Ski Lodge Quietly Returns

A few years back, Ski Lodge was all the rage, but then things seemed to go quiet from Andrew Marr. Ever so often he pops up with a new single, just doing his own thing, writing for himself it seems..and me too. This new track is a bit of a move away from where he began, but it’s a beautiful place to find him, treading over that ground warmed by the likes of Hamilton Leithauser and other such powerful voices. Here things unfold gently, rising carefully, but never so far as to seem boisterous, crawling back beneath the mix. Lush arrangements abound, with sweeping strings, all of it building towards the cathartic release at the 2.5 minute mark. Not sure what the future holds here, or if there’s a planned release, but I’ll welcome a newly penned Marr tune any day.

Ski Lodge Quietly Drops New Tune

I’m really enjoying the way Andrew Marr is working with is Ski Lodge project; he’s slowly just dropping tunes as he works towards a new LP. And now we have one of those such tunes, a slow jam of sorts built upon light guitar rings and a piano backbone, leaving plenty of space for a somewhat forlorn Marr to operate with his voice. He seems to be working with the concept that he’s not accomplished all that he set out, a lament of missed opportunities. When its all said and done, you’re left with another striking entry into the catalog; let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long for more new tunes.

New Number from Ski Lodge

Andrew Marr and his project Ski Lodge have quietly released a few singles over the last year, and just before the music Internet takes a break, they’re dropping one last upbeat number. It opens with an almost New Order ode, bubbling yet distant, driving home an infectiousness from the get-go. Marr eventually makes his way in there with his deepened croon, accentuated by increased pace from the drums and a wash of synth. The central guitar line still captivates throughout, easily making this one huge bouncing bit of joy. No word on a future release, but for now, let’s enjoy the ride.

Jam This New Ski Lodge

It wasn’t too long ago when Ski Lodge was on the lips of every indiepop fan, and then it seemed Andrew Marr withdrew a little bit from the light. He’s released a few singles in that time, and this latest one is definitely a hit. The synths are sure to force people to throw out 80s references, but in the end, it’s Marr’s control over his vocal range this round that really makes this song work. He’s still capable of making an infectious tune that is sure to resonate with all sorts of listeners. Hopefully this is a sign of more new music to come!

Let Ski Lodge “Crush Your Heart”

12241054_910061415745802_7849050622918147658_oWhile there have been some great gems, this may be the best track of the day. Ski Lodge, or the project of Andrew Marr, has long held a place in our hearts, but this new track “Crush Your Heart” is really something and I can’t stop listening. It’s got a little bit of dream and synth pop action going on here, combined with a danceable rhythm that allows room for a bit more than just head bobbing and toe tapping. The synths really pack a punch, while the guitar parts keep you grounded in the tune and the lyrics remind you of the anxieties of dying (as if we really needed a reminder of that this week). I’m telling you, this track has truly got it all. Take a listen and make sure you pick up a tape off the limited run of the upcoming 2/26 EP here.

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We Hear More from Ski Lodge

darkwaveIt’s hard to tell exactly what is going on with Ski Lodge these days. At one point, I thought Andrew Marr was ready to go in his own direction and leave the name behind. But, here we are with another great new track from the band, at least in my mind. Seems to me that Marr has peeled away some of the shimmering indiepop tendencies from early on and traded them for a more synth-driven bit of dark wave. This tracks’ nice, but whether or not it packs the same punch on a full-length is yet to be determined in my mind. Still, the title of the upcoming release is New Life, which may just mean there’s something fresh being breathed into the life of this act. Look for the EP via Old Flame Records in early 2016.

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Ski Lodge is No More, But…

newlifeI should have posted about this the other day when I got wind that Ski Lodge was calling it quits, at least in regards to the name of the project. They only had one real release, which fueled my adoration for great indiepop.  But, those who appreciate the songwriting might want to pay attention to Andrew’s new project, New Life.  At first, this seems like a much more synth driven version of the harmonies he constructed with his old act; it almost sounds like a more accessible version of Trust, which isn’t a bad thing in my book.  Not sure about his release plans at this point, but we’ll keep you posted.  For now, RIP SKI LODGE. Best of luck, NEW LIFE.

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Ski Lodge Clearly Still Has It

lodgerI’m greatly surprised that the new Ski Lodge single is getting less attention than their last effort, despite leaving listeners with two really great songs.  We’ve already tossed out the A Side, “Trust,” but I think the B Side is even stronger.  It’s a quieted piano ballad, opening softly with croon of Andrew Marr, washed over by a nice electronic touch.  There’s true emotional power in the first chorus, before the song takes on a more emphatic ballad form.  Honestly, as big as a fan as I was of their first album, this might just be the best thing the band has done…if my two cents count for much.

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Ski Lodge Return to Smooth Out the Edges

skierIt’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Ski Lodge, and I’m glad to see the band’s return…I loved Big Heart.  While their first effort seemed to hold tight to the realm of indiepop, they look to go with a smoother, larger pop sound behind the efforts of main songwriter, Andrew Marr.  You’ll still hear huge harmonies and melodies bursting forth, though in a different fashion…those touches have been polished to sound more like a band working in a hi-fi studio. The “Trust” 7″ will be available for pop fans on February 23rd.

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Brand New Single from Ski Lodge (SXSW)

skilodgeOn Ski Lodge‘s Big Heart, things seemed really tight and focused, allowing the indiepop act to weave hooks into the record so well that its staying power was undeniable.  Today a brand new single entered the world, and it’s a pretty bold statement as to where the band is going, musicall.  You’ll hear a band who’ve evolved to leave you with this incredible expansive pop song, centered around a really powerful piano line.  This definitely isn’t your mom’s Ski Lodge!  You can go pick up the single from the band now, and catch them all over the States on tour, including several dates lined up for SXSW.

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