Vintage Crop Drop the Duke Single

The release of Kibitzer is still a few months out, but this new single from Vintage Crop definitely has me anxious to hear what’s in store from the whole record. Immediately rushing in with this frantic brand of spastic post-punk, you’re quickly called to riot, with the song begging you to take on the energy. Tossing in a chorus of “the duke/the duke/the duke” seems like the perfect call to arms for a live audience, throwing up your fists in the air as you shout the chorus right back at the band. Then, turning and twisting with furious electronics, it’s halted, and the song’s over. You’ll have to wait until June 24th to hear more from Kibitzer, dropping courtesy of Upset the Rhythm.

Vintage Crop Announce New LP + Share New Video

Back in the earliest days of the pandemic, Vintage Crop dropped the bopping Serve to Serve Again, and as we come out of it all, so too are the band, bringing us the new LP, Kibitzer, this Summer. “Double Slants” is our first taste, ripping right in with these tightly wound guitar lines knifing through your speakers, as you watch a car speed round the racetrack. Vocally, they’re employing the modern trends, but, discerning ears will hear the faintest melody on the ends of the syllables, allowing the tune to roll up and down with those heavy licks. Kibitzer is dropping June 24th via Upset the Rhythm.

Screensaver Share Clean Current

It’s barely been a few months since Screensaver dropped Expressions of Interest, and they’re right back at it blending their various influences to drop this ridiculously solid single. The rhythm section holds firm to a proto/kraut brand, while the synths and vocals aim to take the song into new territory, though not necessarily aligned with one another in their approach. In the vocals, and guitars, you get this pogo-ing kickstart; it’s a jittery jump that tries to outrun the drum work. But, the synth work seems to roll out into psychedelic realms, blending the noise into this sort of acid washed mind fuck. It’s all rolled into one royally ripping A-side off the band’s new AA side single, out April 8th via Upset the Rhythm.

Kaputt Drop New Single, Gone West

It’s been almost two years since Kaputt dropped Carnage Hall, and the Glaswegian group is ramping up production as they aim to put out a new LP early next year. We got this new single courtesy of their label Upset the Rhythm, and it’s got me salivating at what’s to come with the new record. Of course, the song opens up with these sharp angular stabs, keepings us off kilter a bit with this sense of anxious paranoia. The vocals come in heavy and dark at first, but what I really loved happens just after the 1 minute mark. When the chorus comes in, the heavier vibe of the vocals starts to take on a bit of this sort of melodic punk tone; it’s less frantic and dangerous, more along the lines of what you might find on a Buzzcocks record. Feel like this is a tune that’s good enough to take us into the holiday. We’ll see ya’ll next Monday!

Robert Sotelo Shares The Currency Is Love Video

We’ve been hyping up Celebrant, the new record from Robert Sotelo that’s dropping in your lap tomorrow, but we’ve got one final jam before you get to hear it in its entirety. “The Currency is Love” deals with the theme of pushing on despite the world around us crumbling, which seems a fit final single for the UN Climate Change Conference wrapping up. Musically, the song’s built around these synthetic pulses and beats, at times emphatically sharpening Sotelo’s voice, and other times just kicking in a bounce to keep you on board, like the heavier loop dropping in after the two minute mark. Personally, I love how things don’t feel overly sterile and cold, with Robert doing his best to hang some melody out there with his vocals. So, let’s follow suit because like the song says “the currency is love,” and I love this record so grab Celebrant tomorrow from Upset the Rhythm.

Clear History Share Presents

Feel like we’ve been playing it a little safe and mellow this morning…with the Lewsberg and Rachel Love tunes. So lets flip it and toss out this track from Berlin’s Clear History. From the moment you hit go, the song just screeches and screams at you; it’s almost as if the only musical vibe you get comes from the rhythm section, as everything else is just abrasive. But, in that, you get this anxious tension, this budding explosiveness that is sure to have you stamping about angrily. When you hit the track’s midsection, you get a little post-punk guitar solo, staking its claim to the song while those drums just keep thumping away in the mix, leaving for this incredible closing treat you get at the end. Definitely an act to keep an eye out for; their new mini album Bad Advice Good People, out November 5th Upset the Rhythm.

New Video from Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo will be releasing Celebrant in early November, and with that date approaching, there’s another new video to tease you into buying the LP. I love how it opens up with this muted glitch, evolving into a layered glitch and melodic pulse that drives the song’s tension. Then comes Sotelo, hanging his voice in that sort of darkened pop expanse, swirling with melody, bravado and hints of drama. The chorus hits on these playful notes, lifting the tune briefly. All that said, the song is about longing and protection with Robert saying the track is about feeling “overly paternal towards a parent,” which becomes increasingly difficult in the current climate. And just to say…I wish more people wrote pop tunes like this. Celebrant is out November 12th via Upset the Rhythm.


Philip Frobos Shares Never Noticed Video

The perk of being an artist, I reckon, is that you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want, on your own terms, which is how I imagine Omni’s Philip Frobos came about in wrapping up an album that also served as the score to his debut novel. This song seems perfectly penned as it’s meant to be an homage to the Atlanta bar scene and Frobos friends there. In the song, you get the sort of hazy lounge vibe, though the guitar notes do have a little bit of a jagged punk dance to them; perhaps envision it as an Omni song, slowed through the eyes of a bar regular, watching the world move slowly by through a glass of warm beer. Upset the Rhythm will be releasing Vague Enough to Satisfy on October 22nd.

Robert Sotelo Returns with Influencer

Hopefully this is the year that Robert Sotelo‘s work really registers with those who spend time with his new album, Celebrant. Musically, he’s dwelling in this sort of constructionist pop realm, carefully stacking layers of synths atop one another, leaving enough space for the song to breathe so he can drape his lyrics atop. At times, his voice takes on a slight coldness, almost robotic in nature, however, he’s still quick to turn it into this celebratory melody that will make your heart flutter. The song’s both futuristic and steeped in nostalgic art pop, so dip your toes in the fine waters of Sotelo’s craft. Celebrant is out November 12th via Upset the Rhythm.

Philip Frobos Shares Vacant Street

I’ve always been an Omni fan, so it’s been a lot of fun listening to the tracks from Philip Frobos‘ solo record, like the latest single “Vacant Street.” You can definitely hear some of the ties that bind the two projects, particularly in the bass and opening guitar licks on this tune. But, as the track progresses, the way Philip aims to kind of obscure and challenge his craft is really intriguing; at times it feels like the electronic elements work merely to obliterate the song, other times, they seem to add emphasis to the song’s twist and turns. His debut solo album, Vague Enough to Satisfy is out October 1st via Upset the Rhythm.

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