Show Review: Dan Deacon @ Scoot Inn (3/7)

For this show review, we’ve brought in a new contributor to the team who will hopefully hit up some shows we might not normally attend and offer even more coverage in the Austin area. On Saturday night our new writer, A.Burnett, went out to Scoot Inn for a show by the now legendary performer Dan Deacon. She wrote some words for us and took some pics as well. Her review along with photos can be had after the jump.

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Show Pics: Jon Hopkins @ Scoot Inn (4/23)

We dodged the rain. In fact, it was a perfect night, the heavy air transmitting sound well. Scoot Inn was an odd selection for a pure electronica artist like Jon Hopkins, what with its wood paneling and gravel dance floor, but fans showed up and put the venue at capacity right when Jon took the stage. It was a drifting set of ambient tones that would build to grooves and break back down again with a set list spanning years of albums and collaborations.

Orthy put down a DJ set before hand, merch was bought, the sun set and the yard moved. Pics and show notes to follow…

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Show Preview: Jon Hopkins @ Scoot Inn (4/23)

I’ll be out dodging the few rain drops hoping for heavy air as Jon Hopkins is going to perform at Scoot Inn tonight. The artist has been on our playlists for a long time, scoring spots in our year end best-of song lists and through collabs with King Creosote. This is a pretty rare opportunity to catch one of the best electronic artists building, layering and unleashing tracks live. Orthy will be performing a DJ set beforehand, but be warned – there has been a low ticket warning on bookface event page, so don’t assume they’ll be available at the door, get tix here.

Tuesday Austin Show Spotlight

austin_live_music_retailrI know we’ve all got our eyes on the Fun Fest prize, but let’s not forget that there are some great things happening in town, leading up to the night. There’s a great album release, a good local show, and some traveling bands that deserve some attention.  If you check below, you can see some of the places on your list…there’s something for everyone. If tickets are available beforehand, you can pick them up by clicking the price. Enjoy your Tuesday.  Read more

Show Preview: Growlers @ Scoot Inn (9.27)

The-Growlers-by-Trevor-OwsleyThe last few years, my record collection has grown in size, due greatly to the productivity of The Growlers.  Last year, they had Hung at Heart, which made it into our Top Ten Albums of the Year, plus an EP; this year they released Chinese Fountain this week…again, already winning those of us at ATH over.  It’s this combination of jangling pop, Cali swagger, and even a hint of some folk elements…all things I can get on board with.  So, if you’re looking to make a splash with a date, or just catch a really incredible show, you should head over to Scoot Inn on Saturday night to catch these guys.  You can pick up tickets HERE.  The show will start at 9:00 PM, but doors are at 8, so you can come in early and grab a drink with the friendly staff.


Download: The Growlers – Someday [MP3]


Austin Spotlight: Weekend Show Suggestions

austinLooks like we’re in for a nice weekend, weather-wise, so that makes things perfect for a venture out to some of our great local venues to catch a show, or maybe even two. There’s lots of good shows this weekend, most of which are featuring local bands we adore. Take a look, a listen, and pick a show to hit up this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll see see you there.

Friday, March 28th:

A Giant Dog, Roky Moon and Bolt, Daniel Francis Doyle – Hotel Vegas – 9 PM – $5

Moistboyz (Dean of Ween), Meat Puppets – Mohawk – 8 PM – $15

Nic Armstrong & the Thieves, For Her & the Snow – Lamberts – 9:30 – $8

Saturday, March 29th:

Spray Paint, Nazi Gold, Empty Markes, Massageinist, Slash & Spread – Hotel Vegas – $5

Roger Sellers, Hikes, Chipper Jones – Holy Mountain – 9 PM

TonTons, Speak, Good Field, Casual Strangers, Slomo Drag – Scoot Inn – $10

ATH & SXSW: 3 To Watch

sxsw-&-athWe ATH crew are here to make sure you don’t completely screw up this whole SXSW thing and hate yourself for doing so.  Now we realize that every website in the nation shares some musical advice on the festival itself, but we like to think that we can offer you our opinions in condensed, easy to read versions.  Our policy has always been to only post things we like, and we promise to continue doing that.  We’ll be spending the next week or so fulfilling our promise with some SXSW artist to watch, 3 at a time.  I’ll start things off today by telling you a bit about 3 bands I deem worthy of your time.  Follow the jump for more.

For current show postings, keep in mind that it’s still early and many shows have yet to be announced.  We will post what we can find at this point. Read more

ATH Interviews: Doug Guller

We here at ATH have always been huge fans of east side venue Scoot Inn, so we were intrigued to hear that Austin business mogul Doug Guller was purchasing the property.  Doug obviously knows the live music scene here in town, as he has owned and maintained popular venue The Parish for quite awhile.  Our intrigue of this recent acquisition lead to an informal interview with Doug via email.  Follow the jump for Doug’s responses to how he plans to restart the famous east side locale.

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Show Pics: Literature @ Scoot Inn (2/11)

A light show, four Candelabra bulbs do not make.

My uppance for complaining about the light a few shows back? Perhaps, but I persevered and was able to grab some pics for you from Literature’s set at the Scoot Inn. We’ll have their vinyl available soon, pre-order here people. So in the meantime, no better way to get geeked up than to hit a smaller venue on a busy night to see how the material is shaping up live. It was good, really good.

Rhett & Dean and Neighbor opened. Click through for noisy, but fun pics.

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Show Preview: Literature @ the Scoot Inn (2/11)

Date Saturday, Feb 11th
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 900 mp
Tickets $5 @ the Door

Things are picking up on Saturday night, and we’ve got a great local show for you to get in on! Literature, ready to release their Arab Spring record in April, will be taking the lead role on the night, and they’re a remarkable live act.  But, atop from being our favorites, you can also catch Neighbor and Rhett and Dean over at the always hospitable Scoot Inn. If you didn’t get into the Thurston Moore show, this seems like the next best place to find yourself on Saturday is by joining us at the Scoot.  Oh, and as if we have to remind you, you can pre-order the Literature record HERE.


Download:Literature – Grifted [MP3]


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