New Tune From English Teacher

On a day that more resembles a cloudy and windy day in the UK than our actual home of Austin, it seems like a fitting day to share a tune from Leeds based outfit English Teacher. This new tune “Mental Maths” features a sort of frantic, almost sloppy yet beat driven sound with some really timely and engaging vocals. All Leeds aren’t we!English Teacher will be releasing this track on their upcoming debut EP entitled Polyawkward due out on April 22nd via Nice Swan Records.


SXSW Interviews: Grandmas House

Are You Ready!? If you follow our site, you may have seen us going a bit crazy with 1-2 SXSW interviews each day. Don’t follow us regularly? Well welcome to the madness! I hope that we’ve been helping you wade through the madness with some of these spotlights featuring artists we think you should be checking out during the festival week. Today I’ve got a good one here with Bristol based outfit Grandmas House who are definitely climbing my must see list quickly! Hit the jump to check out their responses along with some tunes.

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LIFE Share New Single, Big Moon Lake

Looks like LIFE have a new record on the way, and I’m totally stoked with this new single; it seems like their sound is hitting just at the perfect time, as folks are clamoring for this brand of punk. Mez Green’s vocal delivery comes off in that very matter-of-fact manner, his voice matching up to the rhythm; I love when he playfully gets a little out there with the tonal notes on the delivery of the line “Don’t go to Big Moon Lake.” Plus, the rhythm section just crushes on this tune, with the guitars adding this harrowing shriek that builds on the band’s noisiness. North East Coastal Town will be out on June 10th via Liquid Label.

Public Body Reset My Password

Okay, so maybe Public Body didn’t reset “my” password, but that’s the new single from the band’s forthcoming EP, so it seems a fitting post title. The band are specializing in that frantic bit of angular post-punk, driving their angst against the storm as the vocals serve to steady the ship. It’s quite similar to a lot of what’s coming out of the UK, with the lyrical content delivered in a very matter of fact manner. Still, the driving nature in the musical element is sharp and bouncing, enticing you to get out of your chair and pogo about with glee. If you’re digging it, Flavour of Labour is out on March 4th!

New Video from Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo will be releasing Celebrant in early November, and with that date approaching, there’s another new video to tease you into buying the LP. I love how it opens up with this muted glitch, evolving into a layered glitch and melodic pulse that drives the song’s tension. Then comes Sotelo, hanging his voice in that sort of darkened pop expanse, swirling with melody, bravado and hints of drama. The chorus hits on these playful notes, lifting the tune briefly. All that said, the song is about longing and protection with Robert saying the track is about feeling “overly paternal towards a parent,” which becomes increasingly difficult in the current climate. And just to say…I wish more people wrote pop tunes like this. Celebrant is out November 12th via Upset the Rhythm.


Penelope Isles Deliver Another Hit

The Brighton based brother/sister songwriting duo Penelope Isles have long been a running favorite around the ATH offices, so naturally we are incredibly excited for their upcoming album. Hopefully you will share in our excitement with the band’s latest single entitled “Terrified” found below. For me, these new singles, and this new album, truly show a band growing into their sound with more pop sounds blended in with their already dreamy, sort of shoe gazy, indie rock vibe. This will likely be near the top of our year end lists.

Penelope Isles will release new album Which Way to Happy on November 5th via Bella Union. Pre-orders are live now.

Jessica’s Brother Share Finding Snowdrop Single

The end of November will bring us the next Jessica’s Brother album, but on the way, perhaps we can enjoy this new single. This track has this sort communal psychedelia to it, which I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite expecting. The song has this tendency to let the notes meander, going on a nice little musical walkabout, so to speak. It allows for the band, and their backing vocalists, to kind of create this sort of campfire seance, the sort of passionate performance where everyone, listener and musician, sinks into the fabric of the tune. Yet another reason to look forward to Just Rain, out November 26th via Fika Recordings.

Alternative Milks Share Shops

Bristol based band Alternative Milks are relatively new to the music scene, but surely a group you will be hearing a ton more about this fall. Most of their music would fall into the genre of post-punk, though after a listen to this new single, “Shops”, you’ll see why the band sort of defies general classification. With an inspiration from punk, or post punk, Alternative Milks take the somewhat tired genre and offer these small hints of pop music and a little playfulness to really make the song enjoyable to all music lovers. You’ll find “Shops” to be a tad silly but also fun as hell.

Infectious New Single From Wasuremono

Wiltshire based group Wasuremono released their catchy, dream pop inspired LP Let’s Talk Pt. 1 earlier this year, but surely you had to know a Pt. 2 was still in the works? Sure enough, the band has just announced the release of Let’s Talk Pt. 2 coming in January of next year via The Wilderness Records. Prior to the release this winter, Wasuremono dropped this new single entitled “Hi!” today and it’s already improving my overall mental state this morning. It’s a truly infectious bit of pop music with just enough quirk and silliness to keep it interesting and incredibly catchy.

Rural France Share Sling Yr Hook

Fresh off the release of the killer “Stolen Beer,” Rural France return with the second single from their forthcoming RF record, and to no one’s surprise, it’s another fuzzy pop banger. Despite these heavy riffs, this song is pure pop through and through; it’s just bleeding melody all over your floor as it pours through your speakers. Honestly, this is some of the best no frills, solid pop rock n’ roll you’re going to hear this year. The chords ring in your ears in just the right spot, guitar solos cascade in quickly then fade away to reveal sneak peaks at the melodic underbelly, and every time you press play you’re going to wear a grin. RF will be released on October 29th via Meritorio Records.

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