Cool Aussie Jams: Hooper Crescent + Sachet

I bought a ticket to the mental struggle-bus last week, so didn’t have a solid albums of the week to run, though there were definitely some things I would have turned you onto, from my end. Both of the below Aussie outfits have already popped up on our end, but we wanted to make sure you got some stream info…with a moderate two cents…you know, to make up for my error.

Sydney’s Sachet dropped their excellent The Seeing Machine, which opens with “Crushing Whims,” which has been on a steady rotation throughout; I’d jam to the EP on this track alone. Personally, Lani Crooks vocals win on every single track; it feels like a new voice that’s begging to be your new best friend. It’s available now from Tenth Court.

Then you’ve got Brunswick’s Hooper Crescent who bring a bit of math-iness to post-punk, creating a sound that definitely bubbles with creativity. It’s a frantic bit of jittery rock n’ roll, with each track offering a different side of the rock n’ roll trends. Grab the Essential Tremors LP from Spoilsport Records.

Sachet Announce Brand New EP, Share Lead Single

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Aussie outfit Sachet; they last released Nets in 2020. But, we can breathe easier knowing the group have a fresh EP on the way for us in 2024. While the band fancy themselves as a prog-pop outfit, they’re not straying too far off from classic punk meets pop vibes. You can hear some of the Debbie Harry playfulness in the vocals this go round, hitting those crystalline disco notes as the band snakes its way through a sort of musical call-and-response. Plus, you’ll find just a bit of punk ethos squeaking in too, adding some sharp licks that build the tension. Totally digging on it, so looking forward to The Seeing Machine EP, out next February via Tenth Court.

Joe Ziffer Shares Night Falls Fast

I’m really intrigued by what Joe Ziffer is doing on his debut LP; I loved the first single, but was left a bit gobsmacked by this new one. The solemnity of Joe’s voice here is almost as haunting as it is lonesome. It works over this very light strum, with another textural layer placed atop so that you can feel the forlorn nature at play. There are moments when you’ll find yourself drifting, lost entirely within the confines of the little nuanced moments, such as the cleve bit of play just after the 2:30 mark. Long Shadows is shaping up to be a brilliant listen; it’s going to be available via Tenth Court on November 24th.

Joe Ziffer Announces Debut, Shares Ouroboros

I tried to dive into some Joe Ziffer background, but there wasn’t a lot out there; I can vouch for his new label, Tenth Court, as they’ve been a reliable spot for great Australian pop songs over the years. Joe’s sound is perhaps difficult to pigeonhole (thankfully) as it seems like its made of two minds. On one hand, there’s this natural guitar energy that courses through the song, providing almost a textural backdrop that allows the track to ride in the rock n’ roll sidecar. But, at the core, there’s this home-recording feel, like a guitar magician just noodling about with a melody in mind, strumming and filling the track with just a teaspoon of traditional pop mentality. Another exciting release coming from the label; Long Shadows hits on November 24th.

Friday Album Streams: Lightheaded, Blue Ocean, Mope City and More

There’s only a few more sleeps until all the music folks decided to hibernate for the year, so better be sure to listen to as much new music as possible, right? Well, on this Friday, we’ve got a couple of really delicious records for you to devour, if that’s your thing. No need to wax poetic here, just links so you can fall in love and spend some quality time with your new favorite LP.

LightheadedGood Good Great (Slumberland Records)

Mope CityPopulation 4 – (Tenth Court)

Blue OceanFertile State (Slumberland Records)

A Beacon Schoolyoyo (Grind Select)

Half DreamWill I Still Bloom (Self-Released)

UpchuckBite the Hand That Feeds (Famous Class)

Mope City Share Laminating the Classics

Between the work of Flooding and Mope City, I’m definitely living in a dreamland where acts are brandishing heavy-handed riffs to go with their slowcore stylings. On Mope City‘s latest single, they start off in this sludgy pool, only to rise out of those ashes to work their way into some super cool alternative vibes. Feels to me like a lot of flirtation with Sonic Youth’s catalog, working from within the confines of a punk ethos to kind of dive into this underworld of explorative pop. They’ll likely get some Low comparisons too, as they mention in the bio for Population: 4, so you know the best thing for you is to grab a copy from Tenth Court Records; it drops on October 13th.

Mope City Share Eat Yr Promises Single

Mope City has long been one of those little secrets, but as they look forward to Population: 4, its time everyone else gives the group a listen. They would likely be filed under slowcore nowadays, mostly due to pace. This new single, however, continues the ominous push they’ve made shared with us this year, toiling in that sort of experimental hardcore territory, tied to the shores of melody. Discordant notes and heavy riffs intermingle here, though the vocals feel like a young Kim Gordon beckoning you to come into the band’s recording space where they pummel you with those riffs all over again. And, just as you thought you couldn’t take it, they tease you with one more melodic tickle of the ear bones…and we’re done. If this is something you’d dig, Population: 4 is out via Tenth Court on October 13th.

Stream New Albums from Gaadge, Annie Hart and Dippers

It’s Friday, and you obviously know that Bandcamp has the goods; I myself have already spent a nice little amount on things, with probably more I’ll need to grab as the day goes on. So, with that, here’s a few albums that popped up today that we’ve mentioned already in our single coverage, but hope you’ll spend a little bit of time with today…or maybe you’ll call them our Bandcamp Friday Recs. Do whatever, just enjoy some great new music on Friday.

GaadgeSomewhere Down Below (Crafted Sounds)

Annie HartThe Weight of a Wave (Uninhabitable Mansions)

DippersClastic Rock (Goner Records/Tenth Court)

Dippers Share Recurrent Sight

Through their first EP and the following singles, I’ve been way on board with what Dippers have been doing since rebranding themselves. That said, this new single, the last before they drop Clastic Rock, might be the best thing they’ve done to date. Matthew Ford gives one of his best vocal performances thus far, and something about the relaxed jangling of the track just fits right into my musical wheelhouse. But, for all the sweetness and hooks, the group continue to explore the sonic realm, as they take on a little freakout in the track’s latter half. Clastic Rock is out August 4th via Goner Records/Tenth Court.

Dippers Share Encouragement in Brackets

Although the name of the band has changed from Thigh Master to Dippers, there’s still one thing that you can’t take away, which is Matthew Ford’s ability to craft these insane little melodic treats in the band’s songs. When we caught Dippers during SXSW, I’m pretty sure I heard this track and was swooning with this little charm of 13 seconds; the first time it appears is at the 1:12 mark (again at 2:36), with Ford letting the syllables just hang perfectly in the air, rising and falling right into your lap. Power pop of this sort is certainly meant for the masses, so we hope you’ll grab Clastic Rock on August 4th via Tenth Court/Goner Records.

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