Meet the SXSW Band: Orions Belte

Now that we are starting to churn out some of these SXSW previews, you can sort of start to feel the excitement growing for the festival. Say what you will about the current state of things either in Austin or with the festival itself, we will still support these artists and have a good time all week. While you’re out there looking for some new bands to follow or check out, might I suggest the Norwegian trio known as Orions Belte. You can scope their interview along with music and current SXSW dates after the jump.

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Blast This New Viet Cong Track

unnamed (2)After Viet Cong, made up of past members of Women, shared their lovely debut single, “Continental Shelf” from their upcoming record last year, the internet has been abuzz with praise and hype for what this band’s first album has in store. Following the enticing psychedelic power pop of that track, the band’s got another track from their forthcoming record to share with you and get you even more ready for the full record. This track has a little less of a Wolf Parade vibe and more of a straightforward rock and roll feel to it– the multilayered vocals dominate “Silhouettes” alongside the shredding psych’ed out guitar lines.┬áTheir debut self titled album is slated to come out in a few short weeks on January 20th via Jagjaguwar Records and you can pre-order it right here. You really don’t want to miss this track/band/album.


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