Romero Share New Single, Troublemaker

It’s funny, just when you’re about to go and pigeonhole an entire city and its musical output, something comes at you and says not so fast! Today, that band is Romero, the newest act out of Melbourne to bring the hype overseas. Now, don’t think this is your typical casual pop affair, as this is a high-energy, balls to the wall rock affair; it’s full on arena rock ready pop music, with Alana Oliver’s voice soaring with bravado over these towering riffs. It’s a huge sound, just laying in wait to take over the world with big hooks, so get your ears ready for some pop rocking sounds!

Upbeat Pop from Sunnbrella

The last few days were filled with rain and cold here in Austin, until late afternoon yesterday, when I first heard this new Sunnbrella tune. It’s immediately punching through with great energy, pounding drum work and these dancing guitar lines that move in and out allowing David Zbirka to set up the scene for the vocal entry. Those vocals, both male and female have this rather sedate presence, which kind of balances out what’s going on with the music swirling around them. Just wanted to kind of celebrate the nearing of the weekend with a fun little number so you can tap those toes!

High Tide Drifter Share Happy Trails

I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about High Tide Drifter, a fairly new act coming out of our hometown of Austin. But, when I heard this song, I really perked up; there’s something so pure in the songwriting approach that I think most folks would find a way to cherish the notes. I keep hearing this wistfulness that’s matched up with a little swagger, delivering that emotional gut punch we all crave. Every time I try to place my finger on the song to pigeonhole or define it, I just can’t find the words; its simply a well-executed pop song that you won’t want to miss out on today.

The Skating Party Share Orange Julius

I’ve always been a fan of Gregory James’ recording project The Skating Party (Been Caught Feeling is a definite fave), so its always nice to see a new tune pop up on the radar. Today we’re sharing the hypnotic new single “Orange Julius,” which opens up with this intoxicating wash of atmospherics before James enters the pictures, using his melodic voice to add a further texture to the tune. There are some slight tonal shifts at the end of his lines that really pull you in, just giving the slightest emphasis as the notes drop off the musical cliff. This is the sort of pop that carries you away, so seems perfect for a Monday morning. Enjoy.

Mdou Moctar Signs with Matador Records

If you browsed through some of the more reputable end of year lists in 2019, I hope you caught Ilana: the Creator in some of those, as Mdou Moctar left us with a release that have very few peers in the grand scheme of things. Today, the Tuareg guitarist celebrates signing to Matador Records by sharing a brand new single, which should appear on a brand new LP slated for next year. The skill set in guitar work is phenomenal; its what I imagine folks who like King Gizzard would enjoy if they had less boring tastes. Mdou explains how the song is about how we lose ourselves in the midst of relationships, allowing envy and jealousy to control our lives; he hopes the he does not succumb to such a way of being. Just check this fire!

Bright Indie Pop From Duncan Fellows

Bring from our fair city, we have always followed and taken a liking to the musical stylings of our very own Duncan Fellows. Over the years, the guys have dropped countless catchy singles and put on numerous memorable shows for the ATX community. Now well into their career and ever growing as artists, the band will be releasing new album The Sadlands on October 16th on all platforms. Prior to that date next week, I recommend you check out this new single called “Like I Used To” which yet again shows a band in stages of maturity and growth like we’ve never seen. What may trick you into thinking it’s just a regular ‘ol indie rock tune can suddenly explode into these lush moments of brightness and warmth. It’s a truly fantastic tune.

Dummy Announce EP2

Dummy burst onto the scene this year with a brilliant EP that culled a bunch of influences from indiepop, noise, shoe gaze and more…it was an exploratory collection of great pop references. Today they’ve announced EP2, their second release this year; this opening single is a doozy! It’s got that sort of blend of kraut and pop driving rhythms, sort of that feeling of a train barreling down the tracks with a smile on the conductor’s face. There’s a slight vocal that courses through, acting as the song’s gravitational pull holding all the pieces together…even bringing in some textured backing vocals too. At first, I thought they were going to ride out the track in peppy fashion…but please, just stay focused for the entirety of the song…you’ll thank me when you get there! How does a brand new band get this good so fast? Well, we’ll find out just how good when EP2 drops November 6th.

Floating Room Shares Freak Show

Maya Stoner is hitting all the right notes for me with her new set of songs for the Tired and True EP. I thought the choice to kind of have a brief lead-in set the song up perfectly for this single, not to mention that chorus has everything you need for a hit. It has this effortless swagger and cool, almost giving the song an uplifting bounce. As the track goes down Stoner doesn’t shy away from throwing a little heavy jam in there, all before bringing back the intoxicating chorus, this time featuring a little guitar solo. Floating Room will drop the new EP on October 30th.

Luke Rathborne Shares Be the One Video

Feel like I was kind of hitting too much on the post-punk note, so its great to have this Luke Rathborne tune to get in on over here. There was just something simple, something that just seemed to come together perfectly here. Perhaps it was the perfect melody, perhaps the song’s execution, but every time I press play, I end up tapping my toes, trying to learn the words so that I can sing along. I love Rathborne’s performance on the chorus too, just pure pop genius and definitely fitting for a Friday afternoon cruise into the sunset. Turn it up folks, you won’t regret it.

The Black Watch Share the Lonely Death of Mary Hansen

As an avid fan of the Black Watch, I think the forthcoming record has the possibility to be one of their strongest to date. You can hear John Andrew Fredrick really pushing himself sonically, especially when you take into account the earlier single from the new album, “The Nothing That Is,” offering us a slightly playful disco sound. Here on the new single, the band swirl the guitars around your ears, almost in a disorienting fashion. The rhythm section pounds away, steadying things, matched by the solemn delivery of Fredrick; I love how there’s a great vocal foil too, bringing in a touch more melody to the heavier tones John offers. Is it possible that after all the albums and all the years that the Black Watch are just now hitting their stride? We’re definitely in for a ride when Fromthing Somethat drops on October 23rd via Atom Records. (Photo by Brendan Holmes)

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