Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Share Roman Candle

While I adored the early music of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, I think I’m more in awe now seeing how they’ve dedicated themselves to never repeating what they’ve done before, going so far in their recent bio to say “the next album’s gotta be different from the last one.” This new single offers up a heartbeat-pulse to begin, but soon rushes off to meet Ed’s vocals; they sound like they’re a bit more operatic than one might expect, which is one of the consistently fascinating things about the group as they seem to evade pigeonholing from twerps like me. There’s this anxiousness that builds throughout, almost like some sort of possession has taken over Schrader, forcing him to belt his voice high above the frantic nature of the single itself. Their new album, Orchestra Hits, is shaping up quite nicely, if I do say so; it’s out via Upset the Rhythm on September 20th.

Screensaver Share Permanence Video

Late last year, Melbourne’s Screensaver released Decent Shapes, which we covered quite a bit over here. Now, they’ve just dropped this terrific new single to encourage folks in Europe to prepare for their August invasion. When the song storms in, you’re sort of feeling the band stalk you, kind of bouncing back and forth in each ear with screeching guitar lines and punishing drum work. But, when you get to the 1 minute mark, the chorus begins to offer the true nature of the song, feeding you this post-punk brilliance that reminds you of acts like Wax Idols or Dehd. Just because this tune brims with pop sensibility, the danger is never far away, consistently lurking in the corners, waiting to crash upon you. If you’re in Europe, you better be ready. If not, just crank it up!

Another Single from Marcel Wave

I’m really falling head over heels for this new stuff from Marcel Wave. Sure, you can pile it with the post-punk adjacent acts, but there’s something really special about Maike Hale Jones. It’s almost as if she’s got this little secret she keeps to herself; you can almost feel her smiling as she hits some of these notes, particularly the strikingly enchanting moments that pop out of the chorus on this tune here. The band itself maintain this effortless cool in everything they do, whether they’re plucking riffs steadily or letting the keyboard work texture the tune, it just feels like a band at the top of their game. Something Looming will drop on June 14th via Feel It Records/Upset the Rhythm.

Marcel Wave Share Stop/Continue

It’s always a wonder why folks gravitate to some bands and not others. Like we’ve all raved about Dry Cleaning, but there’s been hardly a whisper overseas about Marcel Wave. Sure, they’re not identical acts, but they draw from the same tradition of spoken-word vocals that have walls of punk ethos towering around. This tune, like the track’s title, has this feeling like the tune could be stopped at any point; the pulse of the synths stabs through the speakers, jittering as it builds tension. Still, as you expect either a halt or a release, the band push on, spinning those nervy synth lines right down the line to the close. Something Looming is right around the corner, released by Upset the Rhythm and Feel It Records.

Marcel Wave Announce Something Looming

If you were all aboard the Dry Cleaning brand of jangling post-punk with spoken words, but then felt a little desensitized, might I ask you to check in on Marcel Wave. In many ways, the bands both employ similar sentiments in some of the jittering mannerisms, but ultimately, I find this London bunch a lot more springy. Skip into the song and you’ll likely notice the fashionable post-punk plod, that is, until you hit the chorus where there’s a sparkling disco-ball vocal performance bouncing rays of light all across the track. There’s also some aggressiveness too in spots, hinting at the right type of edge we might find on Something Looming; the LP drops June 14th via Upset the Rhythm/Feel It Records.

Parsnip Announce Behold + Share The Light

I thought I was totally sold on all the hot tracks for today, when out of nowhere, Parsnip sneak in a brand new single and album announcement…the first new stuff we’ve heard from the band in some time. They don’t seem to skip a beat, operating as a psychedelic jangle rock tour de force. Sure, the guitars dance and shake, but there’s this purring from beneath that gives the group a more fuzzed out vibe; I still find that rather intoxicating as the vocals only build in the textural groove that leaves the group with this insatiable quality that’s going to have you rushing to pick up their new LP. Behold is out on April 26th via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade Records.

The Pheromoans Share Faith in the Future Video

I’ve really been enjoying the sneak peek at the new LP from the Pheromoans; there’s something in their sound that sounds like a matured Dan Treacy at its best. As you’ll hear on the latest single, the tune offers up these little musical digressions tethered to the song’s center. Vocals are unsettling, melodic at times, then coming across sort of like radio transmissions from the depths of the tune. Is it post-punk or indie rock or some meaningful bastardization of all of the above? Whatever it is, the sound feels refreshing and promising, so I’m all on board for Wyrd Psearch; it drops March 1st via Upset the Rhythm.

The Pheromoans Share New Single, Announce New LP

I have a tendency to fall in love with music that seems like it doesn’t give a shit. Now, that doesn’t mean that the Perhomoans don’t give a shit about you or about how good their songs are, it just means they embrace this cooled indifference that allows them to exist in your pocket, ready to be shared with your closest musical allies. This new single feels like the best single that Robert Pollard never wrote. There’s clarity in the mix, which really allows the listener to focus on the personal narration of the vocals. Guitars turn on a dime, wrapping themselves around every beat and word. Honestly, it’s one of those things where its so good you can’t even describe it, you just feel how good it is. The band release Wyrd Psearch on March 1st via Upset the Rhythm.

New Videos from Upset the Rhythm: Brontez Purnell and Screensaver

I’ve made no secret of my adoration for all things hitting from Upset the Rhythm; they seem to be locked into my coverage, and today they’ve got two brand new videos that I felt were worthy of sharing. The first cut is the new single from Brontez Purnell; he’s a Berkley based artist laying down playful pop punk songs that sound like they were made by your best friend in his garage (I mean that in a good way!). The label releases Confirmed Bachelor on November 10th. On the other video, you get the video version of Screensaver‘s latest, “Future Trash,” which I covered a few weeks back. This is a dark wave goth hit; you’ll find it on their Decent Shapes LP, dropping this Friday!

Screensaver Drop Future Trash Single

A few more weeks and we’ll be able to hear the entirety of the new LP from Screensaver, but for now, I’ll settle for another stunning single to keep my ears ready. This one opens with a purely goth opening, industrial vibes filling the space, which allows the vocals to stalk your speakers, guiding you through the song. While the vocals and the goth nods operate in the front of the mix, you get some added flare behind, listening to the guitars run up and down the corridors from behind, with horns skronking behind in various spaces, filling every inch of the song. Decent Shapes will be out on October 20th via Upset the Rhythm.

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