Lutalo Drops Push Back Baby Video

Listening to Lutalo allows me to really digest my days; they create this mixture of soul and rock and smear it atop a pop canvas that leaves me with a sense of joyous bewilderment. Their lyrical content is always sharp, with this track hitting at capitalist greed and the systemic way it continues to run its course. But, you’d be forgiven if you miss that on the first run through (as I beg you to back) because the rhythmic bubbling is pure mental escapism. Not really sure where you’d file this, genre-wise, and perhaps that’s their best attribute, crafting tunes that speak, musically, for themself, with no need for identification. Keep an eye out for the Again EP, dropping via Winspear on August 25th, then hitting the road with Katy Kirby.

The Beths Drop Watching the Credits

The Beths should theoretically be riding the high of the release and success of Expert in a Dying Field, but there’s no slowing down it seems, as today they’re sharing a fresh new anthemic pop song. In truth, the song’s a leftover hit from their last album, with Stokes writing about her love of learning about movies through reading their credits, though they tell the story through the director’s lens. Musically, it’s everything that you’d come to expect from the band, delivering hooks and rock wrapped into a tight little package that will surely get you singing with the band; there are many writing sing-a-long hooks like The Beths. Look for the band touring the world, including tons of US dates in the Summer/Fall…all date HERE. You can also check their brand new Tiny Desk Concert!

Taleen Kali Share Only Lovers Left Alive Video

Taleen Kali will be hitting the road in just over a week, with an Austin date at Chess Club, so I wanted to make sure the band was on everyone’s radar, at least a wee bit. With an ode to vampire movies, feels drenched in sonic atmosphere, like the musical echoes of a cave filled with bats. I love how the vocals seem to kind of weave this magical spell, occasionally getting into the sultry vibe, but mostly operating with these pipes that feel like they could shatter your windows. If you dig it, stayed tuned to your local rags, as the band are spending the majority of October bringing you this song and more!

Broken Baby Drop Make Manager Video

Sometimes you just need a straight rock tune to clear the cobwebs in your brain, something to clean the stress out. Well, if you’re in that boat, turn up this new track and video from Broken Baby; it’s a song that will draw some comparisons to Amyl/Sniffers, particularly in the way the vocals have that biting sharpness that seems to warn the listener to back up…though you could also hear it being a riotous performance in the live setting. Speaking of that live setting, the band have a nice little mini tour going on this week and next with our own ATX friends in Calliope Musicals, coming to Austin on the 16th.

Check Out Witness From Sour Widows

Bay area trio Sour Widows really made a name for themselves last year with the highly praised release of the four song EP Crossing Over. Now focused on an upcoming Fall tour, the band sent over a brand new single called “Witness” earlier today and it was just too good not to share with you all. This song can really take you on a musical and emotional journey through slow builds, super dramatic crescendos, and stunning harmonies packed into the nearly 6 minute song. The progression sort of reminds me of early Pedro songs with the deeply rewarding, intensely emotional builds after moments of melodic reservation. Ya dig.

Winter Shares New Single + Tours w/ Peel Dream Magazine

After hearing everyone clamoring for Kate Bush lately, Samira Winter was like “Yo, hold my beer.” On this new Winter single, you get this cavernous brooding ground, something that feels like trudging through mud; it contrasts perfectly with the bright shimmering that is layered atop. It begins to swirl and mix, with more pronounced synth notes seeping through your speakers, all the while Samira’s voice just hangs in the air. It’s like this palpable mist, soothing all that ails you as the music spins through your earholes. This sort of dreaminess will definitely be on display when Winter takes hits the road with Peel Dream Magazine, plus we’re hoping we get a follow-up to Endless Space, sooner rather than later!

Chill Vibes From Otra Vez

Nathan and I were both huge fans of the debut self-titled LP from Mexico City based Petite Amie which came out around this time last year. It hit heavy rotation on our playlists and even featured in some of our year end lists from 2021. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the band so I was of course excited to receive this new single “Otra Vez” yesterday afternoon. It features a band on much more of an experimental, almost chillwave journey of melodies, bass lines, and an overall groovy feel. I am very much enjoying it this morning.

Petite Amie will also be touring the States this fall. Full dates can be found here.

Wombo Drop Snakey Single

Wombo were one of the highlights, for me, of SXSW; I love the band’s sound, somewhere in the realm of post-punk, and I can assume folks will likely make Dry Cleaning nods too (that might be a theme today!). This song operates atop heavy bass lines and short percussive notes; it’s not until the 48 second mark that the song begins to stretch it out a bit. When they do, angular riffs began to cut into that rhythmic backbone, sharpening the sound, with little distortion guitar blips sounding like warning alarms. Their album Fairy Rust will be out via Fire Talk on July 29th, and they hit the road throughout late July/early August…including an Austin date at the Mohawk.

Night Moves Share Twangy New Track

Minneapolis based Night Moves really caught and held my attention in 2019 with the release of their stunning LP Can You Really Find Me. For a year or so after the release, like most bands in the Covid era, things were slow and not much was heard from the group. But to no one’s surprise, the dudes were holed up in a friend’s cabin to record a whole slew of new material in the coming year. Having already shared two recordings from the sessions, today I am pleased to share with you this new single called “Feel Another Day”. I feel like this band continues to fill this void in need for country inspired, twangy pop music that I just don’t seem to get much more here in TX. Thanks to my Minnesota brothers.

Husbands Drop New Single, Wishbone

I’ve written about Husbands previously, a band hailing from my old stomping grounds of OKC, and with that, we’re here to offer you one final single before the band drop their new album. This tune’s all about the psychedelic underbelly, pushing this sort of buzzed electronica beneath this catchy pop brand. There’s definitely something seductive, particularly in the way the vocals are layered against one another, giving the voices their own sort of instrument to propel the song forward. That dark throb and pulse continues that push and pull feel, mimicking the way the vocals play against each other, letting the song sort of ebb and flow through your ears, twisting and turning as it enters the ear canal on its own terms. If you dig, the band drop their debut LP on January 18th…with a slew of shows you can catch up on HERE.

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