Spice World Share Useless Feeling

If you haven’t boarded the train to Spice World, might beg you to join, as the band seem set on releasing a pretty timeless record at the start of next year. There’s something in the vocals that brings about this striking familiarity, like a friend’s on your porch detailing their latest yarn. It provides this naturalness that’s been drawing me in like some sort of crazy pop tractor beam. Behind those vocals, you get a steady tapping of the feet, like bouncing a baby on your knee as guitar notes flirt with jangling. It all comes together perfectly when you hit that chorus, adding in the backing vocals to maximize the saccharine core that makes this group so endearing. There’s No I in Spice World drops to the world on January 20th via Tenth Court and Meritorio Records.

Spice World Share Dying to Go/What a Pity What a Shame Single

It’s hard not to get overly excited when you hear the immediate infectiousness from Australia’s Spice World. That drum beat dropped in behind the guitars on “Dying to Go” and I just felt like I had been welcomed into a party with all my best friends; there’s this natural freedom to the track, rambunctious and fun, tethered to a hook all the while. Then they slip in and slow things all the way down on the flip, getting a little more of a look-in to the band’s ability to switch speeds mid-album. And speaking of album, the band are using this double single to announce There is No “I” in Spice World out on January 20th via Tenth Court and Meritorio Records.

Wireheads Drop Life After Winter Single

Why the fuck aren’t there more bands like Wireheads you ask? Well, likely because no one’s got the chops and creativity to pull it off. Lyrically, the band are always all over the place, fitting airplane crashes, flowers and dinosaurs into a neat little narrative; there’s still some thematic ties always pointing towards what band leader Dom Trimboli describes as “life’s hope and dreams and absurd things that occur.” Musically, it lands somewhere in the fashion of what’s cool with that sort of manufactured post-punk, though this is done with some bluesy roots rock guitar licks that William Miller would most likely called incendiary. Constantly snaking through genres and styles, the band never cease to impress with their creative approach; their new Potentially Venus album will be out later this year via Tenth Court.

Shrapnel Annoucne Alasitas

Shrapnel have been toiling around Australia for a hot minute, and now they’ve got a brand new record on the way courtesy of Tenth Court. This time around, the band have expanded their line-up, adding new instruments to flesh out their sound beyond the confines of jangling pop rock. Here you get a subtle nod towards psychedelia, with faint little woodwind nuances layered over the guitars. It almost feels out of place, but in the best way, reinventing the pop of 1970s communes and filling it with this new vibrant nature that makes it magical in its own way; you’re honestly not sure what direction they’re going, or where they’re taking their cues, but your ears are rewarded with every textural note. Alasitas drops on June 11th.

Stream Albums from Space Tan, Phantom Handshake, Rosie Tucker and Mope City

There’s always tons of stuff to stream and check out on a Friday, and I’m sure there will be lots of buzz around the new Crumb album, and its a solid jam for sure…but here’s a few of the records I’m stoked on today, so maybe you’ll get a chance to jam something else on the outside.

Space TanInti Raymi (ATH Records)

Okay, so we’re putting this out on our ATH Records label, doing a fresh to death cassette designed by the band. Musically, its a blend of modern indie pop with dashes of psychedelia thrown in to expand your mind.


Phantom HandshakeBe Estranged (Z Tapes)

We’ve covered all the singles from this record, so that should suffice to say that this New York duo have crafted a wonderful collection of dream pop tunes that we can solidly support day in and day out.


Rosie TuckerSucker Supreme (Epitaph)

Rosie Tucker has been one of my favorite songwriters since the drop of Never Not x 3, and they don’t miss a beat with the new LP. You’re not likely to find a lyricist as clever, at least not today, so save yourself the trouble, if that’s what you’re looking for in your jams!


Mope CityWithin the Walls (Tenth Court)

Imagine being in a band and loving Lift to Experience, Low and Bedhead, then throwing all that in a bowl and stirring it up with an inclination to fit into the Aussie pop scene, and that’s what you get here. This is one of those bands I wish more folks in the US got into, but you can’t save ’em all.

Mope City Share Don’t Understand the Shorthand

While I get that few people on this side of the pond have probably heard of Mope City, I kind of wish that would change, mostly so I could talk to someone who loved the band’s work as much as I do. At times, I feel like I’m listening in on some private late night whispering between Matthew and Amaya, but at other times, I’m taken aback by the barrage of feelings their work creates. Every time I look for pigeonholing, I can only come with references to the likes of Low, Lift to Experience or Bedhead/New Year…but maybe with like this quieted charm you might have picked up on a Moldy Peaches record. There’s really nothing like this Aussie outfit; look for Within the Walls on April 30th via Tenth Court.

Mope City Share Rocket Surgery

Ever just wanna get in your feelings? Well, have you tried listen to Sydney outfit Mope City? I’m quite partial to their 2019 LP News from Home, but this new single is pretty much putting me into a one track state of mind. Just imagine the abandoned child of Low and Bedhead being left on your record player. There’s distorted edges, barely shaking your speakers, careful not to overplay against the underlying melody. This new jam features on the band’s forthcoming LP for Tenth Court, Within the Walls, which drops on April 30th, but the Rocket Surgery EP has three bonus tracks recorded during that session that will certainly put you in the mood for what’s in store here!

Mystery Guest Share A Joke

We return to our almost daily coverage of Aussie outfits, by looking over at Mystery Guest, who released a wonderful debut in Octagon City; they’re here now with a brand new single to wrap up 2020. The duo is known for making ‘club music for the chill pop crowd,’ and its clear that Caitlyn’s voice has the ability to force you to fall in love with a tune; I love her move in this tune of dragging and playing with pronunciation of syllables, particularly when its riding the melodic wave of the tune. It all works over a driving organ/piano and a percussive element that does its best to steer clear of the track. If you haven’t visited this band yet, then perhaps this is a great place to start!

Stream Zipper’s Dreamer’s Gate EP

There’s a slew of releases I missed last week trying to take a few hours for myself and my family, but this Zipper one is definitely one I would have shared last week. Dreamer’s Gate is a collection of five songs of swirling guitars and pounding rhythms, propelled forward by natural pop inclinations and Haruka’s voice. Don’t let that fool you though, as there’s a heavy darkness reverberating throughout the entirety of these five tracks; it builds this super tension that makes you anxious at every single turn, particularly if you’re listening to “Ice,” which is one of my favorite songs off the EP. The whole thing is available via Tenth Court, so give it a listen!

Permits Share Negative Heart

At the end of this week, we’ll finally get to hear the entirety of the new LP by Permits, but before launching off in that direction, it seems fitting we should get one new track. This one was pinned by Tam, who was one of the main songwriters in Pop Singles (he also dropped a bunch of great demos earlier this year that you can hear HERE). I love how his voice gives way to a sort of heavier feel for the band; it’s almost psychedelic in nature, which adds another layer to the band’s arsenal. Just a steady pop song I reckoned you’d enjoy on a Monday if you’re listening. Time Permits is out Friday via Tenth Court!

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