Wireheads Drop Life After Winter Single

Why the fuck aren’t there more bands like Wireheads you ask? Well, likely because no one’s got the chops and creativity to pull it off. Lyrically, the band are always all over the place, fitting airplane crashes, flowers and dinosaurs into a neat little narrative; there’s still some thematic ties always pointing towards what band leader Dom Trimboli describes as “life’s hope and dreams and absurd things that occur.” Musically, it lands somewhere in the fashion of what’s cool with that sort of manufactured post-punk, though this is done with some bluesy roots rock guitar licks that William Miller would most likely called incendiary. Constantly snaking through genres and styles, the band never cease to impress with their creative approach; their new Potentially Venus album will be out later this year via Tenth Court.

John Moods Releases It Ain’t Your Time

Feel like we’re riding off into Friday with a need for something that just feels sublimely uplifting, which I think fits the latest from John Moods. There’s something in the craft that seems free of all the recent tropes; I’m in love with the the little details you can faintly hear in the mix, accenting the song and giving it this textural depth that allows Moods to rise above it all with his stellar vocal performance. When he turns the chorus, there’s something there that ultimately feels like a huge power ballad, albeit with an updated approach that gives it a lightness that’s perfect for early morning vibes. John releases The Great Design on November 11th via Mansions and Millions.

Arp Drop Le Palace Single/Visualizer

Have you heard me shouting from the Arp hype train? I’m the guy at the back begging you to immerse yourself in the chilled textures the project is spinning as of late. I love the varying textural layers and how they’re stretched across various periods, seemingly, with some even focusing on a more futuristic outlook. Alexis even said the intention in the craft was to throw in something that was a “bit post-punk, a bit nightclub, a bit dubby,” which definitely encompasses a lot of territory, with wiggling room to boot. For me, the song takes a different turn around the 3 minute mark, adding in some darker structure, but ultimately illustrating how the project is stretching the boundaries of its own craft. New Pleasures drops July 15th via Mexican Summer.

First Rodeo Announce Debut Self-Titled LP

Summertime in Texas means sitting around in warm nights, sweating a bit and drinking a few beers with friends. The soundtrack to that classic night might be best suited by the latest single from First Rodeo (despite the band not actually hailing from Texas). Subtle drum work sets the tone, as the twang sets in from the guitar work, even working its way down the line to eventually erupt in a smoldering solo apt for late night jams. In the vocals you get that Americana croon, the sort that sounds forlorn and friendly all at once, particularly as syllables get stretched into melodies. Combining the two is a sure fire way to our Texas hearts over here, so pencil us in for a good old listening party when First Rodeo drops on August 5th via Forged Artifacts.

Phantom Handshakes Drop The Flowery Man Single

One of my absolute favorite dream pop acts, Phantom Handshakes, has a new single out this week, and they’ve given us an advance listen we’d regret if we didn’t share with you immediately. Understated jingles hang on the horizon, waiting for the drums and synth washes to catch up, while Federica’s voice coos atop the mix. Once the opening verse kicks in, my focus immediately shifted to that vocal; it has this really unique way of hanging a tonal switch at the end of each syllable. There’s also a moment when she steps away from the sort of shimmering nature, and delivers this softer melodic vocal that perfectly slides into the mix. Toss that performance in with the classic twinkling guitar sound, and you’ve got yet another hit on your hands; I hope we get a follow up to No More Summer Songs real soon.

Well Wisher Sign to Egghunt Records + Share Single

I feel like the best thing we can all do right now is just turn up the music and get lost, which is why this anthemic singalong from Well Wisher is the perfect way to announce their singing to Egghunt Records. Starting off with a stomping drum beat, singer Natalie announces “this song is for my baby girl,” an allusion to her partner and the love song that unfolds in the lyrics. For me, I’m totally stuck on the chorus; it’s this huge burst of euphoric pop rock, and I can picture myself quietly singing under my breath as I turn it up nice and loud. Jam out here nice and loud, and look for a record later in the Fall!

Ben Shemie Shares the Return Single

Ben Shemie, known for his work in SUUNS, has a new solo record dropping really soon, and his latest single just keeps toying with me as I put it on repeat. Sure, the light effects on the video are something altogether anxiety inducing, but I keep coming back to the tune because it so brilliantly builds this tension…that you’ll have to read on to find out if it comes to fruition. The beat races from the beginning, an electronic line that has that futuristic pulse to it; it’s then textured by a synthetically sterile drum beat. All of this allows Shemie to spread his manufactured melody atop the groove; there are some sonic stretches in the voice that build the sound. For me, I kept waiting for it to release, for something satisfying and heavy to drop into the frame. But, it doesn’t, and I think that restraint is why I keep coming back, sitting in the presence of the tune all on its own. Desiderata will be released on July 15th via Joyful Noise/Backward Music.

PACKS Share Another Single from Woah EP

When the press release talked of Madeline Link’s approach to this EP, this was exactly what I imagined, having grown super familiar with her voice on PACKS Take the Cake LP. Link’s voice was always a dominating factor, and that gift sustains your listening experience here, though we get a little bit more of an intimate songwriting approach here, so much so that you can hear the buzz of the strings as they’re strummed. Structurally, the song’s seem ready to jump through your speakers, as you can hear the power in the craft, but it succeeds in its quietness. Perhaps down the road they get a revisit, but the natural charm of Link’s songwriting supersedes anything else at the moment. Woah EP is out July 8th via Fire Talk.

The Legends Share For Love Single

Johan Andergard has his hands in a lot of the great Swedish pop music I adore, from Acid House Kings to Club 8, but his solo work as the Legends always seems to always find the perfect home in my heart. This song, with an admitted study of the Field Mice, feels like is got this splendid gallop to it, like riding your horse through some sun-filled valley with flowered rolling hills. There’s just something about the vocals that lift your spirits, allowing you to peak in step with the tune itself, and a subtle backing vocal mixed in behind the front of the mix, furthering the song’s natural charm. Johan’s working on tons of tunes for 2022, so hopefully we’ll hear more soon!

Winter Shares New Single + Tours w/ Peel Dream Magazine

After hearing everyone clamoring for Kate Bush lately, Samira Winter was like “Yo, hold my beer.” On this new Winter single, you get this cavernous brooding ground, something that feels like trudging through mud; it contrasts perfectly with the bright shimmering that is layered atop. It begins to swirl and mix, with more pronounced synth notes seeping through your speakers, all the while Samira’s voice just hangs in the air. It’s like this palpable mist, soothing all that ails you as the music spins through your earholes. This sort of dreaminess will definitely be on display when Winter takes hits the road with Peel Dream Magazine, plus we’re hoping we get a follow-up to Endless Space, sooner rather than later!

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