Free Week Recommendations for Thursday!!!

Things are heating up with Free Week, with tons of shows being lined up for your enjoyment.  The schedule might seem busy, but like SXSW, half the fun is skipping from club to club to catch your favorite acts.  Here’s where you should be on Thursday:

The Energy @ 29th Street Ballroom — Energetic punk band that just signed to Dirtnap Records.

Wes Coleman @ Red 7 — They call him the trashcan troubadour, I just call him a great songwriter with a dash of dirt.

The Sour Notes @ the Mohawk — One of our favorite Austin acts who continue to get better with age.

Tow the Line @ Scoot In — Former bros from Recover and the Visitors bring you some rock. 

Here’s some tracks to sample: The Sour Notes, Wes Coleman, Tow the Line:

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Top 15 Texas Albums of 2011

Oh man, is 2011 over already?  It is indeed, which means End of Year list time!  Of course, that means it’s time for you to tell us where we went wrong, but on this list, we’re thinking we got it pretty right on.  You’ll notice we expanded our list to a Top 15 of Texas Artists, as we thought our state did a great job, musically (not politically) speaking this year.  I’ll admit, it might be a little Austin-centric, but we’re based in the town, so get the Austin word a lot faster.  Apologies to Houston and San Antonio, as your scenes weren’t represented, but it’s nothing personal.  Feel free to leave us a comment to yell at us or tell us we were right on.  But, that being said, remember this is just the OPINION of a few dudes keeping it real in Austin.

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A2W: The Sour Notes

sournotesThe Sour Notes are an Austin band who have arguably released more material in the last couple of years than any other local band.  What makes the large discography for such a new band (3 LPs and a 7″ to be exact) even more impressive is that each release was put out on the band’s dime.  Anyone who has been involved with a band currently shopping a label knows how hard releasing material on your own can be.  Don’t tell that to leading man Jared Boulanger.  He Originally started The Sour Notes in Houston, TX as a moniker for what was essentially a solo project.  Shortly after his debut in 2008, Boulanger began bringing some friends on board to a form a new band that could tour and play live shows together locally and nationally.  2010 has seen the band release a new LP It’s Not Gonna Be Pretty with a follow up already planned for later this year.  Now, recently returning from another east coast tour, the band has a welcome home show planned for Thursday night at Mohawk.  The up and coming locals will be playing along with Zest of Yore and The Demigs.  Check out this latest single “Do-ers & Say-ers” from the band below and find out why we think you needs ta know about these locals.


Download: The Sour Notes – Do-ers & Say-ers [MP3]

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