True Green Shares Fresh Single

Take a second and turn on this True Green single. If you spend about 1 minute, you’ll quickly realize that this could be an act that explodes into the world of hitmakers, if it could only land on the pages of GQ. There’s this natural hipness to the vocals; they bounce casually, like a sunny day bounce on the trampoline. All around, the guitars squiggle and wiggle, not too far off of what the tweens adore about Mac DeMarco. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with a grin, as if you got to hear demo tapes that Malkmus recorded at home in his bedroom; it’s carefully fun, with the right amount of cool. My Lost Decade is out February 1st via Spacecase Records.

The BVs Share Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures

What I’ve always adored about the BVs is their adherence to building albums where each tune feels purposeful; there’s intent in the style and the placement of tracks. It seems like we’re nearing another bit of that with their latest LP, if we’re to compare and contrast this new single with their first. “Clipping” came out at the end of last year, arriving as this bounding piece of energetic pop. But, today, they share the title track of their new album, and it’s a much more pensive piece, building slowly, churning and turning in upon itself a reflection of the imagery that flashes through the video (created and animated by the band’s Fred). Pictures flash and fade away, with drawings moving like op-art, where you’re unsure whether its the song or the image moving…or both. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the 2:40 moment hits and the exuberant nature of the band begins to shine through; lyrics are delivered more quickly and the drums seem to have a bit more snap, shifting the tune ever so slightly, naturally creating this feeling of longing that I hope you’ll love. Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures will be out on February 16th via Shelflife/KUS!

Happy Like This Video from the Wind-Ups

A little over a month ago, the Wind-Ups dropped their latest LP, Happy Like This…and today we get a video version of the album’s title track. For all intents and purposes, it’s a skate promo, which matches up with the song’s lyrical content…”I’m happy like this.” Musically, you could file it under a mixture between various genres of punk; it’s a little bit gritty in spots, but also manages to sound huge and anthemic like you’d expect from a Spits record. Just goes to show that a little bit of proper noise can go a long way. If you’re interested in hearing more, might we suggest picking up Happy Like This from Mt. St. Mtn.

Sturt Avenue Share Title Track from Bury Me in the Garden

So, while us here in the States were turkey-ing up, the rest of the world carried on as one should, just like Sturt Avenue, who released Bury Me in the Garden. We’ve covered the band’s work before, noticing their brand of orchestral chamber pop and how it naturally has that swelling feel-good nature to it. The title track from the record has an incredible vocal performance, again, from Bryn Soden; I love how we can feather a note, but then turn around and pull another tone from deep in the gut…and all the while there’s a perfect bit of accentuating backing harmonies to boost. Feel like this is the warmest welcome to a fresh week of music!

Kedr Livanskiy Drops K-Notes; Shares Title Track Video

Hoping you realized that last night, or this morning, however you see it, Kedr Livanskiy released the brand new K-Notes EP; it’s accompanied by a self-directed video for the EP’s title track. Entrancing ambient vocals open the tune, inviting you to indulge just before the beats drop into play; it was those exact beats that really caught on for me, twisting and turning like some distant relative of traditional drum and bass work. At the 1:25 mark, the traditional vocals come in, albeit in Kedr’s preferred Russian, so for most anglophiles it’ll add another layer of otherworldliness to the tune. Looking forward to escaping the day a bit while listening to K-Notes; it’s out today via 2MR.

Dreams on Tape Drop Tomorrow’s Unknown EP

I have been really enjoying the craft of Dreams on Tape over the last year or so, with singles slowly trickling out across the Internet. Today, Jake Benfant’s recording project drop their latest, Tomorrow’s Unknown EP, with the title track running below. When I first heard it, I really loved the wash over the vocals; the coating has this thickness that reminds me of Blank Dogs, yet doesn’t lose any of the melodic cornerstones. Musically, you can certainly hear the drenched electronics circling back and looking at the pop of the 80s, mixing the darkness with little blips of pop; it kind of reminds me of some of those bangers on the last Strokes record. Give it a listen.

Whitney’s Playland Share Sunset Sea Breeze

What? Another day and another track from Meritorio Records? And from San Francisco no less? Whitney’s Playland should be high on everyone’s anticipatory lists, particularly if you’re giving time to this new single. It incorporates some of the fogginess that is omnipresent in that scene at the moment, but there’s this melodic 90s nature to it too. I feel like it’s a San Francisco version of the Breeders, and to be honest, I’m totally on board to get behind that vibe. Sunset Sea Breeze is going to just add to the lore of the Bay Area; it drops on March 17th via Meritorio.

Cool Sounds Share Like That Single

Whatever caused the shift in sonics for Dainis Lacey, we’re reaping the rewards on the listening end, particularly when it comes to the title track from the new Cool Sounds LP. It’s interesting that this is also the record’s closing track, as it seems to set us up for this sort of climb atop the mountain, only to find solace in this heavy pop masterpiece. There’s little shining diamonds in the corners, twinkling notes here and there splashing up to mix in with the pulse; it just reeks of cool for some reason, perfectly cinematic in its presentation. Like That is out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Fujiya and Miyagi Drop Slight Variations

There’s no shame in getting a little bounce in your step on a Wednesday, and who better than to slide into your dance routine than Fujiya and Miyagi. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the band in years, until news began to circulate of a new record, so I went back and broke out the jams. This new single is just what the band are known to do, working in a propulsive groove that’s got just enough kick to it, then letting some nuanced tricks tickle your fancy as the song moves along; there’s a little guitar shuffle here, thicker beat there and maybe a vocal layer; it all works to slide you into those dancing shoes. Their new album, Slight Variations is out on September 30th via Impossible Objects of Desire.

Free Time Share Jangle Jargon Title Track + Video

A few weeks back, we got the strikingly sparky “That’s Rare” from the forthcoming Free Time LP. Below, you’ll find the Jangle Jargon’s title track in video format, revealing a more pensive brand of guitar pop from Dion. We join Dion (and dog), canoeing alongside him in still waters while the gentle strum paddles us downstream; it’s a mellower turn than the opening single, allowing the listener more of an immersive experience. Just at the 2:22 mark or so the percussive element gives us a bit of a gallop, with Nania relishing the mantra of “jangle jargon” before the song erupts into a bit of pop exploration, guitars noodling as Dion accompanies in visual interpretive dance. A different journey down the river, but one that’s as equally rewarding as its predecessor; Jangle Jargon drops on September 30th via Bedroom Suck Records.

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