Show Preview: Disastronauts Benefit @ Mohawk (10/13)

Date 10/13/11
Location The Mohawk
Doors 8:30pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

After their successful show featuring Her Space Holiday and Octopus Project, the Disastronauts foundation has put together another show this Thursday night at Mohawk to benefit the musicians displaced by the Bastrop fires.  This show features headliners Black Books, and support from Residual Kid, Boy + Kite, and La Snacks.  The show will also act as the EP release party for the up and comers Residual Kid.  Here’s a track from their new album entitled “Can’t Take Me Away”.


Download: Residual Kid – Can’t Take Me Away [MP3]

Show Pics: Junior Boys @ The Mohawk

You could tell who was from Austin at ACL by their reaction to the rain. While I loved seeing the bits of green, yellow and red on the radar Wednesday night, we had an outside show at the Mohawk to hit. Junior Boys were in town and I will freely admit that since I first heard “In the Morning”, I have been a big fan.

The rain fortunately parted sending water from the skies to areas just North and South, leaving a wall of clouds filled with lightning as a backdrop for those on the upstairs patio. And while you could sense the weather kept the crowd down a bit, I think it only kept the lesser fans away as everyone at the Mohawk was way into it.

Egyptrixx opened, more on the show and a few pics after the break…

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Show Preview: Junior Boys @ the Mohawk (9/27)

Date Tuesday, Sept. 27th
Location Mohawk
Doors 630pm
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

In what is sure to be a great week for one of our favorite local establishments, the Mohawk is kicking off their anniversary week (unofficially) with the most excellent Junior Boys.  The band released their latest LP, It’s All True, earlier this year, and it just builds on the band’s ability to compile incredible beats with sexually tinged vocals atop.  It’s sure to give you a reason to move your feet, and for the super cheap price, you have no reason not to be there.  Opening the show will be Egyptrixx.  Let’s all make it a great week for the Mohawk, and get out there and help them do up anniversary week right.


Download: Junior Boys – In The Morning [MP3]

Show Preview: Ty Segall @ the Mohawk (9/17)

Date Saturday, Sept 17th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800p
Tickets $10 at the Door

You looking for a show that might not be full of ACL festival goers? Okay, so I can’t promise that, but one of the best shows on Saturday night actually has nothing to do with ACL; it just has to do with good old classic garage rock.  I’ve raved about Ty Segall, and I’ve even posted on the excellent Mikal Cronin, both of whom will be playing at the Mohawk on Saturday night.  If you’re needing your fix of great rock n’ roll, then you need to meet me here for this killer show.  And, you can catch OBN IIIs, the great Austin act while you’re at it.


Download: Ty Segall – You Make the Sun Fry [MP3]

Show Preview: Tim Kasher @ the Mohawk (9/6)

Date Tuesday, September 6th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $12 from Frontgate

It’s quite possible that you’ve forgotten Tim Kasher, as Cursive seems to have slowed things down, but Tim’s been doing his own thing for quite some time, wether under his given name or The Good Life.  He’s always got a personal story to tell, and he weaves his words well. You’ll be able to enjoy his passion for songwriting, with a full band no less, Tuesday night at the Mohawk, which should also give you time to enjoy the great weather we seem to have stumbled upon.  Also opening the show is Aficionado and Milk Thistle.  Give it a go; you’ve got nothing to lose.


Download: Tim Kasher – Cold Love [MP3]

Show Review: Handsome Furs @ The Mohawk

Seriously, I am sick of the heat. This has been a brutal summer, but everyone that was at the Mohawk Friday night braved the radiant warmth and put their energy into the show. Handsome Furs’ performance was contagious. Dan and Alexei were giving themselves to the crowd, thanking us fans for allowing them to be on stage, to perform for a living. It was too much almost, but the profuse appreciation for the audience never came across as staged or as pandering. It was genuine.

Austin’s Lean Hounds set the crowd up for the exhausting performance. More notes and some of the favorite pics I’ve taken in a while are after the break.

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Show Preview: Destroyer @ The Mohawk (3/25)

Date Friday, March 25th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800p
Tickets $12 from Transmission

What? You didn’t get enough good music from SXSW?  Good, because we’ve got one great bill laying in wait for you over at Mohawk this Friday.  First, you’ll get the quirky pop wonderment of Destroyer, or Dan Bejar if you like.  For his voice alone you should attend this show, nevermind the amazing song arrangements he’s managed to put together over the years.  Also, you’ll get one of our new favorites, War on Drugs, who craft really quiet, atmospheric numbers seemingly filled with secret messages.  This show could be out of this world, and we hope that you’ll head out to the Mohawk to meet up with us.  Both bands are guaranteed to be worth your time.


Download: Destroyer – Chinatown [MP3]

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