourself in the tune. The Sleep Over EP is now available, so jump right on in!

Cindy Share Earthly Belonging Single

If ever there was a band coming through with a new LP that needed praise and adoration then it would absolutely be Cindy…though I’ve been hoping folks would catch on far earlier. Each single that drops from Why Not Now seems to up the ante on the band’s sound, expanding into an almost bouncy bit of pop on their latest. The rhythm section controls the song here, kicking out this steady little gallop that serves as the backbone for a solid vocal performance from Karina Gill. Strangely, this song seems like a natural progression, and in the whole of the record, it doesn’t feel out of place one bit, as the charm they’ve delivered has always been there, they just push it way up front. Seriously, how is this not already one of the best albums on everyone’s list? Go grab a copy of Why Not Now from Mt. St. Mtn.; it drops on April 14th.

Marika Christine Releases Apricot

What the hell are they funneling into the water in San Francisco?! Marika Christine is another artist from the Bay Area whose craft is totally fascinating. On the surface, Christine’s vocal is the star, as that’s utilized to lift the song up and down, providing movement as it goes. But, that being said, I’m captivated by the various styles that are being brought in and out of the tune; you get little hints of bossanova, little hints of jazz and dabs of electronica, all of which gets spun around a pop centric little circle to enjoy. This tune will be on Marika’s new album, a reminder to push your pop music!

Black Thumb Share Low

It seems one cannot go through a single week around these parts without getting into something rad coming from San Francisco, like Black Thumb. While I can hear the sonic similarity, particularly in the way the song’s pace works out, I think one thing I really love is that there’s this natural clarity that comes through in the songwriting. The synth/organs hang behind the mix, while the guitar seems to operate in unison with the drums, both giving the tune a bit of foundation for the voice. I love the added textural layer of backing vocals near the song’s end, perfectly encapsulating all my pop dreams in one closing moment. The band release The Flying Propeller Group on April 7th via Dandy Boy Records.

Cindy Announce Why Not Now LP

For all the bands that the masses adore, it makes zero sense to me that Cindy isn’t up there in that upper echelon of indie rock. Perhaps they’re too careful or too quiet, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to continue to immerse myself in everything they do musically. The video below accompanies the news that the band will release Why Not Now on April 14th, which will likely continue to spin at my house throughout the entirety of the year. There’s something about how the band feel so studied in their craft; there’s not a single note that seems out of place, as if they’ve structurally engineered the perfect pop song. It moves slowly, sure, but carries this solemnity in its melody that I find magnetic. If you’ve not been able to indulge in this band, then by all means, stop waiting. Why Not Now will come out via Mt. St. Mtn. and Tough Love Recordings.

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