Say Hello To Angel Twin

Well things are winding down around the ATH offices for the holiday break, but we’ve still got a few more tunes this week before shutting things down. Up today is a new tune, from a relatively new project, called “Ride” by way of Fort Worth upstart Angel Twin. It’s like they’ve taken some of the best parts of shoegaze and then melding it with super dreamy and bright elements of indie pop. This is going to be hitting all of my Holiday playlists for the weekend.

Old Fire Share Window Without a World ft. Julia Holter

There’s this building tranquility in the forthcoming LP from John Mark Lapham’s Old Fire project, and perhaps no track on the album better epitomizes that than this carefully constructed new single, featuring Julia Holter. Everything about this tune feels like slow-motion, like some sort of glitch in the matrix where you can see/hear the goings-on, but only watch from your window. Julia’s voice is actually a sample Lapham used from “World,” but he’s almost made it robotic, which only increases the solitude of the vocal in the midst of this ever expansive tune. It’s really a quieting journey you won’t want to skip in this chaotic mess of a world. Voids will be out on November 4th via Western Vinyl.

Stream New EP From Mall Walker

As we get slammed sometimes later in the week with new music and various announcements, we often miss out on some great tunes as we wade through the muck. One of the things I missed out on last Friday was the killer, self-titled EP drop from Austin’s own Mall Walker. Though these gents feel like they may be quick to garnish the “emo revival” label, I see a lot more grit and hardcore tendencies from the band. Sure, the EP has some post-emo inspiration ala Braid or Jawbreaker, but the hints of post-punk and snarling vocals give this a sound truly their own. Definitely not just another “emo revival” band. Check out the full stream below.

Mall Walker’s new self-titled EP was out on Friday and is available as a vinyl release from Better Days Will Haunt You. Buy yourself a copy now.

Mountain Time Release Meet The Kid

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ATX legend Chris Simpson and his large catalogue of music with Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper, and tons of other local groups. Over the last few years, Simpson has turned his focus to a more singer/songwriter folk style of music with his project Mountain Time. If you didn’t pick up his “best of” or song collection of solo music from last year, Saint Francis, Zookeeper, well you should really grab a copy. This year Chris is working on a new album for a planned release next year, but in the meantime he’s shared this new single “Meet the Kid”. As has come to be expected, Simpson displays his keen ability to construct a near perfect folk inspired, American pop tune. Dig it.

Hovvdy Do It Again

Though they may have left Austin due to ever rising costs of living, we will always have a special place in our hearts for Hovvdy. Honestly, at this point if you aren’t a fan, well you must just lack musical awareness or suffer from poor tastes. ZING. Ever the hard workers they tend to be, Hovvdy aren’t resting after their breakthrough album True Love from last year. No, the guys have taken some of the leftovers from the True Love recording sessions and have a new EP coming on May 27th entitled billboard for my feelings. Prior to the EP release, we’ve been treated to this mellow, enchanting new tune “Hide” to enjoy while we await the full drop.

Hovvdy are also about to embark on a lengthy US tour. Tickets are on sale now.

Banger From Mother Ghost

Oscar and Thomas Flores are a brother duo from Houston who record under the moniker Mother Ghost. As our brothers to the east, we are happy to report that the boys have recently wrapped up their debut full length LP with plans to drop it later this week. Prior to the end of the week, we are pleased to blast this new singled called “Mother Ghost”. It’s sort of a dark, brooding take on new wave with an incredibly slick baseline and a hauntingly similar sound to a certain Wang Chung song (if it was slowed down and turned into horror pop). Help me in supporting our new friends over in H-Town.

Mother Ghost will release Somnmbulo this Friday, September 10th via Geodesic Records.

Stream New EP From Low Horizon

Houston based outfit Low Horizon came onto my radar a couple of years ago and I’ve been eagerly awaiting new music from the band ever since. Well now the trio are back with not just one, but three new tunes on a brand new EP of material entitled Two Days. The EP highlights the bands sort of old school, garage rock meets indie sound similar to bands like Sleater-Kinney or Built to Spill. I’ve been lucky enough to share the stream for you fans, and if you dig it, consider throwing them a few dollars over on bandcamp for a download. Viva la Texas!

Skirts Share Another Single from Great Big Wild Oak

Listening through to the latest from Skirts is quite a mind-fuck, but in the best way possible. Bounding piano lines call to mind an old school saloon feel, not to mention the bending guitar lines giving off a forlorn Western tilt. But, Alex Montenegro’s voice has this pure pop sincerity you don’t get to encounter too often; it just feels honest and available, as if you could read Alex’s emotions right through the vocal tones. It’s contrasting, sure, but it’s also cohesive, illustrating the ability of Montenegro to lead us by the reins as we journey through the Skirts musical journey. Great Big Wild Oak is out July 30th via Double Double Whammy.


Another New Tune from The Deathray Davies

Sixteen years later, and I knew I was waiting for this exact tune from the Deathray Davies! A few seconds of toying with me, then it drops right into this huge wall of pounding power-pop, pumping out these catchy riffs and tasty little melodic treats. I won’t lie, this reminds me of all the late 90s college rock, the catchy sort that somehow made it onto normal radio stations that Suburban kids like myself could record and put on mixtapes for their friends. It’s that brand of pop rock where you think you’re too cool for it, but then you decide, nah, I’m going to crank that shit up and rock out. Their new LP, Time Well Wasted, is out this April.


Rockin’ Track From Primo Danger

As many of you know, Nathan and I are truly struggling with the current world of online learning so we are excited to get a few days off, listen to some tunes, and relax. For me, I am seeing a lot of enjoyment and weekend stereo blasting with this new track called “Welcome Son” from our Dallas brothers in Primo Danger. The song has this unique way of combining poppier indie elements like say Franz Ferdinand with a more post-punk sound like Les Savy Fav. It shows a real promise of what will surely be a bright future for this up and coming Dallas area band.

Primo Danger have a new EP out today entitled Welcome Son. It’s available for stream and purchase right now!

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