Sad Eyed Beatniks Share Hysterical Roosters

Kevin Linn’s Sad Eyed Beatniks project will be dropping the new album, Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver, next Friday, but there’s one more beautiful sample to grab your ears before the release date hits. This really feels like one of those perfect tunes written in a bedroom that surely drove the neighbors crazy; it’s got this intimacy and sharpness in the vocals, though the volume of the mix almost makes it feel like its a full-on rock n’ roll hit. There’s just something that swells in this song, as the jangling riffs and heavy beats come crashing billowing through your speaker; it’s like a lo-fi tape recording disguised as noise rock, and I absolutely love it! The new album is out January 28th via Meritorio Records.


Bollards Share Plate Up Single from Harbour Dance EP

London outfit Bollards are crafting some funky punky dance grooves, disguised with some clever modern touches that’ll have you scratching your head wondering why you’re having so much fun. Their new single has this propulsive nature to it, and these sharp guitar line that get some added punctuation from the cymbal and drum work. Honestly, there are moments when you recall the best of Chk! Chk! Chk!, but then the band get more explorative, dragging in some hazy washes of atmosphere to catch you off guard. The band’s debut Harbour Dance EP is shaping up to be a nice introduction to an exciting new act.

The Reds Pink and Purples Share Let’s Pretend We’re Not in Love Video

Maybe it’s the last fact that I’ve played the last few Red Pinks and Purples LPs to death, but there’s something about listening to Glenn Donaldson that just feels like coming home to your loved ones and curling up on the couch together. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I love his songwriting; it just feels safe. Understated jangles dominate the musical element behind Donaldson’s voice here, with a nice steady bit of drumming, all of it operating as this silver serving platter on which Glenn’s voice crests. Hoping for this buoyed songwriting streak to continue, so we’ll get more music soon. Speaking of soon, Summer at Land’s End, the new LP, is out on February 4th via Tough Love/Slumberland.

Pleased to Meet You: The Saint Larsen

After being relatively quiet the last few years, Matinee Recordings has come out this year swinging. First, dropping a Lucksmiths reissue (always a good thing) and now they’ve introduced me to the Saint Larsen, the new project from Stefan Larsen of Northern Portrait. But, while Larsen’s known for his indiepop licks, this first single seems a bit more along the lines of classic songwriting, though spun with that wistfulness I always associated with good indiepop. There’s this slight euphoric twist just after the 3 minute mark that punches this big hook you’re going to want to enjoy. Look for a full length album later in the year!

Pintandwefall Announce Seventh Baby

Finnish outfit Pintandwefall, who dropped the stunning Your Stories Baby in 2020, return with their 7th album, aptly titled Seventh Baby. I love how the new tune opens with this heavy drum stomp and ringing guitar line creating this jagged wall of noise. Once the vocals catch up, they bring this powerful ballad feel, soaring boldly and directly. We get a quick glimpse at the chorus, but it quickly gets yanked away to let the tune go back to its core. You can feel the track picking up around the 2 minute mark, building vocal textures on top of one another as the song’s title is layered with various tones atop one another; it’s a feeling that’s likely going to have your stomach churning and turning in the best way. Seventh Baby will be released via Soliti Music on February 25th.

Silver Liz Release Until Lately

Sometimes you just need a soft pop ballad to kind of mellow out your day, and with everything going on out there, I’m grateful bands like Silver Liz are giving me a chance to take a breath and just enjoy a nice ditty. The Brooklyn duo’s latest single works over this light strum and Carrie Wagner’s sparkling voice, as little synth elements twinkle in the far off distance. Drums begin to enter the fray, furthering the textural depth of the track, and things seem to swell to hook-laden proportions, all the while Carrie’s voice keeps us grounded as listeners. Keep an eye out on these two, as they’ve got an album in the works for later this year.

ME REX Share Skin It Itches

As a big pterosaur fanatic, it seems required that I’ve got to throw my hat into the ring for ME REX‘s forthcoming Pterodactyl EP. It’s a good thing that the song’s they’re crafting are up to the challenge, particularly the latest single, “Skin It Itches.” When this one starts, there’s a noticeable calm to it, almost thoughtful. It’s a nice little tease, as the band’s frantic nature definitely makes an appearance as the tune trickles out. That chorus has this punch to it, though it’s not heavy-handed, with just the right balance of volume and backing vocals. Perfect jam if you ask me, particularly if you’re a fan of acts like Martha. The new EP is out on February 4th via Big Scary Monsters.

Holm Shares The Rope Single

I don’t know what it is about the latest tune from Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, aka Holm. There’s something that sounded so familiar in the opening minute, but the track kept kind of evolving, opening up these new layers that I couldn’t help but fawn over. There’s something in the chorus that reminds me a lot of Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, so I kept diving in deeper to that moment, playing it again and again. But, I also hear bits of Brandon Flowers too in Mikkel’s voice, and you know what, it totally works. Plus, the guitar kind of dances all around the tune, jangling here, ringing out there, then breaking it all down as the track draws to a riotous close. Why Don’t You Dance is out January 28th via PNKSLM.

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti Shares Feels Like

I’m really interested in what Fortunato Durutti Marinetti brings into the indie sphere, as he’s crafting music that certainly seems to stretch our expectations. His vocals and the folk/balladeer style definitely recall some of the more modern folk tendencies. But, that being said, the way he’s crafting it feels like he’s creating these little mini symphonies. This single below has great musical arrangements, and tons of open space for the song to sort of stretch out, focusing on the musical journey rather than just providing us with the immediacy we’re used to on our end of things. If you’re as intrigued as I am, perhaps grab Memory’s Fool from Bobo Integral before it drops on March 18th.

Blushing Drop the Fires Single

We’re not too far off from getting to hear the entirety of Possessions from our friends Blushing, but they keep teasing us along with these singles. The latest is built on this huge sonic cliff, raising the listener while the the vocals sail out; it’s like a black and white version of someone standing on the edge of the Hawksbill Crag, letting their voice flow over the Buffalo River below. But, not content to settle in one mode, the track actually builds heavier and heavier, pounding through your speakers as the band push towards the tune’s end. They’re at the top of their game, so grab the LP from Kanine Records before it sells out; it drops on February 18th.

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