The Toads Announce In the Wilderness

Currently digging through a lot of my emails from the last week, and lo and behold, there’s one in here mentioning new band the Toads, compiled of various folks from Shifters, Parsnip and Ausmuteants (among others). Sound wise, it’s this edge-driven riff work that rings through your speakers, cutting down across the strings to create this anxiousness that’s balanced by the rhythm section. Listening in, the bass line walks you through the track, bobbing atop the stomp of the drums, ultimately leaving plenty of room in between for the vocals to come off like a highly caffeinated spoken-word impersonator. Great opening track to the group’s new In the Wilderness LP, out June 9th via Upset the Rhythm/Anti Fade Records.

Terry Drop New Video for Gronks

As we await the release of the new Terry LP, we’ll have to make do with the fresh singles they sprinkle in the interim. Their latest single reminds me of that late 90s/early 00s era of indie rock, particularly in the way the horns are used to buoy the rhythmic bounce at the song’s center; it frankly reminds me a bit of Beulah, bringing in a bit of fuzz and groove to the indie sphere. Of course, Terry have a unique manner of delivering the vocals, so that aids in the way the group crafts their hook for listeners. Call Me Terry will hit on April 14th via Upset the Rhythm.

Terry Are Back with Call Me Terry

A few years have passed since we’ve had a proper Terry full length out there, and now the group return with a fresh collection of tunes to carry with their joyous approach. Upon pressing play, you’re instantly greeted by the group’s knack for penning a pop tune on the scuzzy side of DIY. I love how the initial vocals walk this fine line between warmth and springy, making way for the rest of the group to come in with this sort of pseudo-echo that punctuates the natural melody. And then, because its the only way they know how, the band spin off into this frizzling pop realm that closes off the tune. Call Me Terry is out in April via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

Shake Chain Share Mike Video

If ever there was a song to wake you from the doldrums of this world, from the despair that consistently gets pushed out into the world, then it’s this new ripper from Shake Chain. Kate Mahony’s performance leave me frightened, both for myself and for her own sanity; she seems to be grappling with reality, howling at the world as she wrestles with the microphone in this video. Behind Mahony, there’s this punishing wall of frantic noise, pounding and shredding right through your speakers. Shake Chain will release Snake Chain on November 18th via Upset the Rhythm.

Shake Chain Share Internet Single

London’s Shnake Chain are getting a lot of buzz overseas, not that we’d necessarily catch all that over here. Luckily, we keep an eye out on Upset the Rhythm, so this tune felt like the perfect wake-up call for you. Musically, the song snakes its way between dangerous punk notes and pulsating bounce, allowing the notes to playfully move all around a crowd of listeners. Musically it’s right in my wheelhouse, but taking it to the next level is Kate Mahony’s performance, wiggling and gyrating through a vocal performance that almost feels like it’s coming to you live; you can feel the sinister energy, and in that, you’re sucked into the band’s sound and performance. Sounds like an angrier Duchess Says to me. Shake Chain release their self-titled LP on November 18th via Upset the Rhythm.

Robert Sotelo Announces Indoors LP + Shares Caught in a Shape

Last year’s Celebrant LP from Robert Sotelo was a magnificent collection of tunes, and today we have news that there’s a companion album ready for release this September via Upset the Rhythm. Our first sample has a nice synth driven narration, driving the tune in this light-hearted electronic world, washed with warm colors that coat the robotic nature. Take that touch, mix it with the melodic rise and fall of the vocals, and find that you’re given an electronic jam that feels more organic than mechanistic. Things feel buoyant and filled with the promise of another brilliant release on the books; Indoors will be out on September 16th.

Vintage Crop Share The Bloody War

In a little over a month, we’re going to have a new Vintage Crop LP to enjoy, and for my meaningless two cents, it’s shaping up quite nicely. There’s a new track out from the LP, and despite it’s punky garage tendencies, the band are slowing things down to mix up the vibe; imagine Amyl and the Sniffers coming down off that sugar high…this song is the crash in musical form. Building in gang vocals on the song’s back half adds some texture to the tune, giving it this bubbly effervescence. Kibitzer is out on June 24th via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

Vintage Crop Drop the Duke Single

The release of Kibitzer is still a few months out, but this new single from Vintage Crop definitely has me anxious to hear what’s in store from the whole record. Immediately rushing in with this frantic brand of spastic post-punk, you’re quickly called to riot, with the song begging you to take on the energy. Tossing in a chorus of “the duke/the duke/the duke” seems like the perfect call to arms for a live audience, throwing up your fists in the air as you shout the chorus right back at the band. Then, turning and twisting with furious electronics, it’s halted, and the song’s over. You’ll have to wait until June 24th to hear more from Kibitzer, dropping courtesy of Upset the Rhythm.

Vintage Crop Announce New LP + Share New Video

Back in the earliest days of the pandemic, Vintage Crop dropped the bopping Serve to Serve Again, and as we come out of it all, so too are the band, bringing us the new LP, Kibitzer, this Summer. “Double Slants” is our first taste, ripping right in with these tightly wound guitar lines knifing through your speakers, as you watch a car speed round the racetrack. Vocally, they’re employing the modern trends, but, discerning ears will hear the faintest melody on the ends of the syllables, allowing the tune to roll up and down with those heavy licks. Kibitzer is dropping June 24th via Upset the Rhythm.

Screensaver Share Clean Current

It’s barely been a few months since Screensaver dropped Expressions of Interest, and they’re right back at it blending their various influences to drop this ridiculously solid single. The rhythm section holds firm to a proto/kraut brand, while the synths and vocals aim to take the song into new territory, though not necessarily aligned with one another in their approach. In the vocals, and guitars, you get this pogo-ing kickstart; it’s a jittery jump that tries to outrun the drum work. But, the synth work seems to roll out into psychedelic realms, blending the noise into this sort of acid washed mind fuck. It’s all rolled into one royally ripping A-side off the band’s new AA side single, out April 8th via Upset the Rhythm.

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