Been Stellar Share Sweet Video

I’m diving into two straight days of administering standardized state tests, so I need a bit of balance in my life, which is why I was drawn towards this fresh Been Stellar track. Musically, it has this abrasiveness that faintly hints at the melodic core the band will bring into the folk, sort of like running your hand across a well-worn sheet of sandpaper. When those vocals enter, they tiptoe into the frame, careful not to disrupt the discordant chaos, and that’s where I fell for it, as they tightrope between angst and comfort…allowing the listener to embrace both sides as you sink into the jangling riffs in the distance. This tune appears on Scream from New York, NY, out on June 14th via Dirty Hit.

Camerlon Leahy Drops From the Infinite Single

Woke up today in search of a great strumming pop ballad, and lo and behold, there was the latest track from Cameron Leahy. It’s a light-hearted ballad, something that feels like it’s wandering in the musical purgatory between Elliott Smith and the Shins. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the majesty of Leahy’s vocals, which at times feel like they’re barely able to make it out into the world, creating some sort of crystalline fragility. Corners of the tune get filled with little additional notes, though you’re mostly going to be drawn to the heavy strum that centers the track. A nice way to start your day I’d say, so be sure to keep any eye out for Dizzy Freedom, his new LP.

Motorists Share Call Control

If you kick your song off with a thumping groove you’re surely going to catch the ears of the audience, just like Motorists have done here. That motorik beat opening into swirling guitar noise before the vocals come in had me on board immediately…and then they drop in these casual group vocals that push in a bit of power pop sound. It’s an interesting plot twist, as the guitars, vocals and rhythm section all seem like they’re working from different musical angles, though tied together, you get this amalgam of effortless cool that seems to be the band’s area of expertise. Looking forward to hearing more off their new LP, Touched by the Stuff releases May 24th via Bobo Integral/We Are Time.

Maria Chiara Argiro Releases Floating

Not quite sure how many times I’ve hit play on this new Maria Chiara Argiro, but I must admit, this might be my absolute favorite of the singles off her new LP. There’s a lot that’s said about her experience in classical music training, and the way the craft develops throughout the first few minutes of this tune, it’s clear she’s well-versed in a creative build. A light autotune vocal creeps in, and as that tune gets electronically molded you can hear the faintest pulse working beneath the tune; I found that it kind of created this swinging movement within the tune that may entirely have been made up inside my brain. My love revolves around the fact that things don’t stop there, instead building and blossoming into this heavy groove that’s built upon this majesty of electronic movement. You better believe Closer is going to turn some heads when it drops on April 26th via Innovative Leisure.

Mountain Movers Share My Holy Shrine Video

Sometimes, the simplest narrative can be the most impactful, as is the case with the new single from Mountain Movers; the song is said “to celebrate everyday places that are ordinary but can also be seen as sacred.” In that, you can be implored to reflect upon your own sacred places, even the most mundane of spots. The band, too, did this for the video, as you’ll see with footage from some of the locations they hold most dear. Still, you’ll need a soundtrack as you meditate on the places that hold the most meaning, and what better than the sprawling number the group has set before you. Like a slow burning candle, the track flickers with light strumming and lead guitar notes that drift overhead, all while a quiet rhythm section does just enough to add to the spirituality of the moment. Further reflection and enjoyment can be found by grabbing a copy of Walking After Dark, the band’s new double LP, out May 17th via Trouble In Mind Records.

Matt McClure Share’s Heather’s Feathers + Drops New Albums

Listening through the new Matt McClure record is a real treat; it requires a full on dive into the whole record to really digest the whole of McClure’s intent. But, with that in mind, I’m going against the grain and tossing out this single that I feel does a decent job of summarizing the vibe. To me, it feels very much akin to the Pacific Northwest, though I can certainly see some similarities in the lyricism drawing Silver Jews comparison. There’s an underbelly of psychedelia working too, ringing in the distance as the track echoes in your ears. The mix feels really perfect here, so if its calling to you, be sure to check out all of In Situ, available today!

Blushing Unleash Slyce Single

As much as it was easy to pigeonhole Blushing for their adherence to a certain genre, their work on Sugarcoat seems them completely branching into other like-minded realms. The verses on this new single feel like they’re channeling late 80s Britain, while the chorus harkens back to 90s anthemic rock for the disaffected youth. They don’t just settle either, flirting with breakdowns in the song’s structure, tossing in explosive solos…they’re tighter than ever, and seem to be relishing every thundering beat and wave of feedback. This ain’t your grandmother’s Blushing, or even the Blushing of an early ATH EP; this is a force to be reckoned with. Sugarcoat is out via Kanine Records on May 3rd.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice Offer Keeps Ya Head Up Video

If you’ve grown to accept that the Melbourne music scene is all bright guitar sounds and warm breezy melodies, might I ask you to listen to Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice? This bunch are working with a sound that’s much much darker, akin to that sort of middle period for Liars when they were moving from rock to more electronic sounds. That said, this isn’t an electronic piece, though there are certainly elements of that bleeding into the tune; it’s instead a study on locking into a groove and bringing in new pieces to see what fits. There are horns and discordant notes that almost seem as if they’ve been thrown at the centerpiece to see the reaction. This is a song only for the cool kids, pushed by the rhythm with risks running throughout. You’ll hear this jam on the new Total Reality LP, out this Friday via Marthouse Records.

Broken Gold Share Fault Single

I’m running a million tracks today so had to make sure I got a touch of Austin in the coverage, and it never hurts to offer up a Broken Gold single. While they’ve traditionally been working on a more punk aesthetic, you’ll find that they’re latest track continues to see their allegiance to Paul Westerberg grow a bit. There’s still an edge with the guitar work in the mix, but the rhythm guitar is out there running with a nice little jangle, which ultimately allows for a soaring pop vocal from singer Ian MacDougall. There’s just enough pop hear to satisfy your cravings, while not straying too far from the rock n’ roll roots of the group. Wild Eyes will be out May 3rd via Chicken Ranch Records.

Club 8 Share Sucker Single

Admittedly, woke up dragging ass today; it’s the post standardized test blues all teachers get after forcing their students to take a meaningless exam. So, I need a pick me up and the springing notes from this fresh Club 8 track immediately did the trick. Both the rhythm and the guitars are off and running from the get-go, encouraging you to get just the slightest bit of a wiggle running through your body; if you give in, you’ll find that wiggle turns more into a full-blooded head-bob and toe-tap. The Swedish duo’s bread and butter is locking into that energy, then juxtaposing it with a bit of sugary sweetness, which you’ll certainly get when you hear the intermingling of the voices! Another hit!

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