Whitney’s Playland Share Sunset Sea Breeze

What? Another day and another track from Meritorio Records? And from San Francisco no less? Whitney’s Playland should be high on everyone’s anticipatory lists, particularly if you’re giving time to this new single. It incorporates some of the fogginess that is omnipresent in that scene at the moment, but there’s this melodic 90s nature to it too. I feel like it’s a San Francisco version of the Breeders, and to be honest, I’m totally on board to get behind that vibe. Sunset Sea Breeze is going to just add to the lore of the Bay Area; it drops on March 17th via Meritorio.

Cool Sounds Share Like That Single

Whatever caused the shift in sonics for Dainis Lacey, we’re reaping the rewards on the listening end, particularly when it comes to the title track from the new Cool Sounds LP. It’s interesting that this is also the record’s closing track, as it seems to set us up for this sort of climb atop the mountain, only to find solace in this heavy pop masterpiece. There’s little shining diamonds in the corners, twinkling notes here and there splashing up to mix in with the pulse; it just reeks of cool for some reason, perfectly cinematic in its presentation. Like That is out on October 7th via Chapter Music.

Fujiya and Miyagi Drop Slight Variations

There’s no shame in getting a little bounce in your step on a Wednesday, and who better than to slide into your dance routine than Fujiya and Miyagi. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the band in years, until news began to circulate of a new record, so I went back and broke out the jams. This new single is just what the band are known to do, working in a propulsive groove that’s got just enough kick to it, then letting some nuanced tricks tickle your fancy as the song moves along; there’s a little guitar shuffle here, thicker beat there and maybe a vocal layer; it all works to slide you into those dancing shoes. Their new album, Slight Variations is out on September 30th via Impossible Objects of Desire.

Free Time Share Jangle Jargon Title Track + Video

A few weeks back, we got the strikingly sparky “That’s Rare” from the forthcoming Free Time LP. Below, you’ll find the Jangle Jargon’s title track in video format, revealing a more pensive brand of guitar pop from Dion. We join Dion (and dog), canoeing alongside him in still waters while the gentle strum paddles us downstream; it’s a mellower turn than the opening single, allowing the listener more of an immersive experience. Just at the 2:22 mark or so the percussive element gives us a bit of a gallop, with Nania relishing the mantra of “jangle jargon” before the song erupts into a bit of pop exploration, guitars noodling as Dion accompanies in visual interpretive dance. A different journey down the river, but one that’s as equally rewarding as its predecessor; Jangle Jargon drops on September 30th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Peel Dream Magazine Announces Pad

With two striking releases on Slumberland, it’s high time Peel Dream Magazine go for the trifecta, and it looks like that’s on the agenda, as the band today announce Pad. That said, those looking for a repeat of early successes will find the sound’s pushing in an entirely different direction. There’s still that faint hint of a synthetic backbone, though it hangs as more of a backdrop on this first single. In exchange, we get something that feels a little bit like our own frolic in a world created by the artist; in a sense, it feels like an adventurous take on a symphony, adding a bit of playfulness to the art. Definitely will be interesting to hear how the rest of the effort shapes up; Pad drops via Slumberland/Tough Love on October 7th.

Scarves Share Title Track, Delicate Creatures

Scarves are still spitting out catchy indie rock numbers as we head towards the release of Delicate Creatures, and today, we get the band’s title track from that new LP. Lyrically, the song hits on how our lives can change instantaneously in this fragile world, facing our mortality and our constant struggles, with Niko hoping “you make an impact” on the world around you. It’s a bit of hope thrown into the world, but the way the band balance the gentle nature and fragility in both lyrical content and musical vibes is perfect; they erupt when you least expect it, bursting forth with emotion in a split instant, then settle. Walking the tightrope between lyrics and sound is a true gift, so untie the bow and enjoy this new single from their Delicate Creatures record, out August 26th.

Stella Donnelly Drops Flood Video

Stella Donnelly‘s new album is really high upon my list of what’s coming out in the second half of this year. There’s something special about her delivery, mixed between spoken word, though this latest single sees her really expanding her melodic moments into this brilliantly cool breeze. There’s a playfulness too, be it in the video or the general vibe, which is always interesting, as Donnelly definitely plays with dark subject matter; she does that here, with the song written in response to “a flood of drama” and working your way out of that. Flood will be out on August 26th via Secretly Canadian.

Tim Burgess Shares Typical Music

Not going to lie here. I went through 97 emails of songs released today, or songs I should be into, and not one hit, not until I got to the end of the stretch and hit on this Tim Burgess track. It should come as no surprise, seeing as I’m a big Charlatans fan, that I’d adore his recent work. It seems like his solo stuff has only grown in quality through his albums. I mean, here, I’m just happily bopping my head and spinning around to the chorus of this tune; something about his work just feels so light-hearted and playful, and therein lies the charm that I keep coming back to time and time again. Typical Music is out in September via Bella Union.

Hazy Sour Cherry Announce Strange World

The good folks at Damnably have already brought us one incredible record this year from Say Sue Me, and they’re looking to tap into my bank account with a new record from Japan’s Hazy Sour Cherry. I got hooked by falling in love with Tsuzumi’s voice, which sounds like a modern Belinda Carlisle, albeit with a bit more punctuation and sharpness to it. There’s a lot of steady blending of surf notes and rolling thunder rhythm throughout, but if you can’t just let the emotional vibe wash atop you, then you’re missing out on this absolute powerhouse of a pop jam! The group will release Strange World on June 15th.

Die! Die! Die! Share This is Not an Island Anymore Single

It takes a lot to tickle my angsty tendencies, but man if Die! Die! Die! aren’t doing their damndest to keep me on board. This last week they shared the title track from their new LP, thundering with the rhythm section from the get go, while the guitar operates like a noisy transmission from another galaxy. It feels like the song’s lurching, stopping then starting until it can no longer control itself and unleashes a blast of fury, tearing through your speakers before the song is no more. The new album, This is Not an Island Anymore will be released this Friday.

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