Weekend Show Spotlight!!!

Since the weather’s great, there’s no reason we can’t all go down town and enjoy a rocking good time.  Shows are plentiful, and many are more than worth your time, so be sure to get involved in the local scene guys, and you’ll be glad you did.


Jon Spencer Blue Explosion @ Mohawk – We don’t need to say much, as this band’s been doing a great job for years. Tickets are $20, Doors at 8.

Curtis James & Grape Street, John Wesley Coleman @ Mohawk – This show kicks off after JSBE, and it features some of Austin’s greatest gritty bands. Love them all.

MoTel Aviv CD Release @ Beauty Bar – Go support great local music, and buy their CD!


Pinback @ Emos – Pinback is one of my favorite acts, and they always put on an excellent live show. Tickets are $14.

Oh No Oh My, Generationals @ Emos – You absolutely must see the Generationals, one of our favorite bands, who put out the great Actor Caster. Tickets are $10.


Lord Huron @ Emos – If you didn’t hear us rave about Lord Huron after SXSW, then hear us now. There’s not a bad song in the bunch, not to mention they sound incredible in the live setting. Tickets are $8.

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  • Going old school, Echo and the Bunnymen playing the first two albums at LZR.

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