Austin Spotlight: Young Tongue

YoungTonguePicYou want to do what!?!  Many bands in the past have decided at one time or another to take the leap and change their name after copyright issues, lack of hits on google search, etc.  Today we’ve been told that local hit makers The Baker Family are moving on from their old ways and officially going by Young Tongue.  I personally think the change is for the better, but of course I never would have told them that before today….  So the band begin their new adventure with a new single called “Cat Calls” which can be found below.  I’d call it a great, driving, indie rock number that certainly won’t let anyone forget about these guys after the rebranding.

Young Tongue will be celebrating the release of their new single at Red 7  on February 22nd.  More info here.


Download: Young Tongue – Cat Calls [MP3]

Show Pics: Wild Nothing at Red7 (8/29)

Late night for the photo guy, album reviewer, significant others and assorted friends.

Wild Nothing last played Red7 on the coldest day of the year in 2011. I remember icy sidewalks and legit need for wool hats. This time around, the show moved to the larger outdoor stage to accomodate demand with a swing of the weather pendulum towards 90F at show time. Austin’s Boy Friend and Super Lite Bike opened.

Click though for a few thoughts and plenty of pics.

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Show Preview: Wild Nothing @ Red 7 (8/29)

Date Wednesday, August 29th
Location Red 7
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $10 from Transmission

I’m sure you’re probably tired of us always raving about Wild Nothing, but I promise you this is a show you need to be at.  I was skeptical at first, knowing the group was mostly a bedroom project, but Jack and his buds totally killed it that night, making me a life-long fan for sure.  I know all of us at ATH couldn’t do anything but rave about it for a good solid month.  Plus, two great ATX bands will help get you in the mood: Boy Friend and Super Lite Bike.  Please get there early to support all the bands…it’s always appreciated.


Download:Wild Nothing – Nowhere [MP3]

Fresh Millions @ The Parish (8/14)

Date 8/14/10
Location The Parish
Doors 9pm
Tickets $7 @ Door

The week of shows sponsored by Austin Town Hall continues on Saturday night with a show by 3 of our favorite local bands.  All ATH Summer Mixtape bands, we proudly give the stamp of approval to all bands on this lineup.  Headlining the evening’s events are ecltro group Fresh Millions along with alt-rockers Love at 20 and indie rock kids SuperLiteBike joining in the fun.  At only $7, we’re sure this is the best bang for your buck in town.


Download: Fresh Millions – The Helicopter [MP3]

Austin A2W: Super Lite Bike

Sometimes it’s hard for us to find artists worthy of featured posts on the site since we live in a town completely saturated with new and veteran bands.  It is easy however when we are directed to bands with a unique and compelling sound like Austin boys Super Lite Bike.  Somehow we’ve missed out on these guys since their inception a couple years ago, but we are now on board and driving the band wagon of hype.  The Austin quintet known as Super Lite Bike have previously played in several bands around town with many names and many faces.  With a new name and the search for their own sound, the band is ready to release their debut LP Away We Go later this week.  What you’ll find on that record is what sucked us in from the get go: A band who understands what it means to try something new.  Sure they’ve got the progressive rock label on them, and that’s cool.  You would be wrong however to simply write them off as another “experimental rock” group.  Their style is like nothing else going on in Austin right now… and of course we dig that.  Be sure to pick up your copy of their new album on Thursday at your local record store.

You can also catch these guys live on Thursday at The Parish for their record release party starting at 9pm.  I know we’ll be there!


Download: Super Lite Bike – Raise the Colors [MP3]

Super Lite Bike @ The Ghost Room (4/15)

Date 4/15/10
Location The Ghost Room
Doors 9pm
Tickets $5 @ door

A new band to the Austin scene we’ve been digging recently, Super Lite Bike, are putting on a show tomorrow at The Ghost Room.  Fellow locals Perfect Pants and The Daze will be playing in between the 11pm set time for SLB.  Check out one of their new songs “Raise the Colors” below and see why we dig their style.


Download: Super Lite Bike – Raise the Colors [MP3]