The Early Monrnings Share Ultra Modern Rain

If you’re not into a jittery bit of rock n’ roll, then perhaps skip on my friend. But, if you love the sound, love the way it throws your center-of-balance off, or love the way it perfectly contrasts with melody, then you’re going to love this new track from The Early Mornings. This brand new single runs straight for you, charging like an enraged bull with this throbbing bass line and sharp guitar. But, Annie Leader’s melodic entry doesn’t slow things down, rather it makes the song all the more insatiable, building up the playfulness and volume as it bounces towards the close. If you dig it, the band release their Ultra Modern Rain EP on January 20th.

Another Banger From Jaws The Shark

London based artist Olly Bailey has really been delivering some solid, rocking jams recently under his recording moniker Jaws the Shark. Today his new single called “Reno” is yet another real example of a true knack for crafting some catchy, raucous, and energy packed rock tunes. Take some time to give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Jaws the Shark will be releasing this track as part of a self-titled EP due out on November 25th via So Recordings.


Paul Thomas Saunders Shares Cruel

Brighton based artist Paul Thomas Saunders has really altered and molded my musical tastes over the last few months with the new singles he’s been releasing. As one who usually gravitates towards louder, guitar and bass focused sounds, Saunders has thrown me for a loop with his slower, melodic and sometimes broodier take on songwriting. His latest single, “Cruel”, is a track that can take you on a sort of rollercoaster of emotion through joy, happiness and back again to simply relief. These songs are truly stunning and powerful examples of the emotional impact a songwriter can have on us all.

Saunders will release his new album Figure in a Landscape on October 21st via 7476 Records. Pre-orders are live now.


Video Premiere: Fujiya & Miyagi Drop New Body Language

Brighton based Fujiya & Miyagi is simply one of the most well known names in the indie electronic pop game, having started their musical career over twenty years ago. Nathan and I have really been seeing the tunes coming out this year as a welcome return to the band’s engaging, dance pop ways. So naturally we were thrilled and excited when asked to premiere this new single with accompanying video for “New Body Language”. This, sure to be on your weekend party mix, song will be the last track released before new album Slight Variations is released on Friday. Pre-orders are currently live for digital and physical releases of the LP.

Here’s some words from David Best on both the track and the video:

Track: “New body Language is probably the most instant and accessible song on the record. We took a lot of our current listening habits and put them in a blender till it turned out like us.”

Video: “The video Bob Brown & I made plays with the idea of perception. How we appear to ourselves is generally not how we are perceived by others.”

Ollie Cook Shares Apocalypse Now

We’re close to closing out the week ya’ll, but before we do, take a moment to listen to this new tune “Apocalypse Now” from Wolverhampton based artist Ollie Cook. His songwriting is an impressive bit of rock meets folk with contemplative lyrics and subtle, yet well placed rhythms. Sort of like a Damien Jurado type but with more tendencies to let things loose and rock from time to time. You’ll find this song progresses like a dream in its near 5 minute length.

If you’re digging this one, Cook has a new album entitled The Boy With Pearls for Eyes streaming over on Bandcamp.

Raucous New Single From Bandit

Clearly I’ve been in a rock, or just generally more upbeat mood when it comes to my musical selections and tastes this week. Liverpool based outfit Bandit is certainly scratching that itch today with this banging new single called “Vagabond”. The track has a very early 00s inspiration to it with clear influences of say Arctic Monkeys or even Kaiser Chiefs. It’s one hell of a fun tune and I suggest you check it out below.

Straight Rocker From Jaws The Shark

Jaws the Shark is the somewhat ironic musical moniker of London based musician Olly Bailey. He’s been busy since starting the new project in 2020 with tons of singles and an EP entitled Another Day in Paradise coming out last year. For me, Bailey makes a brand of hook laden, riff heavy rock n roll clearly inspired by the late 90s with Oasis vibes mixed with more modern rockers like Wavves or White Reaper. His new track released today, “Destroy the World”, features guest work from Dinosaur Pile-Up and is a perfect example of this straight rock n roll with modern touches style. This one is out today via all platforms from So Recordings.

Have Another Hit From Martha

Durham (UK) based outfit Martha has really begun to strike a chord with Nathan and I over here around the ATH offices. We love the bands take on garage rock with a flair for loud guitars paired with super catchy hooks and pop inspired beats. The band has delighted us yet again today with the release of this new single called “Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?” featuring more of those big, sweeping hooks and musically superb guitar leads. It’s one of my favorite tunes this month. Enjoy.

Martha also announced a new album entitled Please Don’t Take Me Back due out October 28th via Dirtnap Records.


Playful Pop Tune From Nancy

Brighton based artist NANCY really hit the ATH pages a couple of years ago with the artful and quirky pop release of the EP, Happy Oddities. After the EP, NANCY also dropped a “mini-LP” last year, to much fanfare from most of the biggest music publications out there. While most have been focused on some of the bigger things going on in the music world today, I was a little giddy when I saw a new LP announcement from NANCY along with the drop of this new single “Judy”. It’s straight up just a near perfect indie pop song worthy of a whole bunch of repeat listens. Check it out below.

Blame Recordings will be releasing the official debut LP from NANCY, entitled English Teacher, on October 28th.


Bright Indie Pop From Pale Blue Eyes

If you’re out there looking for some bright indie pop tunes in your life, look no further than this gem called “Little Gem” from Totnes based outfit Pale Blue Eyes. The song is filling this void in an indie pop genre that has become ever diluted with artists looking to become pop stars and fill arenas. On the flip side of that, “Little Gem” offers this very playful and engaging sound with a great driving beat powering the track and never letting up for 3 minutes. Think The Drums pop stylings married with Wavves driving beats.

Pale Blue Eyes will release new album Souvenirs on September 2nd via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are live now.

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