Die! Die! Die! Share This is Not an Island Anymore Single

It takes a lot to tickle my angsty tendencies, but man if Die! Die! Die! aren’t doing their damndest to keep me on board. This last week they shared the title track from their new LP, thundering with the rhythm section from the get go, while the guitar operates like a noisy transmission from another galaxy. It feels like the song’s lurching, stopping then starting until it can no longer control itself and unleashes a blast of fury, tearing through your speakers before the song is no more. The new album, This is Not an Island Anymore will be released this Friday.

Bridge Dog Share Gone South Single

Having seen that I was already in their pocket, Bridge Dog decided to up the ante by sharing the title track from their new Gone South EP, just to see how much I’d swoon. Well I have news for you, I’m fawning again! The band toyed with me bringing in this lightly angular discordant guitar line, before turning it into this glistening jangle. Minor plot twist, but it sold me immediately on the track (and the band!), but then the vocal come in, similar to what you’d expect from an Alvvays record, just blowing the roof off with another incredible pop tune. If this group isn’t on your radar, be ready come December 3rd when they share the entirety of their Gone South EP.

Another Jam from Motorists

Did you order yourself a copy of Motorists new LP yet? No, well what are you waiting for? Oh, you need another hook-laden jam to tease you into throwing down some cash? Well, perhaps you want to check out the album’s title track, jamming below. It opens with a sharpness, those cutting riffs kicking those boots high in the air as you dance and stomp your way all across your bedroom floor. But, the chorus steers way clear of those angling riffs, bringing in an sort of barrage of 90s college rock attitude; it’s the sort of thing you’d expect to hear on the radio had it hit in a different time. This sort of intermingling of sounds is something I hope is prevalent throughout Surrounded; I guess we’ll find out when it drops on September 3rd via Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive/We Are Time.

Jessica’s Brother Announce Just Rain

As a Wave Pictures fan, it was easy to get into the first LP from Jessica’s Brother (Jonny Helm plays in both bands), but honestly, I feel like with one single, they’ve already topped that early affection. Today they announced Just Rain, and this ripper of a tune is the perfect way to kick off your Friday. The crashing guitars sound absolutely huge, like this stormy wave of distortion (and occasional soloing) bashing us over the head. That said, the trio, pull back in all the right spots, letting you take a breath before smashing you right in the face. And more fun, you can enjoy the noise, but it operates entirely separately from the generous pop moments that course throughout the tune…be that the backing bops or the core vocals from Tom. Just Rain drops this November via Fika Recordings.

La Bonte Shares Don’t Let This Define Me

I guess today I’m really into these slow burning tracks, the sort that kind of drip with endless emotion, like this new track from La Bonte, the songwriting project of Garrett La Bonte. When it opens, it definitely feels like something hanging in the territory between late 90s Jade Tree and Bedhead, both things that I’m perfectly fond of on my end. In the middle the song gives you a bit of respite, letting you breath for a moment before taking on a more pronounced jam mode; it recalls that sweet spot where slowcore burning tunes erupted into these delicious rock opuses that erupted and crested in your ears. Don’t Let This Define Me, the debut LP from La Bonte will be out Friday via Anxiety Blanket Records.

Paul Bergmann Shares The Other Side Single

Through the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to watch the twists and turns of Paul Bergmann‘s musical development; his latest work seems to find him in rare form, with some notes that have me completely falling for his work all over again. If you were to simply listen to the musical elements in this one, you’d likely walk away claiming it as a fine piece of craft, one billowing with arrangements and minute details you’ve really got to have an ear to find. But, Paul’s voice has this struggling nature to it in this performance, like he’s constantly gasping to get his words out there; there are faint moments of roughness you might find on the early Bright Eyes efforts too, so you get that pained intimacy. Looking forward to hearing the whole of The Other Side on April 2nd.

Special Friend Share Ennemi Commun

Not too long ago I raved about “Pastel,” the first single from Special Friend‘s forthcoming Ennemi Commun album…and here we are today with the LPs title track. Rather than dwell on the sweetness of the first single, this one pushes you into the fuzzy arena of that sort of porto-psych-pop, like someone who went to Levitation festival that was really into everything Laetitia Sadler’s done then churned this out on the other side. And I’m not complaining one bit. Plus, Erica gets the spotlight on this one, riding in between the fuzzy edges with this distant support from Guillaume, or so it would seem. I love the wobbly synth lines in there too, all before the song jettisons out into this spacey rock exploration. Ennemi Commun drops on March 26th!

Cotillon Releases Cruiser

Today you can finally get your hands or your ears on Cotillon‘s new album, Cruiser, and what better way to honor that release than to turn our attention towards the title track. It opens with little audio bites and this guitar line that seems suspended in thin air; it’s a sensation of weightlessness crafted by the textured sounds Jordan Corso has managed to craft. That guitar line hangs in throughout the tune, though other little layers sit atop, like the vocals or that guitar line sliding in and out of focus, all of it blossoming near the two minute mark for a euphoric bop that carries us to the end. Sample this tune and if you’re so inclined, go invest a little time in the full LP available today!

H. Moon Shares Trustblood

We’ve been following the work of Philip Ekstrom since the earliest days of this blog, though at the time, that was with his band the Mary Onettes; today he brings us another tune from his solo work under the H. Moon moniker. Our first listen definitely recalls some of the emotional effects that resonate with Mary Onettes fans; it’s like you peel away the haziness that coated that and reveal this shinier pop version of Ekstrom’s songwriting. There’s all this negative space too hanging about, kind of building that cavernous feel that lets you fall deep into the context of the song, floating endlessly in the subtle textures. Trustblood will be out on May 22nd.

Honey Cutt Share Coasting

There’s only a handful of albums hanging out on the horizon that I’m really buzzing about, and this new one from Honey Cutt is definitely on that list. Coasting will come out on March 13th, but today we get the title track from the record…a personal song from Kaley’s childhood about overcoming homelessness during a trying time for her family. Perhaps that’s why I’m so high on this LP; the lyrical content, thus far, seems really heavy and personal, but there’s this shimmering promise to the music. In part, that’s the nature of the genre here, but also maybe it’s more, maybe there’s promise for us all, and that’s what you get to take away with you. I guess we’ll find out when Kanine drops the LP in March!

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