Philip Frobos Announces Debut

It’s always a joy when a band or songwriter changes your perception; I think I especially relish the unexpected, like when I put on this new tune from Philip Frobos. As one of the members of Omni, I figured I had his sound locked down, and while I was in the wheelhouse, he definitely has given me a sort of fresh approach. This track sort of harkens back to the earlier days of post-punk when bands kind of deconstructed the angst and energy, letting the chords speak for themselves. It’s being described as lounge-punk, and I get that, but I think in its purest sense, it’s sort of anti-punk, moving away from the generic structures in search of new presentation. Philip’s debut solo album Vague Enough to Satisfy will be out October 1st via Upset the Rhythm.

Upset the Rhythm Announces Normil Hawaiians: Dark World

One of our favorite labels Upset the Rhythm has been working diligently to make sure that the world doesn’t forget the work of Normil Hawaiians; today they announce Dark World. In this collection you’ll get to hear the band in the years 1979-1981, working at breakneck pace trying to find their sound; you’ll get two 7″ worth of tunes , the Gala Failed EP, and a few Peel Sessions to flesh out the collection. The title track for the collection, “Dark World,” seems to encompass the whole of the band’s period here, opening up sharp and jagged, drums pacing back and forth with a stomp, all the while you’ve got Guy screaming and bellowing, anxious at times, satiated at others. Such a productive period, and now we get to reap the rewards. Dark World is out on September 24th; Grab it HERE.

Buffet Lunch Share Bladderwrack Video

Continuing to ride that Buffet Lunch train, with the Scottish outfit only a few short weeks away from the release of The Power of Rocks. The guitar licks on this tune seem to roll in like the accompanying waves of the video (an ode to Coldplay!), though Perry O’Bray’s vocal delivery helps to take those rolling angles and give them a bit of emphatic stomp. Then, the band open up the space in the song, filling it with little bits of electronics and wood blocks to give the tune its patented wonkiness…not to mention the additional backing vocals in their sort of robotic indifference. Every corner of this record sounds great; its out on May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Said Bernie Single

One of the records I’m really looking forward to hearing is the Power of Rocks, the debut LP from Buffet Lunch. Today with their new single, they continue their scattered pop brand, kind of like carnival post-punk. The song operates with these chords falling like rocks from a cliff, while the rhythm section creates this stuttering gallop; the vocals at the start kind of recall Television Personalities moments too, all before becoming frantic! Plus, I love the lyrical approach, with the song written from the perspective of Bernie, a man singer Perry read about who wrote a letter a day to his local newspaper. Seriously, you should be listening to this band. The Power of Rocks is out on May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

KAPUTT Return with Movement Now

It’s been almost two years since we last heard from Glasgow’s KAPUTT; I remember thinking then that the band was onto something, ready to break through some of the formulaic post-punk of that year. With their first single since the release of Carnage Hall, I’m pretty sure I’m being proven right, as they seem to have stripped the formula of any form at all, instead crafting this speed-demon of post-punk fury, both spastic and exhilarating. Just listen to the stuttering delivery in the chorus of “movement, n-n-n-n-now!” Then it breaks off into this free form explosion that stutters and squawks until the end. You’ll get this tune on their new Movement Now/Another War Talk EP, out May 14th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Pebbledash Video

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of acts like Buffet Lunch, and at the end of the day, that’s the least refreshing thing about them. The Scottish outfit, skitters in with the jittering angular guitar riffs and off-kilter percussive elements, allowing the vocals to seemingly play vocal hopscotch atop all the various musical elements. At times, it feels like the vocals are there to accent the instruments, or perhaps it is the other way around…all the same it sounds simultaneously explosive and cohesive, like containing artful TNT in a nice pop bubble. The thematic reference is about out of touch politicians, and though it’s primarily focused on Britain, I’m pretty sure we can all relate, sadly. This tune appears on The Power of Rocks, out May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Red Apple Happiness

It’s strange that as the world clamors for more of the same, I’m just drawn to these voices and performances that seem to be isolated out there in the world. Take this new Buffet Lunch jam, for instance. Going through my email, I can see a dozen other bands playing in the same ballpark, but they’re speeding around the bases, dropping that formulaic not quite post-punk…and it’s, well, it’s fine. But, here comes a band that just seem to toy with the formula, they’re deconstructing the standard notions of the genre. For one, the pace is a bit like a stutter, or an askew hop-along. The vocals have this punch in the front syllable, but often get pulled back to reveal the curl of pop sensibility the band bring to the table. Don’t even get me started on the squawk of the horns and that jittery guitar line here and there. Makes sense that the band would find a home for their LP, The Power of Rocks, over on Upset the Rhythm. It drops on May 7th.

Sleeper and Snake Share Shoot Through Video

Sometimes I like to imagine what my life would be like if I was a Waler Mitty type character, with a soundtrack written for my life. Today, it seems like Sleeper & Snake have done just that, providing me with my own theme song. From the start, the track is fairly relaxed, resting on the joint vocals of Amy Hill and Al Montfort. They don’t seem to be in any rush, just letting life come at them and riding out the ebbs and flows tossed their way. Plus, your life gets its own sax solo, though I haven’t decided if that’s life in its ascendency or on the way out, but a pleasant plot twist in a gorgeous pop song you won’t want to turn off. Fresco Shed is out now via Upset the Rhythm.

The Green Child Share Fashion Light

Don’t tell me you’re not in love with the Green Child?! You get Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, teamed up to make this wonderfully subtle, dreamy pop music. That synthetic beat initially made me want to bounce; it just has that joyous nature to it’s movement. But, Raven’s voice has this light drizzle to it, steadily soaking you with melody; it’s a strong contrast, which is one of the reasons I love what they’re doing, playing with both sides of my musical brain. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to come to the end of the week; it’s thoughtful and promising, and maybe I can crack a smile. Look for Shimmering Basset this October via Upset the Rhythm.

Sleeper & Snake Share Reach Out

Already a fan of Al and Amy’s other act Terry, I knew I’d likely enjoy their work in Sleeper & Snake…I just didn’t know how much. There’s this odd lo-fidelity nature to their latest single, yet it’s also so simple in nature…just going to show you don’t need to overdo it to create a tune for us to love. Instantly you’ll hear the acoustic strum meet up with this off-balance keyboard buzz, with Amy and Al singing atop one another, drowning out the buzz behind them. Breaks in the vocals allow for the keyboard to take a jaunt of its own liking, instilling a permanent pop sensibility. Their new LP Fresco Shed will be out on September 25th via Upset the Rhythm and Lulus Sonic Discs.

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