Moaning Share Make It Stop Lyric Video

One of the acts I’m most excited to catch at SXSW (should it go ahead as planned) is Moaning; we had the band share a quick interview last week. Today, they’re back with a brand new tune and accompanying lyrical video. The song tackles the issues of fighting with the thoughts within your own mind; it’s about battling those demons and looking for ways to make it stop. Musically, it’s a little bit more of a brooding number with the guitars kind of crafting a backdrop rather than pushing the tune’s agenda. Despite the heavy connotation of the lyrics, there’s a budding pop moment curling through the chorus, which is worth a visit. Look for the group’s Uneasy Laughter on March 20 via Sub Pop.

SXSW Interview: Moaning

We’re really excited for Moaning to drop their new LP, Uneasy Laughter…and instead of the traditional LP release show in LA, the band have opted to spend their whole week in Austin during SXSW playing the shit out of those songs. From what we’ve heard so far, it rules…plus it never hurts to have Sub Pop in your corner. Get to know the band after the jump!

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Moaning Share Fall in Love Video

Moaning‘s always sort of been on the periphery of my listening. I’ve thrown on a few songs here and there, seen them live, but never wholly invested myself in the group. This might be the single that changes that. It has these heavy synth-driven tones from the get-go, and that gives the song this sort of weightiness amidst the song’s pop structures. I was really sold, however, around the 2:20 mark; there’s this huge explosion of pop momentum that turns the song on its head; it might be one of my favorite moments in music this year; they then go and turn it on its edge with some more angular post-punk exploration. Their new LP, Uneasy Laughter, will be out on March 20th via Sub Pop…and yet another band today that will be playing at SXSW.

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