The Wild Kindness Share Pay That Price Single

Wanted to be sure we were covering lots of good Austin stuff, especially now that the Wild Kindness have moved to the comfy confines of our fair city after years of running amok in the Bay Area. It seems like a fitting move, as their sound certainly caters to a very Texas state of mind, particularly as the summer sinks into our skins. There’s something in Mike Alexis’ songwriting that reminds me of Clem Snide, though pushing even a little deeper into Americana; it’s got great accompaniment and arrangements to make the song swell, while still operating with clever wordplay. So, we welcome the group to Austin, and wish you’d check out their newest single.

Echo Ladies Share Latest Single, Awake

We wanted to start off your Tuesday with something that’s a little bit brooding, something a little bit on the darker side of our pop affectations, thus this new single from Malmo’s Echo Ladies. My first hook on this song was the sort of club vibe from the rhythm section; the beat work has this sort of static skip to it, balanced by the dark bob and weave of the base line. Matilda’s vocals are what give us the hope of a brighter tomorrow, riding along the balance between shimmering and dreamy, hitting these tones that are able to walk amongst the song’s shadowier moments. The group will be releasing Lilies on September 8th via Rama Lama Records.

Gaadge Announce Somewhere Down Below

Do you ever just get connected to a riff and have it running through your mind all day? Well, that’s what happened when I played the latest single from Gaadge, accompanying the news that they’ve got a fresh LP on the way at the end of the Summer. I’m infatuated with the playfulness of that sharp guitar line working directly in opposition to the gritty bundle of noise being unfurled through your speakers at the same time. There’s only one little verse, as this track’s all about juxtaposition and volume, but those in need of a lyric line or two will consider themselves satisfied. Crafted Sounds will release the band’s new records Somewhere Down Below on August 4th; order it HERE.

Stunning Single from Wombo

I have to own up to putting Wombo in a very specific box, while admittedly adoring the contents of that box. But, their new single is so striking and offers a glimpse at where the band might go in the future after the release of their Slab EP on Friday. For starters, the song’s percussive element is unsettling in a manner; it’s almost like a rhythmic mantra running the same beats to leave this vast expanse out their for Sydney’s vocals. On Fairy Rust, her voice took on the very in-fashion indifferent approach, sort of spoken delivery. Here, however, the song just shimmers and shines, churning out this dreamy melody that seduces you through every second, while also bringing up this magical fragility. The Slab EP is brought to us courtesy of Fire Talk.

Mirrorball Share Red Hot Dust Single

If you are one of those nerds (I hope you are) that reads the liner notes, the name Chris Coady should ring a bell; he’s produced tons of records by your favorite indie bands…and now he’s behind the recording of the new Mirrorball EP. Why does that matter? Well, if you trace his musical breadcrumbs, you’ll find tons of Beach House, and that’s not too far off from where Mirrorball fits. Alexandra Johnstone has that same powerful weight in her vocal delivery, though she seems able to carry it with a bit more confidence, allowing the track to rise to meet up the central melody; this melody is brought to us courtesy of this bounding piano backbone, holding up the entirety of the tune. Their new EP should be out this year, so keep your ears ready!

Another Single from Cameron Sonnier

The last time we heard from Cameron Sonnier, I was finding him as sort of a cross between Eels and Coma Cinema, but with the latest single, it feels like he’s stretching the sound beyond even my expectations. This new single works on various levels, with various elements and textures being layered to create this sort of warped bit of of personal folk. Some of those elements create this sort of sonic shattering, like thunderclaps echoing behind Sonnier’s matter-of-fact delivery here. It’s a different twist, offering a glimpse of what’s to come later this year when Cameron finally unleashed his album, Tunnels.

Wireheads Share Killer Bee

Dammit if this song from Wireheads hasn’t seeped into my subconscious, haunting all my listening for the rest of the day. When I first heard this track, I immediately felt like it sounded like what the Television Personalities could have evolved into had they come of age in the last few decades. There’s this brilliant bit of light jangling, , but it’s totally relaxed on the couch jangling, like it knows just how cool it fucking sounds. While the indifference is enchanting, the seduction comes in the way the vocals combine to churn out these little sparkling melodic diamonds for your ears. If you think this song is as rad as I do, then by all means, grab their new LP, Potentially Venus from Tenth Court on June 23rd.

The Sheeps Share Proof of Concept

If there was a track that completely encompassed everything about this week, somehow it’s this new tune from the Sheeps. There’s a steadiness to it, an almost routine and circular chug; it feels, to a degree like finding you’re footing in this weird old world. Even so, you get the feeling like you’re on some magnificent car ride to nowhere, but not bothered by that one bit. You’re just riding in the backseat, music blasting, sun shining on everyone in the care as you all grin from ear to ear. Feels like the promise of adventure, while simultaneously providing you with a sense of comfort, safety and familiarity. It’s all the things my friends, which is why I can’t get it out of my head.

Youth Valley Ready Lullabies for Adults, Share Single

Grecian outfit Youth Valley are all set to release their new record, Lullabies for Adults, so figured we’d toss our hat in the ring here and let you sway to the sounds of their latest single. “February” immediately takes you deep into the cavernous world of post-punk, letting the guitar work and the brooding rhythm beneath move the track, and the listener. But, just as the song feels like it should erupt, it settles into more of a soar, like a bird just catching the wind beneath its wings and riding it out to the end. Where other artists might force a climactic push, Youth Valley hold tight to their calm…letting it guide you, letting it hold you. If you’re digging on it, the new LP is out on June 23rd.

Plane Color Share Little One

I was seeking out something that set up Friday perfectly, something that felt like summer, but still kept me on my toes, which is where I landed with this new Plane Color tune. There’s a lot of that silky guitar work on the surface, which creates this natural warm swing to it; it feels like something that would be considered Captured Tracks adjacent. Still, the thing that kept my interest piqued was those deep-throated vocals; I love the deepness and how its works when juxtaposed with the melody. Throwing a late night pool party? Try this one on your playlist!

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