Have Another Hit From Martha

Durham (UK) based outfit Martha has really begun to strike a chord with Nathan and I over here around the ATH offices. We love the bands take on garage rock with a flair for loud guitars paired with super catchy hooks and pop inspired beats. The band has delighted us yet again today with the release of this new single called “Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?” featuring more of those big, sweeping hooks and musically superb guitar leads. It’s one of my favorite tunes this month. Enjoy.

Martha also announced a new album entitled Please Don’t Take Me Back due out October 28th via Dirtnap Records.


Playful Pop Tune From Nancy

Brighton based artist NANCY really hit the ATH pages a couple of years ago with the artful and quirky pop release of the EP, Happy Oddities. After the EP, NANCY also dropped a “mini-LP” last year, to much fanfare from most of the biggest music publications out there. While most have been focused on some of the bigger things going on in the music world today, I was a little giddy when I saw a new LP announcement from NANCY along with the drop of this new single “Judy”. It’s straight up just a near perfect indie pop song worthy of a whole bunch of repeat listens. Check it out below.

Blame Recordings will be releasing the official debut LP from NANCY, entitled English Teacher, on October 28th.


Bright Indie Pop From Pale Blue Eyes

If you’re out there looking for some bright indie pop tunes in your life, look no further than this gem called “Little Gem” from Totnes based outfit Pale Blue Eyes. The song is filling this void in an indie pop genre that has become ever diluted with artists looking to become pop stars and fill arenas. On the flip side of that, “Little Gem” offers this very playful and engaging sound with a great driving beat powering the track and never letting up for 3 minutes. Think The Drums pop stylings married with Wavves driving beats.

Pale Blue Eyes will release new album Souvenirs on September 2nd via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are live now.

Sniffany & the Nits Share Clam Chowder

Sniffany and the Nits have only recently popped up on my radar, but I’m completely entranced by the bands new single. Stylistically, the band take on a darker post-punk vibe, creating this cavernous world of snarling guitars and blackened tones, setting the scene for Sister Sniffany and her vocal barrage. Once Sister Sniffany enters the fray, her lyrics creep around every corner espousing a story of a housewife coming to grips with her husband’s need to be a swinger. At times, she’s snarling, while other points have her rolling with the song’s rhythm, but her performance is a warning of great things to come! If, like me, you’re new to the band, be sure to check out their brand new LP, The Unscratchable Itch, out via PRAH Recordings.

Sorry Share Let The Lights On

Right around two years ago, London based risers Sorry released what was, in my humble opinion, one of the best debut albums to come out in quite some time. After the debut 925, we’ve been treated to another EP and a few singles, but not a full length, proper follow up album. Today I am pleased to share this new single/video “Let the Lights On” with the accompanying news that the band will officially be releasing their sophomore LP entitled Anywhere But Here on October 7th via Domino. The track still has that slight hint of darkness and gothwave, but with these lovely new hints of a poppy vibe to create one of Sorry’s most memorably and catchy songs to date. This new collection of tunes will likely be in contention for all my year end lists come December.

Temples of Youth Share Keen to Be Clean

When I first listened to this new jam from UK outfit Temples of Youth, I’ll admit, I was immediately drawn into the current climate of post-punk stylings worked over with deadpan vocal delivery. Yes, tons of acts have been gravitating this way, and I don’t mind that, but this new single mixes it up when it gets right to the core of the chorus. Instead of something that feels disjointed or arty, they let that moment sort of blossom, letting a pop sensation coolly filter through your speakers. Subtle plot twists always win the day when you’re stepping outside the expectations.

Electric Pets Drop Don’t Leave Me

When someone drops Mazzy Star meets Dick Dale notes in your inbox, you know you’re interest is going to be piqued, right? Well, I checked out the new single from UK outfit Electric Pets, and now I’m hooked on their sound. My ears hear a bit of that smokey Sandoval-esque vocal, though channeled in a sort of dark psychedelic nature fit for a smoke-filled backroom lounge; it fits really well with the loose surf meets garage feel of the guitar work, with cymbal work adding in an added layer of hipness. The video’s a collection of other clips, past and present, furthering this modern nostalgic vibe that they’ve captured so well, walking that line between then and now. Look for the band to drop their Rhinoceros EP later this summer via Reckless Yes.

Playful New Tune From Mewn

Though it may be understandable if you haven’t heard of Manchester risers Mewn prior to today, I think they’ll be on your radar after you check out this new single “Two Days”. It has this sort of melodic emotional vibe similar to The National but with this tiny hint of pop playfulness to make it even more engaging and memorable. It progresses quite nicely.

Mewn will be releasing this tune on a new EP due out sometime later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy “Two Day” below.

Banging New Single From Pet Shimmers

Bristol based band Pet Shimmers took the ATH offices by storm back in 2020 and we’ve been eagerly awaiting some new music ever since. This Spring our patience has been rewarded with news of a new 7″ featuring this new track called “Sonder”. The tune has those familiar fuzzy pop notes we love from Pet Shimmers, but also maybe a touch more of a pop element and a beautiful song progression. This band is surely on a path to stardom.

This tune will be featured on a 7″ single coming out on June 16th digitally and July 17th on vinyl. Pre-orders are live now.

Fresh Announce Raise Hell LP

If you haven’t been listening to UK punks Fresh, then what have you been doing? I was stoked today to wake up and see that the band had just announced their brand new Raise Hell LP with a rocking new single. Kathryn Woods dominates the track, giving this powerful performance linked to the feeling of having a “mind that’s both under-stimulated and over-stimulated at the same time.” I love the way the bouncing keyboard sets up the huge drop in of heavy riffs to match up with the melodic delivery of Woods in the chorus. I can tell this one’s going to rip. Raise Hell will be out in July via Specialist Subject/Get Better Records.

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