Slomo Annoucne L-Dopa

This new track from Melbourne’s Slomo just made it across the pond, and I’ve really been enjoying it this morning. You could possibly file the track under the shoegaze/dream pop realm, twisting with little elements of post punk, but its all about the execution that really made it stand out to me. The front half of the song is built around Jem King’s angelic vocals, guitars sort of skittering about behind her; you can feel the tension building, but it never entirely reaches that pinnacle…or so it seems. They delay that release, teasing with a short glimpse before returning back to the cavernous realm where Jem’s voice is at play. But, just as you cross that 3 minute threshold, the song erupts forcefully, echoing through your speakers as the track fades fades fades away. Look for their new album L-Dopa is out February 19th.

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