Humpday Austin Shows: Our Austin Show Preview Spotlight

53640-Happy-Hump-DayThe great thing about our fair city is that with all the huge traveling shows drawing people out, we can also sneak off to our favorite venues to catch a lot of the great local acts.  And, for those of you out on the town already…you’ve had a few drinks so far, so you may as well go the extra mile and catch one of these three suggested shows below.  I promise you won’t be disappointed in your night.  Check out these gigs:

Think No Think, A. Sinclair, Lowen @ Mohawk – 9 PM – Free if you’re already at the Future Islands gig.

A Giant Dog, The Stuffies, Trustees, DJ Andrew McCalla @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM – Not a single bad band on this bill.

Tele Novella, The Sour Notes @ Stubbs – 10 PM – It’s a free show following the modern day version of Wilson Phillips, Haim.

Here’s some tracks by some of the bands playing (A.Sinclair, A Giant Dog, Sour Notes) on the evening, hoping you go local, then go home.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]


A Night Out In Austin (2/5)

Mozes & The FirstbornIt was a busy Wednesday night. We had some solid locals kicking off bills that featured some far travelling acts we have loved and some we wanted to see if they were the real deal. We straddled our two most frequents haunts, The Mohawk and Red7, despite the bone drying cold. I met Nate downtown, brought one camera, one lens. Instead of a normal show review, I am going to do the share few thoughts and plenty of pics thing.

Bands featured: Hundred Visions, Mozes & The Firstborn, The Sour Notes, Yuck and together PANGEA

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Austin Midweek Show Choices

austinmusicWeekends in Austin always make it hard to pick a good show, but this Wednesday you’ve got a lot of really incredible options to choose from. I don’t even know which of these shows I’ll attend, but I’ll definitely be at one, if not two!  If you’re the type of person that likes to take your Hump Day with a little dose of rock n’ roll, pick one of these sweet concerts to check out. Click on the prices for ticket links.

Yuck, Sour Notes (tour kick-off), Hola Beach @ Red 7 – $13 – 9 PM

Teach Me Equals, Bloody Knives, Occulta Vero @ Beerland – 9 PM

together PANGEA, Mozes and the Firstborn, Hundred Visions @ Mohawk – $10 – 9 PM

Ash, Deaf Havana, The Villas @ Stubbs-  $12 – 8 PM

Here’s some tunes from Yuck and Mozes and the Firstborn.



Show Preview: Grooms @ Mohawk (10/23)


Date 10/23/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 9pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

It’s yet another great week /weekend of shows here in Austin and I see a great place to kick off your week right with a set by up and coming indie band Grooms at Mohawk.  Joining the band on stage will be local favorites The Sour Notes and Yum.  I see a great and cheap option to kick off your music week the right way.  Do it.


Download: Grooms – I Think We’re Alone Now [MP3]


Welcome Home the Sour Notes

holyshowOne of Austin’s hardest working bands, The Sour Notes, have just returned from a good little tour, so we’d like to celebrate that first of all; I’m glad they were able to successfully hit the road.  But, in honor of their return, they’ll be playing at The Blackheart this Friday night (it’s free), so you should all head out in order to welcome them.  In other SN related news, they just released a cassette single, which includes the below cover of “Mannequin,” originally one of the hits on Wire’s Pink Flag (one of my favorite LPs, period).  They do a dreamier take, but they definitely do the original justice.  Plus, the band has a video for their new single, which you can watch HERE! So many good things happening for these guys. Cheers; see you friday!


Download: The Sour Notes – Mannequin (Wire Cover) [MP3]

John Laird Turns 30 @ Holy Mountain – Tonight!

Going on 30 - BadgeThere’s a small little “blog” community in Austin, and we’re happy to be part of it; it also means we’ve got to support the other people involved, like John Laird of Side One Track One, who celebrates his 30th year of life with great music for you at Holy Mountain.  You’ll get to hear LA Snacks, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, The Sour Notes, Space Camp Death Squad and Miss Manners, with the first band kicking things off at 9 PM.  It’ll only cost you $5 to get in and support the bands, plus there will be drink specials and free cupcakes (while they last). Come out and support the locals and celebrate birthdays!


Download: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Visions [MP3]

ATH + PPI + No Play Music = SXSW @ the New Movement

newmovement_webWe’re really happy to be teaming up with yet a bunch of other rad Austinites to help promote a great little day show over at the New Movement Theater on 7th and Lavaca…its close to all cool happenings.  Bryan over at Pop Press International is the big organizer, and he’s gotten some great bands together, including traveling acts and local acts (we’ve got rep our town bro!). There will be adult beverages from Adelberts and Lone Star, free tacos til they’re gone and more…so show up and have fun. Click on for more info on the show! Read more

Show Preview: Tame Impala @ Stubbs (2.26) + After Party


Date Tuesday, February 26th
Location Stubbs
Doors 6:00 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

It should be no surprise that Tuesday’s show with Tame Impala has sold out. The band has been universally praised with their two albums, the most recent being Lonerism.  It’s weird to see a band burst forth with such enthusiastic praise, but I assure you, having spent hours upon hours with the band’s music, it’s more than deserved.  I actually haven’t seen them live, so I’m looking forward to see what they have to offer in the live setting.  They’ll  be bringing friends The Growl with them from Australia.

And, immediately following the show, there is a killer set inside the venue featuring our local favorites Feathers and the Sour Notes.  I say go for it all.  Six hours of perfect music to make your perfect Tuesday.


Download: Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams [MP3]

Show Review: A Night @ Holy Mountain

We wanted to put more coverage towards the locals this year and our friend Glen Brown was going to be at the Red Bull Sound Select show at Holy Mountain earlier this week. He offered up some thoughts and shots, so we were like “yeah, do that” and he was like “OK, I will” and we were like “that’s gnarly”. So we have a little love for Gentlemen Rogues, The Sour Notes, Not In The Face and Ume.

Click through for Glen’s notes and plenty of pics. I should have gone. You should have gone. We should have gone.

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Show Preview: The Sour Notes @ Red 7 (7/21)

Date 7/21/11
Location Red 7
Doors 7pm
Tickets $9 @ Door

Our long time amigos The Sour Notes are kicking off a big summer tour soon and are starting things off right with a massive local show at Red 7 this Saturday.  The talent list in the lineup is crazy good and goes something like this: The Cymatic, Waikiki, New York City Queens, The Sour Notes (duh), Royal Forest, The Midgetmen, Knifight, Growl, Imagineiam, Jess Williamson, Little Brave, Melissa Bryan, Mrs. Howl, and Burgess Meredith.  Wow.  You guys get all that?  So yes, this is a big one with a lot of great bands that are sure to entertain.  Hell, it’s only $9 for all those bands people.  Support the locals!


Download: The Sour Notes – Two Hands Wait [MP3]


Download: The Midgetmen – Beer’s Gone [MP3]

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