Firestations Share Travel Trouble

Thick Terrain is just a few weeks away from its release, and with a new record on the horizon, Firestations have shared another stellar song to get you in the mood. Angular guitar lines squiggle their way right into your ears from the start, perhaps building a little audial tension. Soon, the sharpness gets pushed to the background, with the vocals being brought to the forefront, detailing a sense of common humanity, while perhaps calling out those of privilege and their treatment of modern inconveniences. For all the beauty of the song’s vocal core, the weight is certainly felt in the way the song explores sonically, hitting much heavier notes throughout the song’s linear unraveling. Thick Terrain is out on July 14th via Lost Map Records.

Ciel Share So Scared Single

Ciel have quietly been winning fans over the last several years, and we’d gladly consider ourselves among those admiring the group’s work. Today, there’s a fresh new single out from the group, offering a glimpse at their forthcoming Make It Better EP. They’ve lessened the waves of guitar noise that they first brought to our ears, focusing instead on the blossoming pop rock undercurrents that have forever existed. You can hear similarities to acts like Metric, bringing in these strong vocal lines walking a fine line between spoken and sung. When the chorus hits there’s a cascading guitar cutting in, with a more emphatic punch to those vocals hitting. Their new EP will be out on July 7th.

Bangin New Single From Nothingheads

We’re rolling through the start of summer over here in the ATH offices and we needed a lil pick me up this morning to give us a jolt for the week. Luckily we have London based Nothingheads ready for just such a jolt of energy with their banging and driving new song called “Beam Engine.” This one is full of energy with some passionate vocals like if the B52s took their quirky vocals and pop beats and blended them with say Death From Above. It’s fun as hell.

Nothingheads will release this track as part of a new EP entitled Sunlit Uplands due out on Friday the 9th via Just Step Sideways.

Pale Blue Eyes Drop New Single

Way back in August, a band called Pale Blue Eyes from the UK caught my ear with a refreshing and engaging song called “Little Gem”. Since that release and an album drop in September, the band has already shared news of yet another album coming later this summer. Prior to the album release date, the band is once again getting my hype train going with this new single “Takes Me Over.” Once again, I am really drawn into that driving bass mixed with the slightest hints of shoegazy, dream pop vibes. Lovely piece.

Pale Blue Eyes new album This House is up for pre-order now and hits the streets on September 1st via Full Time Hobby.

Tugboat Captain Share Like Caroline

Tugboat Captain have been hard at work in 2023, already bringing us their third single of the year, continuing a run of solid form the last few years. This tune opens up with a spirited bounce, before sliding into the great literary pop they send our way; there’s definitely some percussive snap here that reminds me of the punctuated moments in my favorite B&S tunes. When that chorus sails real high, you’re going to be rewarded, as you surely knew, built on this soaring vocal that illustrates the band’s range. Good to see them hard at work, and hopefully the UK outfit will have a new LP for us soon!

Cucamaras Share Cotton Wool

While I was busy running around town last week, some tunes certainly slipped through the cracks that are definitely worthy of mentioning. One such track is this new one called “Cotton Wool” from Nottingham based outfit Cucamaras. It is definitely a bit of reserved yet poignant garage rock with clear inspirations from Arctic Monkeys or even some of the slower ballads from The Strokes. The progression of the song from start to finish is simply lovely.

Cucamaras will release this track as part of a new EP entitled Buck Rogers Time coming in May.

Meet The SXSW Band: Beatenberg

We are in full on SXSW preparation mode at this point ladies and gentlemen! This is officially your last weekend before things really start to go down next week with great tech, education and film things going on around town. Then we go full force into music week right after that. GET READY. Continuing our SXSW interview series today is another one from the lads in Beatenberg. Hit the jump for all the deets.

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Dropkick Announce The Wireless Revolution

So glad to have a new Dropkick tune to warm us up a little bit today. The group, led by Andrew Taylor (also of Boys with Perpetual…) are masters of crisp pop songwriting, hanging out somewhere in the realm between jangle rock and power pop. Just like his other project, there’s nothing that blankets you in joy like the sound of Taylor’s voice; it’s got that fireside familiarity, allowing you to revel in the crisp riffs that ring out. Good old guitar pop doesn’t get any better than what this lot push out there; their new album the Wireless Revolution will be out this April.

Beige Banquet Kick Out Acid Bath

Been spending a bit of the morning toying with the pop side of things, so was glad this new Beige Banquet tune came my way, to kind of keep me in touch with my rock n’ roll vibes. This track reminds me in a sense of acts like Omni or Deeper, toying on the edge of post-punk, though here the lyrical approach feels more frantic. It’s got this sort of stage-stalking madness to it, envisioning the vocalist manically waling about the stage and riling up the audience. It’s a maddening rush of riotous cool, and I can’t help but to turn it all the way up on my speakers.

Soulful New Tune From Mope

UK based artist Mope just dropped this new single “Velveteen” and I simply had to share it with you all this morning. The song has this really groovy, soulful inspiration of droning organ paired with hints of singer/songwriter stylings and psych rock sensibilities. It flows together beautifully and shows an expert level knack for how to craft a solid, ear worm inducing song. Stay tuned for more music as the news comes in.

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